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Calmoseptine Ointment Tube, 4 Ounce (Pack of 3)
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6 Reddit comments about Calmoseptine Ointment Tube, 4 Ounce (Pack of 3):

u/VocemHominis · 4 pointsr/jpouch

Three things help me: 1) a bidet sprayer on my home toilet, 2) flushable wipes - both medicated and non-medicated, and 3) Calmoseptine.

If you try medicated wipes, I recommend the name brand Preparation H wipes. Store brand wipes have been too harsh in my experience. Medicated wipes will sting if you're badly irritated, but it will calm down quickly. And I cannot possibly speak highly enough about Calmoseptine.

u/Trishlovesdolphins · 2 pointsr/breakingmom

Fuck me! My youngest used to get really bad diaper rash, so bad that we had to go with a moisture barrier just to help it heal. This is what I used. It's not in a baby aisle, it's in the adult aisle, usually it's used in cancer patients to help with chemo burns. It will keep his bum dry while it heals and is in a diaper. Also, I'm sure you already know airing him out will help too. just remember to keep him on a LARGE blanket... my son once had a diaper rash that bad, and I let him lay on a big blanket on the floor most the day. He was about 4 months old and sprayed poo all across the floor. I if I hadn't had him on a large blanket, there would have been poop all in my carpet.

If your interested, I mixed up my own butt cream. It worked great, I'd just put it in an old icing container.

1oz of extra strength neosporin plus pain relief. (You can use any antibiotic cream, but the pain relief seemed to make a difference.)

1oz of lotrimin. (Yes the foot stuff.)

2oz hydrocortizone cream

4 oz of Desitin.

Obviously, you can sub out your preferred brand for these things, and if you want to add a little more, or have a little less of anything, try it out. This really seemed to help with itching, pain, and made it heal faster. Just put it all in a bowl with a lid and mix it well. Use just like a regular butt paste.

u/tsdguy · 2 pointsr/sex

You need a barrier cream - anything good for diaper rash is good for this issue. If you really have a painful irritation then you might want to consider the "Death Star" of barrier creams - Calmoseptine.

Just be aware that this stuff is tenacious and won't rub off for a couple of days.

I know because I got a freak irritation due to new underwear. It had some decorative stitching on the fly and it caused a helluofa irritation.

u/john5220 · 1 pointr/AnalFissures

I live in the Caribbean, Trinidad. so you are saying that this item on Amazon will not do the job in reducing sphincter spasm? BTW does very warm sitz bath reduce Sphincter spasm?
I think we might have calcium channel blocker down here, I checked numerous pharmacies they say they only have GTN Nitro in tablet form for heart condition but I didn't ask for calcium channel blockers in cream form as yet

u/mrsbiggern · 1 pointr/beyondthebump

It's our go-to as well. You can get it on Amazon for less.

u/WanderingWisteria · 1 pointr/BabyBumps

And a little goes a long way!

Calmoseptine Ointment Tube 4 Oz (3 Pack)