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Cables Unlimited Wireless USB Kit with Transmitter and Receiver with Base (Black)
Wireless USB connectivity with simple setup and no network configurationUltraSpeed technology for optimized performanceEliminates cable clutter and allows placing peripherals anywhere in the roomSupports a wide range of USB devices - printers, scanners, external hard disks, DVD/CD, iPodSuperior performance and range, with full room coverage
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7 Reddit comments about Cables Unlimited Wireless USB Kit with Transmitter and Receiver with Base (Black):

u/ahockeyjock · 2 pointsr/MAME

While that can happen, it's not always an issue. Case in point the Xbox One default controllers are wireless WITH audio and mic even... No lag. All the high quality wireless controllers going back to original Xbox and PS2.

Also, what about the tons of wireless USB keyboard and mice? A mouse has to be accurate and fast, and you would notice bad lag. Not as intensive as a game, but still the technology is flawless for that. Controllers CAN lag but don't HAVE to. The new Retrons use BT and are pretty slick example of BT option.

OP: look up "wireless USB transmitter" (not wireless USB adapter; that'll get you all the wireless internet dongles). You'll find ones like this:

Check reviews about lag, pick one of those with your favorite stick!

u/Speye · 2 pointsr/Doesthisexist

May be more practical to get a wireless USB solution... like or (not wireless but can give you USB over Cat-5) or or

Ultimately it may be more economically feasible to get a wireless device if you will be using it for a limited applications like a native bluetooth or wireless controller in your example above.

u/flukshun · 2 pointsr/hardware

Literally the 2nd hit on Google (the first being this wiki) if you Google "wireless usb", as one might think to do after reading the first 3 sentences of the wiki:

You are fired.

u/derglow · 1 pointr/arduino

I did a minute of googling and found this. It's no longer for sell but could be a jumping off point for your searching?

Edit: I have no idea if it would work for any USB devices, maybe just human interface devices.

u/meatwad75892 · 1 pointr/leapmotion

Wireless USB transmitters exist, but A) they're expensive, B) they're finicky, and C) they're pretty slow and the latency would be way too high to be usable for most applications. I imagine latency would be the biggest killer.

The only way a wireless Leap Motion is happening(and to be usable) is with a whole new version of the hardware with a wireless radio that can handle the latency needs for the Leap. Different uses will obviously call for varying degrees of latency before the experience is muddled, so I don't know what type of wireless tech it'd take to achieve those needs. BT4.2? Wi-fi Direct? Something proprietary?

u/AutoModerator · 1 pointr/Vive

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Has anyone considered using a laptop to power a Vive? by dkudriavtsev

I was browsing gaming laptops and I found a few laptops that are very portable and that have long battery life. That led me to thinking that you could easily purchase a battery pack like this one and plug in the Vive to that, to play VR games and not be tied to a computer.

The base stations would be attached to the laptop with wireless USB adapters like this one or this one.

This setup would not be ideal, because of battery life and USB adapter signal loss concerns, but you would have much more mobility than a standard VR setup, and you could make the play area larger without running into cord length issues.

Any thoughts?




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