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Builder's Best 100017 4
Thick pvc flexible duct has multiple uses such as general venting for bathroom fans and also craft projectsProduct is manufactured in united statesThis product meets customer requirement
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4 Reddit comments about Builder's Best 100017 4" x 8" Clear Duct:

u/Wyrdia · 4 pointsr/ferrets

I have the same kind, I got it here!

u/Holly_Tyler · 1 pointr/ferrets

I've heard about dryer tubes from others so I ordered this: and it was half the price of a Marshall's thru-way. Unfortunately, it was also half the distance of the thru-way and the plastic was very thin. I recently had to throw it out because it was torn in places and the wire at the end was poking through and scratching them. Meanwhile, the stupid Marshalls tube has lasted years so I think it's worth the extra $.

Cereal boxes you say? Ok, I'm inspired. Sometimes I tape together beer boxes to make little forts for them to play it, but I'm thinking if I cut up the cereal boxes and roll them, tape then into a tube shape, they'd love it! I could even attach them to the beer box....

Am I a crazy ferret lady? Yes.

u/Stottymod · 1 pointr/ferrets

Ferrets do well in groups, and a friend is recommended if possible. We had a deaf girl, and she was the most adorable of the bunch, never had many health problems, and any she had could more likely be attributed to being the runt of the litter.

Is your vet a general vet or an exotic vet? Some veterinarians don't have much experience with ferrets.

What kind of temperature is she usually in, how old is she, and does she drag herself when walking? Energy levels could be a contributor.

Ferrets each like different things, and there are many things to try, but if she likes the tunnel, I suggest looking at clear plastic dryer tubing, Like this one