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Bose QuietComfort 15 Acoustic Noise Cancelling Headphones (Discontinued by Manufacturer)
The best around-ear Bose headphones reduce noise across a wide range of frequencies. Connectivity Technology: Wired/WirelessEnjoy music and movies with clear and lifelike soundComfortable, around-the-ear fit; ideal for frequent flyersIncludes airline adapter, carrying case, and two audio cables-one with mic/remote for iPhone/iPod control and hands-free iPhone callingAAA battery included: 35 hours average life
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43 Reddit comments about Bose QuietComfort 15 Acoustic Noise Cancelling Headphones (Discontinued by Manufacturer):

u/aasteveo · 12 pointsr/headphones

Thanks for all the replies!! My OCD took over, and I compiled a list of every single pair mentioned by someone who uses them to sleep in. In this thread and the one I posted on r/AudioEngineering Check 'em out.

Acoustic Sheep SleepPhones - $40 for standard, $100 for wireless.

Pillow Sonic Pillow Speaker - $15

BedPhones - $54

Koss SparkPlug - $16

Senn HD280 - $100

PSC Softies Headphone Cover - $18

Beyer 770 - $230

Beyer 990 - $265

Bose QC15 - $270

Bose QC20 - $300

Shure SE215-K - $97

Shure SE315-K - $200

Shure SE535 - $440

Aurisonics Rockets - $100ish

Vsonic GR07BE - $130

Klipsch S4 - $120

HIFI Man RE-400 - $100

RHA MA750 - $120

sony 7506 - $85

Philips SHE3590GY/28 - $10

Koss KSC75 - $15

Ear Hero - $150

Sensaphonics 2max - $850

u/iStareAtButtholes · 11 pointsr/Watchexchange

The price on Amazon of $304.98, for which you provided the link for, is for new. No matter how "mint" your headphones are, they're still not new. Realistically, the Amazon link you should have provided would be this link with the used prices, which are between $128-$276. But as you stated earlier, "There is a whole range of prices...." but you chose the highest one.

Edit: Spelling

u/bornstars · 7 pointsr/gadgets

Bose QuietComfort 15 are on sale right now for $270 at Bose
& at Amazon

u/PGB84 · 6 pointsr/fearofflying

Book it!

  1. You'll be fine. I also have the same anxiety, and no matter what statistics are thrown at me I feel the same way. The more you fly, the less anxious you'll become. But you have to start somewhere.
  2. 3.5 hours is a quick flight. You'll probably only be in the air 2 3/4 hours or so. I recommend purchasing a used pair of noise cancelling headphones. That eliminates the sound of the plane and does wonders with anxiety.
  3. 99.9% of airline crashes in history have happened before you get to 10,000 feet. Read #1, and remember you won't crash. But as soon as you hear that ding that you've reached 10k feet, you have nothing to worry about.
  4. After you book the trip, get excited for it! The worst you can do is dread the trip. Pick one or two experiences that you and your partner will have and focus on them.
  5. Recently I started watching Sam Chui videos on He's an airline reviewer, and he flies EVERYWHERE, and ALL the time. Watching those videos has helped my anxiety fade a little more. I don't think I'll ever be excited to fly, but I know that next time I hope to not have the paralyzing anxiety that I used to.
  6. I had to fly overseas for the first time in 5 years last month. I was dreading it for months. At the airport I almost broke down and started to cry. And then I got on the plane. And the plane ride was fine, and I landed and went on with my day and summer. And I know you will too.
  7. Turbulence. 1. It won't crash planes. It can't crash planes. Think of it like going over a pothole 2. don't listen to music to try and calm you down if you find yourself in turbulence. Listen to music that is more up tempo. Heavy rock, techno, whatever. Embrace the turbulence. I don't know why, but it does wonders in helping anxiety.


