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C2G 43036 4 Inch Cable Tie Multipack (100 Pack) TAA Compliant, Black
Bundle cables then just zip and snip for a neat, organized installationDesigned to bundle and secure cables18 pounds of tensile strength4 inch lengthLifetime Warranty
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12 Reddit comments about C2G 43036 4 Inch Cable Tie Multipack (100 Pack) TAA Compliant, Black:

u/Formula_Mike · 5 pointsr/oculus

Repost, imgur ate the first image album.

I just finished a second crash cart for my SO, and this time I kept track of the parts I used during assembly. So as a gift to the VR subreddits I tend to follow here's some assembly photos and a full parts list should you want to build your own.

Parts list:

(1x) HF / USG Rolling Toolcart $99 with coupon -

(1x) Asus VP239H-P Monitor -

(1x) VESA mount -

(6x) Rubber Grommets (requires 1 1/2" bi-metal hole saw) -

(1x) PRIME Power Strip -

(1x) Best Buy - 9' VR Cable Extension -
Additional parts required:

(4x) 1/4" x 3/8" steel rivets (requires rivet gun) -

(2x) 1/4 x 20 Rivet Nut for attaching the power strip. (Requires nut setting tool)

(2x) 1/4 x 20 x 3/4 button cap hex screws -
1 x 1 cable tie mounts for dressing the wiring inside the toolchest -

4" cable ties, black -

And lots of blue loctite for all the fasteners during assembly.

Optional but makes life easy:

Logitech K830 wireless keyboard -

The last 7 photos are from the first VR Crash Cart I built to help illustrate some of the assembly steps involved.

u/iksworbeZ · 3 pointsr/vaporents

Sounds like the tubing on the whip may have been stretched a little too much or too often. You might want to try cutting maybe two inches off of it... alternatively you could try using the smallest size zip ties to 'clamp' the rubber to the glass... youll obviously want to be careful that you do not break the glass.

The last idea I would suggest you try is to take a rubber band and try to hold it down with the rubber band by looping it over and over and over the last little end bit where the tubing and the glass meet.

u/[deleted] · 3 pointsr/technology

I always put a small zip-tie through the lock spot on my luggage and carry a handful more in my "personal bag" to re-close my bag after it's searched and at the other end.

It's about as secure as a typical luggage lock (can be taken off with a pair of pliers) and accomplishes all of the same objectives:

  • It discourages people from casually prying into my luggage.
  • It stops the zipper opening itself in transit.
  • It lets me know if someone has been in my luggage.

    Save yourself some time and money and get yourself a hundred of these suckers for like $4.
u/drumer93 · 2 pointsr/macsetups

Can you post an album of your setup and maybe under/around your desk? I put a lot of stuff under the desk that I dont nessicarly need to see all the time (USB hub, External hard drive)

Some general things that will help are Velcro Ties or for more permanant situations cable ties.
Also depending on the size or weight of your USB hub some mounting tape may help to keep it in place on your desk.

u/salaryprotection · 2 pointsr/buildapc

You can go a number of ways with the Twist/Cable ties. Twist ties seem to imply those bendable wire ties, which I'm not too fond of since they can become undone.

There are these trusty zip ties, which are strong and handy if your case comes with holes to thread the ties through. You can also cut the excess tie for a more appealing appearance (not so with twist ties).

I also like velcro ties for bigger cables and also for cable management outside your tower (mice and keyboard cords, power cables, speaker cables, etc). They're reusable, and it's easy to add cables to a bundle without having to undo the entire existing bundle.

If you're getting an SSD, you also might want to get a 2.5" SSD tray if your case doesn't come with one.

As for tools, precision screwdrivers are handy for small screws and for reaching deep into the case. An alternative to magnetic tip screwdrivers are long nosed pliers.

u/smurfsriot · 1 pointr/battlestations

All of the below. Additionally they are all fantastic for cable management in your computer!

Cable ties 4 inch

Cable ties variety

Cable tie mounts

Velcro strips

u/burntoast333 · 1 pointr/hometheater

Here is a link for 100 for $3.62 and is a list to some more options.

Then for the cable ties here are some more.

This was a quick search. Hope it helps.

u/tonyantonio · 1 pointr/gaming
u/kent1146 · 1 pointr/shittybattlestations

Hey man. It really doesn't take much. :)

Just order a pack of 8" zip ties from Amazon (about $3) and some Velcro strips for $5. Just bundling your cables together goes a LONG way.

But don't worry. If you still want to be on /r/shittybattlestations even after your cables look all nice, you can just mount your hard drives by duct taping the shit out of them to your case. A shittybattlestations masterpiece!

VELCRO Brand One Wrap Thin Ties, Black & Gray, 8 x 1/2-Inch, 50 Count (90924)

C2G/Cables to Go 43036 4-Inch Cable Ties - 100 Pack (Black)

u/MainCranium · 1 pointr/gaming

Don't believe the price on their website, by the way. It's like $25 bucks on Amazon.

Grab that box, and get yourself some:

u/FuckTheAdmins · 1 pointr/Hue

I wanted to use some small zip ties (kinda like these) and thread them through the vents on the back of the TV to "hook" the lightstrip. Turns out my vents are too small/close together.

I just ended up using masking tape. Looks terrible but it's in the back so I never see it.