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Canine Hardware Hydro Bowl Medium, 5 Cup
Waterproof and durableHandy snap for a leash, backpack, bicycle, etc.Folds up into compact sizeSturdy and easy to clean5 cup capacity
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2 Reddit comments about Canine Hardware Hydro Bowl Medium, 5 Cup:

u/capt_pantsless · 1 pointr/Bulldogs

For walking, get a harness. Bulldogs don't have much for a neck and collars can slip-off easily.

Also, get yourself a portable dog bowl - (I like this one ) and bring a small water-bottle on walks.

u/sweetpea89 · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

This is our 8 month old Pembroke Welsh Corgi, Winston!

He chews and chews and chews, but he's pretty good at keeping it to his toys (and the occasional stray sock)

His favourites (and those that haven't given up after about 5 minutes are the Kong ball, Kong classic, Kong squeezze, elk antlers and finally Nylabones (I tend to buy one size up to avoid him tearing through them...

He is a surprisingly strong chewer and has destroyed just about everything else we've presented to him within minutes, sometimes within seconds!

There are 3 pitbulls around my place and I find they have LOTS of energy...I would suggest that you invest in some "agility equipment" to work the mind and the body! We bought some cheap shower tension rods to use as jumping obstacles in the hallway, a play tunnel from IKEA - although it may be too small for a pit...and this summer, we will make some weave poles out of PVC pipes and stuff.

A travel bowl or this Nylabone dinosaur would be awesome for Winston! :D

Thanks so much for the contest and congrats on the new pup! Enjoy him and snuggle him and love him! Dogs are the best! :D