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Bondo 800 Black Restore - 8 fl. oz.
Professionally restore the black color in minutes while protecting against damage caused by environmental elements and exposureRich black finishRestore black includes everything you need to make a fast, easy and professional looking repair
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u/baconlover24 · 1 pointr/AutoDetailing

I have a similar grill. After trying quite a few things, such as mother's back to black and a lot of those chemicals that supposedly bring the color back.

Not wanting to remove the piece and plasti-dip (takes very long amount of time and finger sacrifices to get bumper off), I looked for other solutions. Eventually I stumbled upon this, Bondo Black Restore.

This stuff is seriously amazing at turning any piece of trim black. However, this doesn't apply to just trim. It will amazingly turn ANYTHING black. It isn't some chemical that is supposed to deoxidize the trim or anything. It less restores the trim and more recolors it so to speak. Anyways, I purchased that and grabbed some Q-tips for those tight corners and just crazy on my grill one afternoon. Looks INCREDIBLY much better. Practically brand spanking new, if it weren't for the center Honda logo being messed up.

Anyways, if you want a low-cost/low-risk option, definitely take this one. 10 bucks and some Q-tips and you're set. Though you could splurge and buy some nitrile gloves/microfiber towels in case you make a mistake.

u/popsicle_of_meat · 1 pointr/saab

EDIT: I retract the following recommendation. I applied it to some trim pieces after a thorough cleaning and degreasing and it is now starting to flake and peel off. It looks like a very very thin hard rubber coating. It seems to be holding up okay on the textured trim pieces, but on smoother plastic it's flaking off after less than a month. Best bet would be to use a trim paint like Duplicolor or SEM trim paint and take time to prep things well.

Check this stuff out:

Bondo 800

I used it on my 9-3 trim and they look brand new again. Masking its very important, and do it on a COMPLETELY dry car. Even small amounts of water behind the trim make masking iffy and the dye bleed out. Found that one out the hard way.