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Brown Paper School book: Math for Smarty Pants
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9 Reddit comments about Brown Paper School book: Math for Smarty Pants:

u/skaldskaparmal · 3 pointsr/math

When I was younger, I had Math for smarty pants. It was a very good introduction to a lot of different topics presented in a fun way.

u/opportuneport · 2 pointsr/AskReddit

Danica McKellar (Winnie Cooper from the Wonder Years, Elsie on West Wing) has written some books about math for girls. I haven't read them, but they've received a LOT of press, so it might be worth it.

As a kid, my favorite was Math for Smarty Pants

u/blarky · 2 pointsr/math

These aren't novels, but I really enjoyed these books around that age:

The I Hate Mathematics Book

Math for Smarty Pants

They taught me a lot of fun math puzzles and concepts for the first time (prime numbers, perfect numbers, basic combinatorics, math magic tricks), each with a bit of a story attached.

u/kecchin · 2 pointsr/Teachers


Math for Smarty Pants

I remember picking up both of these books at -some- point during elementary school book fairs. I have always really liked math, but they do have some interesting topics and random facts. The topics are always pretty short - I remember quite a few on statistics in various forms. I'm not sure they would 100% work for what you are looking for but they might be able to form springboards for projects?

u/dezzie · 1 pointr/math

This book blew my mind time and again growing up. Though 13 may be a little old for the book, it's certainly a great read for children who show a love of math.

u/AnythingApplied · 1 pointr/math

In my experience it can be tough to get ahead no matter how easy/boring it is for you, because if you take the time to actually learn the material in advance the class will become even more boring for you. I have a few suggestions:

  1. Try to find an accelerated program somewhere or talk to your math teacher to see if you can do independent guided study. It helps for things to still be coordinated.
  2. Explore other kinds of math and problems outside of your math class. Book stores carry math books that are actually designed for reading for fun (no problems at the end of chapters, so they don't work in classrooms). A book I really enjoyed was Math for smarty Pants. You could just head to a book store and browse the math section until you find something interesting to you.
  3. Try some math competitions like the AMC 8 or Math Olympians wiki. You can either sign up to take them, or just browse old tests looking for fun and interesting problems you want to learn how to do. Many come with solutions online too.
u/StevenXC · 1 pointr/math

Amazon link for "Math for Smarty Pants" by Marilyn Burns, with a "Look Inside" feature to see some of the book.

I didn't read this book until around 1995 or so, well after the book was originally published. I picked it up again at my university library for kicks - it's still a pretty amazing book! If you know a kid in the later years of grade school who's into math, you should definitely get them a copy of this.

EDIT: Obviously I was inspired by this thread, but this book is aimed more towards 9-12 year olds I feel.