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u/biggii2 ยท 2 pointsr/Lyme

I have NOT cured myself. Let's get that out of the way. I personally think I need to give antibiotics a go for bartonella and see what happens combining them with what I'm already doing. However, these are "natural" things that I have found quite useful for bartonella in particular. I have been much better at one point than I am now, and attribute that to all of this (some things more than others). I have NOT been cured yet, so I'm not claiming any miracles. I have been in a downswing in the past year, and I attribute that mostly to getting away from what was working for me. I say doing as many of these things as possible would be helpful. But if you don't agree/find any of it to be bullshit...don't do it. We don't need to have another internet argument over the validity or proof behind any of this. There is some for some of it, but I'm not offering or claiming anything, but anecdotal evidence here. A little background on me....I'm a former athlete(thanks to these infections) who has always been interested in the best ways to improve my health/body. So when I recommend something like breathing exercises...I recommend them based purely on the physical improvements they have given me. I'm not interested in anything that doesn't work. And just because these things have not "cured" me...does not mean I think they are completely useless. In fact, I may be dead by now or at least in a much worse place physically than I am now and like I used to be. I found some things some people claim as absolute be actually quite helpful. And I have also found some of it to be useless. At least for me. I keep an open mind, and try what I can afford if I think it could be useful. I would recommend these to anyone who has been on antibiotics for a while and isn't noticing any/or little improvement. Maybe just try these for a while instead or in a combination. That's up to you and your doctor. I recommend not jumping in without careful consideration and second opinions. So with all of that said.....these are things I have personally found helpful. I may expound on these later, but for now, google search these herbs in general and with keywords like Lyme, Bartonella, etc if you want any explanations as to WHY they would be helpful.

  • Cinnamon Leaf Oil
  • Cordyceps Extract
  • Haritaki Fruit
  • Red Root
  • Infrared Sauna (you can get a cheap portable one) Helps with detox,
    circulation, and keeping you warm. We tend to run on the chilly side with
    these bugs inhibiting our circulation.
    *Hot baths
  • A diet filled with generally warming foods. Look up yang foods. These would
    be foods and spices that promote circulation, warmth in the
    body...some are antimicrobial as well (such as garlic). This is basically a
    lifestyle change. You are trying to get back to even....and as these infections
    are diseases that are promoting bodies with weakness, tendency to feeling
    cold, having low energy and poor circulation....we can help this by avoiding
    foods that promote sluggishness and bacteria growth. So cooking veggies
    instead of eating them raw...and drinking tea or room temperature water as
    opposed to cold water can help on this area. For more info on this just google
    yang and yin foods. Certain aspects of Chinese Medecine are more out
    there...but for anyone skeptical... this part is just simple common sense on
    how food, spices and herbs affect your bodies beyond just calorie surpluses
    and defecits. Its already prevelant in western society to a degree. We tend
    toward warm/heavy food in winter when we are cold and need more energy. In
    the summer we go for lighter, colder foods. Take a look at it. Again not a
    cure.....but a very helpful tool. Close to my biggest recommendation. Create an
    environment that the bugs don't thrive in....and attack it with antibiotics
    herbs...go at it from both sides.
  • Exercise...whatever you can manage...don't overdo it or completely ignore it.
  • 3 specific Chinese formulas for the infections. Thunder Pearls Lightning
    Pearls, Dragon Pearls. These are for GU Syndrome. Google it. Don't let the
    words "demons" and "snakes" make you dismiss this right away. Read about
    it. These are just the translations from Chinese to English for the ancient way
    these infections were described. In simple terms "demons" was describing
    the more mental aspects of these infections and...bartonella in particular likes
    to mess with and embed itself in the brain and nervous system. "Snakes" is
    describing infections like Lyme....(what's a spirochete look like?). So these
    "Pearls" are a specific brand by one of the better respected TCM Doctors out
    there. Doctor Heiner Fruehauf.
    GU Syndrome

