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Brookstone Compact Wine Opener
Brookstone Compact Wine OpenerOpen any wine bottle in just 3 secondsLever-pull design makes opening effortlessExtra-long handle provides greater leverageWorks with natural and synthetic corks
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2 Reddit comments about Brookstone Compact Wine Opener:

u/cosmoninja · 2 pointsr/wine

Nothing is as fast as shooting off the top with a gun! People will come running to you as you are the fastest opener around!

Joking aside, I find that THIS opener works great. All metal and has yet to fail me. :)

u/NewLlama · 2 pointsr/Pareidolia

In case anyone is wondering what this thing actually does I got it with this wine corkscrew. You spin the koala part around the top of the wine bottle and it slices the foil off so you can get to the cork.