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Bones Skate Bearings Cleaning Unit
Bearings cleaner makes skateboard maintenance a painless processUnique design uses spacers to apply solvents equallyHigh density polyurethane construction for durabilityCompatible with all types of skate bearingsIncludes directions. solvents not included
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4 Reddit comments about Bones Skate Bearings Cleaning Unit:

u/diggitydan · 3 pointsr/skateboarding

well, first I would get the best of the best.

despite what you may hear, if you get something good, and take care of it somewhat regularly, it WILL last you for many many years.

I buy Bones Swiss (usually $60 USD). and make sure to buy some Bones Bearings Speed Cream.

Now, for wheels it depends on where you like to ride, or how you like to ride. I usually just buy hard wheels (99 duro. Durometer is the hardness of a wheel. 99 and above is pretty damn firm) but you can always buy 97 or something. softer wheels are going to be good for all around skateboarding, but if you skate at the park, you are going to want hard wheels. you will feel a difference in the traction and also the speed at which you are going. But like I said, I ride 99Duro. The size of wheel is also important but I always suggest something between 54 and 52. If you want something that's going to last you longer just go with 53 and be done with it. It's a happy medium.

Brands? everyone has a brand of urethane they like to ride. I am riding some Spitfire 53mm classics. Most of my life I either skated Ricta or Powell.

Powell makes some good wheels to experiment with. They have an "All Terrain" formula of urethane that rides pretty decent as well as a "Park Wheel" that is suppose to ride better at plazas and (duh) parks.

However, I don't really see the difference personally in their formulas and I usually just get the ATF wheels up until a few years ago (I don't like to get stuck with one brand forever).

Now, with the speed cream, you're going to want to use it on your bearings maybe once every few months depending on how much you ride, but you will tell when your Bones Swiss bearings aren't spinning infinitely anymore when you aren't going the speed of light. You either need to clean your bearings with a Bearing Cleaning kit (here

Or, you can save yourself some money and DIY a cleaning kit (it's fun. that's what I did and it looks awesome. if you want I can show you how I made mine)

Either way, you MUST clean your bearings before you apply the speed cream, otherwise your bearings will just collect more debris and they will turn shitty.

I have a filmer board with bones swiss in the wheels that I have been riding for over five years and the spin like a dream and a new set I just put in my street deck that I look forward to using for many years to come.

Just look up how to clean your bearings on a youtube site and you're good to go


trust me.

u/motherfo · 2 pointsr/NewSkaters

I'd just pick this one up. Bones Skate Bearings Cleaning Unit

u/saltydogshrimp1 · 1 pointr/NewSkaters

This is what you want. I actually made my own and it wasn't hard at all. This guide is what I used.

u/sarj5287 · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I always enjoy fishing, hiking, or camping when I have break! Or I'll get a bunch of people over and play nintendo 64 games and have a pizza party!

This is my wishlist item!