    Have a great honeymoon :)
u/washboard · 6 pointsr/videos

Amazon's prices have steadily been increasing to match local markets, especially on electronics, even sometimes being more expensive. Take for example this Samsung 48" 1080p LED TV at Best Buy listed at $747.99. The same TV is available on Amazon for $747.99. Amazon does do price matching for TVs fortunately. Or how about these BOSE Noise Cancelling headphones at BB listed at $269. Same price at Amazon, both provide free shipping.

Edited: Original TV I was comparing to on Amazon was not actually sold on Amazon, so I changed the TV. Also, removed part about shipping on the prices are the same for both TVs and headphones. The best point someone made is that Amazon is basically starting to charge for the convenience of not having to deal with real people.

u/ccampo · 5 pointsr/battlestations

Yea, my stepmother just won a pair of Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones in a raffle, and they are pretty damn cool, but still, when they compare to my ~$100 Audio Technica ATH-A700, they are not nearly as clear or as loud. Definitely not worth $300. The noise cancelling is awesome, and If I was looking for that I would say they are worth about $100, but nothing more.

u/techfish · 4 pointsr/headphones

Are you interested in noise cancelling headphones? If so, the Bose QC15 is the best on the market. Otherwise, I'd recommend a pair of MadDogs or VMODA M100s

u/InelasticAdam · 4 pointsr/college

I would look into Bose. Much better sound quality than beats, in my opinion they are the best. I own a pair of noise cancelling headphones and a speaker by them and they really are quality. Here's a link to the wireless ones and the pair I have.

Not sure how much you are willing to spend but they are well worth it in my opinion.

u/peaksy · 3 pointsr/AskReddit

Just so you don't look like a mainstream hipster, I would recommend these few options that are actually much better than the gimmicky dr. Dre ones.

u/zehbehdee · 3 pointsr/headphones

From what I've read:

> "No NC headphones are suited for outdoor use as the exterior mics are wind sensitive."
source (cq 15)

> "However, the design isn't perfect; you're likely to hear loud winds even with active noise cancellation."
source (cq 15)

> "Yes, there is a hiss when there is wind blowing but that is my only issue."
source (cq 20i)

So it seems that there's a bit of an issue with Bose (at least with the older models). I wonder why this hasn't happened in your other cans? I'm no cq owner, though, and these are just some things I've found by looking around.

u/Scarecrow398 · 3 pointsr/EDC
u/Voyage_of_Roadkill · 2 pointsr/todayilearned

Wow a little pricy

u/hishtafel · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Noise Cancelling Headphones. Because sometimes you get a roommate who listens to one Dave Matthews album on repeat for 5 hours a day. Also, she has a floor-to-ceiling poster of Dave Matthews. Also, she talks to the poster. You know, I can't link it, something you NEED to get is a good roommate.

Would you like a falafel with that?

u/maltawind · 2 pointsr/headphones

Sennheiser PXC 450 cuts out noise with its over-the-ear design + active noise-cancelling. On sale for $199 on Amazon. Good bass, neutral sound, volume control on the headset,

Bose QuietComfort 15 - also on sale for $199 on Amazon

The Denon AH-NC800 reportedly is a little worse than the Bose @ noise-cancelling but has better sound. Has a good rep but hard to find. Saw a used pair on Ebay for $155 and there's a used one on Amazon for $109.95.

Noise-cancelling: QC15 > PXC 450 > NC800

Sound quality: PXC 450 > NC800 > QC 15

Price: NC800 > PXC 450 + QC 15

u/BraveSonic · 2 pointsr/smashbros

It's the BOSE QuietComfort 15 headphones. Here's a link. My parents found them at Costco one day. I think there are better versions of the QuietComfort line but they're infinitely better than the ones I've had before yesterday IMO (Sol).

The Sol Republic headphones I've had for a few years started to hurt my ears a little when I wore them for too long, but these new ones fit really snug. Oh, and I got one of those big Sonicare toothbrushes. At least, it's big compared to the electric one I've had.

u/rebelx · 2 pointsr/LifeProTips

This is pretty obvious, but still good advice. Quality parts do come with premium pricing, but that doesn't mean you can't score a deal here or there.