  • Breathing Exercises. There are a lot of different kinds of breathing exercises.
    Some to basically stimulate yourself and some to calm you down. I'm sure you
    have heard of Qi Gong and Yoga Breathing at some point. Yes, there is a lot of
    bullshit, New Agey and ineffective things that are constantly promoted and labeled as Qi Gong. The term simply means "breath work," or breath exercise.
    I do not, once again, believe every single one of these exercises is
    bullshit. In fact some of it is absolutely fantastic, practical and relatively easy
    to learn. I have found, through really looking into this stuff, that its some of the most basic exercises that are the most effective and based in common sense from a western perspective. So I will focus on the one that I believe to be the
    easiest and most effective. And that is the Warriors Breath. Its basically deep chest breathing that floods your body with oxygen( or whatever the actual
    explanation is, that's up for debate on the internet) in a healthy way. It might
    look like hyperventilation to the unfamiliar eye...but its not. There is a
    difference. This is yogic breathing that is very similar to some of the breathing
    that Buddhist and Tibetan Monks do to stay warm in the snow. The most famous, easiest way to learn about this is by looking into Wim Hof (The Iceman). Yes, he makes some claims that are, in my opinion, excessive. I do not believe that this alone is the answer to all health problems or our infections...but I do think it is a fantastic tool that has given me back energy, relaxation and cognitive function that nothing else has..which, at the least, indirectly effects your immune system. Bit I sing its praises for the energy it has given my body back. Deep reserve energy...not the cafiene and stimulant type of energy. The specific version I do (which I believe to be better than Wim Hof's) is made by a guy who I would describe as very New Agey...for hardcore athiests and people who are highly skeptical of anything Eastern....listening to his CD (where he coaches you through a breathing session) will probably piss you off. I get it. It is kinda cringey to me sometimes when he talks about his beliefs, but it's also not as bad as I'm making it sound. Either way, if that bothers you...get over it. I think the actual, physical exercise he has you do is great. He has worked with Wim Hof and studied with Tibetan monks and combined these two very similar breathing forms and basically fine tuned it. If this interests you I would absolutely recommend buying his CD over Wim Hof's course. I believe it's better and cheaper

    Have a look into Wim Hof first though. There is a lot of free stuff on YouTube that can sort of introduce you to the concept.

    DO NOT DO the cold immersion part of Wim Hof's program. Just the breathing.
    (I had a backslide because of cold immersion and cold baths) Quick cold showers every morning are good though.

  • Avoid cold MOST of the time. I already mentioned try to stay warm and keep your circulation going as best you can. However, my one deviation from this rule would be to to take a quick cold shower in the mornings. (You do not want PROLONGED cold exposure.) Cold showers are shown to have positive affects on the nervous system, hormones, and immune system. It's really helps lift your energy. But staying in the cold for too long will be detrimental to people like us. It was for me. My infections came back a lot worse after a period of trying the cold immersion. The infections thrive in a "cold" body.

  • Gynostemma (An Adaptogen that is really great at balancing your hormones,
    adrenals , and nervous system. This and Cordyceps are my two favorite herbs for general energy and we'll being.)

  • Doug Coil Rife Machine. This is expensive...and I would only recommend it if you have the money, but only as an adjunct to other things. Don't make it a priority and listen to opinions before you buy one. You will find a lot of opinions that they are useless and a scam..once again....this is true for some Rife machines....but in my OPINION and from my PERSONAL experience...the Doug Coil machine has value in killing the infections. But, take that with a grain of salt. It is a lot of money to throw towards that. Listen to opinions on both sides and NEVER decide to put your faith in only a rife machine. That is not going to work and would be a very stupid, uneducated way to approach this disease.... in my opinion.

    This is all I'm going to type right now. Take what you want and throw away what you don't. I'm making no claims of a cure, and I'm still not free of this disease. There are natural things that can be helpful....but I'm only listing some of the ones that I have tried and found to be helpful. Cheers.

    Edit: Also a huge help. Coffee Enemas and detox in general. Some help with Byron White as well.