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Board Dudes 11
11” x 14” white erasable magnetic boardIncludes 1 black dry erase marker and 2 metallic magnetsPerfect for drawing/writing at home or interactivity in a classroom settingMounting hardware included.Conserves paperFor best results, wipe surface with damp towel or use dry erase cleaner
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4 Reddit comments about Board Dudes 11" x 14" Metalix Magnetic Dry Erase Board Colors May Vary (CXY22):

u/roland00 · 13 pointsr/ADHD

ADHD people do not have a good verbal working memory. They can not remember things they need to do inside their head as a verbal list, like steps, 1, 2, 3, 4. You only use your verbal working memory on things you are not actively focusing on right now. The importance of your verbal working memory is to retain information in a temporary backup, while you do the things you are focusing on. You retain the information so when you are done with your primary thing your brain can access its working memory and now make a secondary item into a primary item.


Verbally asking you to remember all these things is asking a person who has to use a wheelchair to go up stairs. If your partner is doing that and is getting frustrated or passive aggressive than this is his or her own fault and not your own. Your are ADHD, you have a disorder, you are slightly disabled.

This is not to say you do not have responsibilities, instead we need to create an artificial prosthesis, an elevator, to deal with your disability.



You need to make this information visual and you need to interact with it in your environment.

  • Instead of telling you to do the dishes, write post it notes do the dishes, and put it on the bathroom mirror or if you want to be cute, put the post it note on your forehead.

  • Buy a whiteboard, buy three like this one and place it on your fridge, your door you leave the house, anywhere where you will see it.

  • If you are a person who uses the computer often and does not have a password to log into the computer, open up word and make it fullscreen and place the note in big letters do X, Y, and Z

  • Almost everyone has a smartphone today. With Android, iOS, and Windows Phone there are calendar apps where multiple people can enter information into the calendar (sometimes called group calendar). Google Calendar is one such thing. This person can set up calendar events and reminders that you receive via text message and/or email and you can even make them reoccurring.

    Another Way to help an ADHD person is to make an event have consequences. Our brain does not retain useless information in our verbal working memory. If something does not have immediate consequences then our brain does not store it in working memory, or if something else comes up our brain stores that in working memory instead and since your working memory is limited you "forget" the other piece of information.

    So you need to have consequences both positive and negative if you do not get your chores done. These do not have to be horrible like the consequences your parents have when you were 10, they can be fun like if you do not do chores for a week, you have to dress up like a french maid, with an apron and a hat and everything, and do housework all day on the weekend while making your partner iced teas, and giving them massages while they relax and watch tv, or do whatever they want.

    One thing that will help your brain is having immediate artificial consequences even if the real consequences are delayed. Aka a token economy. Having 3 chores that have to be done daily, and if you do not get those chores done you do not get a poker chip. If you have 5 poker chips at the end of the week you two do something fun in town, like going out to eat. Poker chips are reset every Sunday, so if you do not do chores 5 days out of every 7 days, you do not get the positive reward.

    Your brain can organize towards the poker chips, your brain understands the importance of chores and such. The problem is your brain thinks 30 other things are important, so if it does not have that physical reminder, that you interact with in your physical environment than you do not store this information in your faulty verbal working memory. If the information is not in your working memory then of course you can not do it. And if you do not make the event immediate, even if the immediacy is artifical you will always put the event off for everything else seems more important to you, everything else needs to be done now, dishes can wait.
u/TheRubyRedPirate · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Before the Goddamned Marines get all of the credit.

My husband is in the Army. He's actually at basic right now and was hospitalized a couple weeks ago. We're unsure if they will let him continue training or send him home. I'm not sure if I count since I don't know if he will stay in nor not.

This whiteboard would really help me so I can write down due dates for bills, groceries, and things I need to remember.

u/[deleted] · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Ohhh lord things to make a movie. As a film/production major, this list is gonna be long. cracks knuckles


Wagon wheels

Saloon doors and hay backdrops

Signs and cutouts

Western Centerpiece

Old milk set

Plastic mini boot glasses

Horse balloon

Cow colored balloons

Chicken balloon

Old compass

Declaration of Independance

Feather pen and ink

Betsy Ross flag


Pilgrim Hats


Shoe buckles

Ben Franklin costume

Hat with wigg and feather


Movie Props and Decorations and Things

Hollywood cut outs

Directors Megaphones set

Movie studio lights paper lantern set

Light that looks like an old camera

Black directors chair

Another fake camera

Things that will help you make a movie

Alright. I would suggest that if you have a smart phone, you film on that. Iphones and Andriods particularly have fairly decent cameras on them. As for computers-PC, you have windows movie maker built in. MAC, you should have Imovie. These will be your editing platforms. If you don't have a smart phone, A cheap video camera will do. A mini tripod will make your life loads easier. It will make it so all your footage does not shake. However, you can make a cheap monopod to fit anything. String, and a metal washer or something else circular and slightly heavy will do. You can find out how to make it here Skip to about 2:45 to see how to do it.

A dry erase board works as a great teleprompter-reminder, guide, silent directions, etc. (It also works pretty well as a bounce, but I am 100% you won't be doing that, haha. But hey if you ever get more into movie making, anything white makes a good bounce!) That's really it (be careful of your audio. You could potentially get a cheap mic that'll pic up noise better, but you should be alright if you're just careful about it!) you should be good to go with all of that.

u/-filly- · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

There is no way you didn't buy a magnetic white board at some point in time.