When I realized that I stayed on the computer for far too long as a result of my studies/work/gaming, I bought a Steelcase Gesture.

When I realized that I literally have my glasses on my face during every minute of my wake time, I bought "high definition" 360 lenses.

When I realized that I hated public transportation, I bought the Bose QC15 so I could block out the hoodlums and focus on music, podcasts, etc.

When I realized that I like to use voice communication a lot when gaming, I replaced my cheap voip mic with the Blue Microphone Snowball.

I'm still cheapening a bit out on shoes (Allen Edmonds are next on my list), but for now, I'll make do with a pair of nice Rockport dress shoes that I just purchased.

u/ImmaNeedTreeFidy · 2 pointsr/teenagers
u/aghuman1 · 2 pointsr/beermoney

These are awesome /u/rab95, /u/mguzman011.

My next purchase is gonna be these

u/spinto_starlet · 2 pointsr/opera

Soon to be masters grad (soprano) here.

A high quality recording device can be very useful. The non-musically inclined electrical engineer boyfriend bought me a Tascam DR-05 with a small stand and case for my birthday last year. (It also came with a fun lesson from him on how sound recording works -- talk about nerd-out connection!) It is wonderfully portable and I use it all the time to record lessons, coachings, and practice sessions. Also on the tech front, the best investment I EVER made as a singer was a great set of noise canceling headphones. (I have Bose QC-15s that I bought in 2010.) They are a godsend when I am traveling for auditions and have become an integral part of shutting out the rest of the world for my pre-performance/audition routine. In terms of listening to her own voice, good headphones or speakers are pretty much a requirement since most speakers/headphones can't handle the high upper partials of the high notes in the female operatic range.

What I always, always, always want for every occasion that merits presents are books and/or scores to build my personal library. There is a good chance that she has a list of things that she would like to own and you might consider asking if you're not invested in surprising her.

Nice opera scores are always a great option. Consider looking for a hard-bound score (like Ricordi or Bärenreiter) for one of the major mezzo role operas like Carmen, Werther, or Barber of Seville. (They are not particularly cheap.) You might consider asking her singer friends what roles she might be expected to sing during her career to guide your selections.

A great song cycle for mezzo could also be a nice gift. Jake Hegie's [The Deepest Desire] ( is still under copyright so she wouldn't just be able to print it from a free online resource like imslp.

Reference books could also be a great idea since she's about to lose access to a lot of materials that she has probably used on a regular basis through her university. A libretto collection and the New Kobbes Opera Book are two that immediately come to mind.

u/8bit_golem · 2 pointsr/misophonia

Hey there fellow New Yorker! I was recently in the market for a pair of noise cancelling headphones, too. Based on a recommendation from this sub, I decided to pick up a pair of Bose QuietComfort 15 Acoustic Noise Cancelling Headphones.

The price is kind of more than I expected to be paying for something like this, but in the end, they do what I wanted them to do: cancel trigger sounds and grant me sanity.

Some pros and cons that I have found while using them:


  • Extremely comfortable. I have a big kinda head, so finding a pair of headphones that don't press on the ears or on the temples can sometimes be annoying. This pair fits nicely around the ears and has very soft leather padding.

  • Upstairs neighbors are no longer an issue (mostly). The headphones cancel out the low-frequency hoof thuds.

  • Noisy co-workers are no longer an issue. Occasionally a sound will penetrate the noise cancelling effect, but it's rare if the music is at a good level.

  • The noise cancelling effect can be had without listening to music. Just want a little peace and quiet for a bit, just put on the headphones in without a wire. Switch them on and the effect can be felt.

  • Music sounds good. Some people describe the bass as being "punchy" and I kind of agree. That's not a bad thing, though! I'm not a total audio geek, but I know what I like. Nothing about the sound or EQ turns me off.


  • Price. It's a very nice set of headphones, but I needed to wait for some gift money from a special occasion/holiday to purchase them. If they are in your budget, awesome. You may feel the price is worth it in the end, but it was enough for me to hesitate at first.

