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Buxton Heiress Organizer Clutch - Pink
5 Kiss Lock frame coin pocket on backRemovable checkbook holderBill compartmentID window4 Credit Card Slots
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u/pianistonstrike ยท 1 pointr/AskWomen

I have this wallet in pink. I have a love-hate relationship with it. The color is really lovely, a bit more pink than in that photo (you can find better representations if you google it) but not obnoxious, and the leather is very soft. It fits everything, including a checkbook, which I thought would be useful but since I only use checks for rent, it's kind of a waste. It's also quite big, which isn't a problem with a large purse, but when I go out I have to downsize, which is kind of annoying. For that I have a tiny red leather Dooney & Bourke thing that I got at TJMaxx that literally only holds a credit card, ID, and a bit of cash. So there are many things I love about my wallet, but I'm looking to get something more universal.