  • Leather padding can cause your skin to sweat.

  • Headband presses down hair and gives me an odd pattern across the top of my head. This is expected from most pairs of headphones.

  • Some sounds can still penetrate the "noise cancelling" effect. For example: currently I'm typing this out on an extremely clicky mechanical keyboard (cherry mx blue switches) while listening to some prog metal, and I can still hear the keys click every now and then. The noise cancellation effect seems to be better with droning-type sounds or lower frequency sounds rather than abrupt sounds. Stuff like a a cough or a metal object dropping onto a hard floor will most likely be heard depending on the volume level of your music.

  • Runs on a AAA battery. This battery does last quite long (nearly a week with daily use of around 4 hours a day) but the device will not function at all with a dead battery. That is to say, the music will not bypass the noise cancelling effect. I know some headphones have that option of listening to the music without the effect.

  • People will flail about, get aggravated, or possibly attempt physical contact in order to get your attention.

    That's all I can really think of at the moment. If you have a specific question about the headphones, my music preferences, upstairs neighbor situation, co-worker triggers... just ask away! I hope this is of some help for you.

    [edit: formatting, added link to headphones.]
u/Vulcunizer · 2 pointsr/medicalschool

Buy the good you only have to buy it once! You can thank me later!

u/The1WhoRingsTheBell · 1 pointr/HelloInternet

There's a link to them under episode 5, which they were mentioned in

u/VenetianDoctor · 1 pointr/NoStupidQuestions

I heartily recommend a pair of Bose QC15 or QC25 headphones. I got my dad a pair of them 5 years ago and they still hold up. There is an cable mic attachment for them. I find them great because of the neutral sound, essentially everything is strong and nothing sounds too tinny. If you want something more specialized though look elsewhere

u/[deleted] · 1 pointr/pics

I replied to your other comment but you are talking about these right?

u/vplatt · 1 pointr/buildapcsales

> Out of curiosity, what do you generally buy online that is cheaper/better somewhere else over Amazon?

It depends on the product. Most of the time I switch, it's to a storefront on eBay. Many of the established sellers on there provide just as good of a service as Amazon because they really fight to protect their score.

Here's an example: I have a pair of noise cancelling headphones. So, I search Google for "headphones noise cancelling with cord". One of the first results is for the Bose QuietComfort 15 Acoustic Noise Cancelling Headphones. They're even discontinued, which should bring the price down more. OK, click through, and we get roughly $248 from Amazon. Go to eBay, and one of the first hits I get is for the same headphones for $220. Well, OK, so theres "46 new from $230", if I feel like letting a 3rd party fulfill the sale. That might bring the price down to the same level and, with the Prime shipping, it might be a wash.

And that's just one example, and I swear I didn't cherry pick this either. It's just the first thing on my desk I looked at. This is VERY typical of my experience on Amazon. Yeah, you might be getting a great deal on shipping with Prime, but the reality is they still got $100 from you for the year minimum for that shipping AND they're charging higher prices in many cases.

Also, I think there's something to be said for dealing with the individual merchant, even if it is through an umbrella portal like eBay. By default, when you buy on Amazon, it will be fulfilled by Amazon by default. To my way of thinking, that's a conflict of interest and I don't like it. I would rather support a merchant on eBay instead because eBay doesn't muddy the water by simultaneously trying to service all the retail verticals AND host others as well. They've gotten so large that they have an unfair advantage over those merchants; whether or not they'd like to admit it.

u/Jdban · 1 pointr/misophonia

I bit the bullet and got these noise cancelling headphones:

The noise cancelling is great, whenever i get annoyed I just put em on, turn it on, and listen to music. I haven't tried them with earplugs inside, but you could do that too, for some peaceful quiet :)

u/blobber109 · 1 pointr/answers

I've found these

edit; that was probably a bit too brief... I was asking if these would be a better option, all my details have come form cnet...

edit 1.2; When my sister tried out the beats she said the exact same thing. I personally like them, and if the prices are a bit inflated, I am a person that will be preordering the halo: 4 collectors edition, also the AC3 and BO2; I know about inflated prices. I know I'm part of the "problem" but I'm willing to have the "corporate assholes" shove the products down my throat...

u/chux8r · 1 pointr/ADHD

Love noise-canceling headphones. I haven't ever found a pair of in-ear buds that felt ok, though; they always magnify every sound (including my breathing and movement) and that has the opposite effect.

My favorite are the Bose QuietComfort series (discontinued, but there are other, newer versions). They're magical. I slip them on, the world melts away. Truly one of the best hardware purchases I've ever made.

u/soyerom · 1 pointr/headphones

I have Bose QC 15 and I know they may not get the most love here, but as far as isolation and comfort go, they can't be beat. the 25's are also out if you're looking to spend the total $300.

I listen to everything from 90's alternative, house, to rap with them and I enjoy every second of it. All my friends who borrow them seem to love them as well. For $170 though, I think the QC 15's are a steal.

u/MitthrawnuruodoVCR · 1 pointr/consulting

YES! I got these earlier this year:

Also I bought a few cheap wireless mice at a store and found one I liked quite a lot.

Also you might like a USB monitor?

u/Drenlin · 1 pointr/BuyItForLife

Have you ever put on a pair of headphones with active noise cancelling? They can be extremely effective for this.

If you want a really good set and don't mind dropping a bit of money, try a pair of these on:

There's a newer versions as well (QC 25 and 35) but the 25s aren't built as well and the 35s have a non-replaceable battery, which is a no-go if you want it to last a long time. The QC 15 and 25 sets use AAA's.

u/itsmix · 1 pointr/edmproduction

i have the same question.. i use a Bose QuietComfort 15 are they good enough already?

u/Bradguydude · 1 pointr/videos

Its a shame you aren't able to enjoy little things in life like this, but if things like this really do tick you off that much, consider investing in a pair of these

u/Jackpot777 · 1 pointr/britishproblems

Invest in a pair of these for a hundred quid, or really push the boat out and get a pair of these for 300.

u/rohrspatz · 1 pointr/medicalschool

Or... if you don't have hundreds of dollars to waste, head over to /r/headphones, check out the sidebar info, and pick out literally anything else described as "closed" or "isolating".

Bose headphones are really, really good at active noise canceling, and really really shitty for actual music quality. Unfortunately, active noise cancelling is designed for, and only actually works on, static background noise. Since I'm pretty sure that most libraries and apartment buildings are full of talking, stomping, chewing, paper-rustling people, rather than small engines and machines... you're not going to get anything out of Bose that justifies the ridiculous price tag. It makes much more sense to get something that blocks out all types of noise mechanically, and spend your money on better sound quality instead.

Case in point:

  • Best-sounding headphones I have ever, ever owned, and nearly completely blocks out "people noise": $140.

  • Sound quality that would easily go for <$50 from other brands, and lets every tiny whisper, rustle, and neighbor kid tantrum through at full volume: $300.
u/Solokeh · 0 pointsr/writing

If you have an Ipod/mp3 player, download this song ( ) or something similar with a youtube to mp3 site like this: ( ) use CopyTrans Manager, ( ) a free program, to transfer it to ipod. Then find an isolated place, like a shed or shop, preferably where the sun doesn't shine, and listen to the track on a loop while writing. It works for me. Also try to think about sad, creepy things before writing, to get you even more into the mood. If you absolutely must write on the computer, just turn all your lights out as you write. If you plan on writing semi-professionally or professionally, it's a good idea to invest in some active sound-cancelling headphones like these: ( ) but if they are out of your budget, I understand.

u/nosliwhtes · -1 pointsr/GalaxyS3
u/brianbrah · -1 pointsr/blackfriday

100% agree. Personally a proud owner of Bose QuietComfort 15s

However, I posted this for the parents whose snot nose kids cannot be swayed.