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Car Cassette Adapter, Standard Packaging
Play your portable compact disc player from cassette deckWorks with most cassette deck brandsNo wiring required. Just plug it in.Connects to headphone jack or line output of your portable CD playerPlay portable iPod, MP3, CD, or DVD music
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u/Mortimer452 · 18 pointsr/nostalgia

I believe the one I'm using now is this one. I seem to need a new one for some reason or another about every year or two.

I've had ones that clicked badly in the past, can't remember if this is one of them, it doesn't click now. Sometimes hitting the A/B button on your receiver to switch sides and make it spin the other way helps. I have also used a file to just knock off those little knobby bits on the wheels so it's just a smooth hole.

u/redraven937 · 14 pointsr/NoStupidQuestions

Until very recently, I had a 2006 vehicle with just a tape deck. So I bought one of these and plugged it into the headphone jack of my phone. Worked surprisingly well.

u/Macdomerocker12 · 14 pointsr/galaxys4

Get a new radio. I'm not being a dick, Im being honest.

I rode around with an aftermarket CD player with no AUX for the first year of getting my car, as soon as I got my S4, I coupled it with a cheap JVC with an AUX from Best Buy for maybe 50 bucks. Best Decision of my life, no more blank CD's, no more skipping tracks, and Music quietens itself when navigation is speaking.

Or if you have a tape deck, get one of [these] ( They're just as good.

u/barnetto · 6 pointsr/languagelearning

Get one of those devices that plugs into the headphone jack, then has the "cassette" on the other end. Then you can use a portable CD player (like we did back in the 90's) or your mp3 player/smart phone and listen to whatever FSI/Michael Thomas/Assimil/native podcasts you want.

Here is what they look like:

u/ChrisRK · 5 pointsr/CarAV

The quick and easy way would be to get a cassette adapter. You put it into the cassette deck, connect his iPhone and hit play on the tape deck.

You can also get a FM radio adapter but you might end up with a lot of noise depending on the car and the positioning of the transmitter.

The best way would be to get a AUX adapter that fits into the original radio. I cannot confirm that this adapter will work with his car but the 2003-2009 Trailblazer is on the compatibility list. Contact SonicElectronix or your local car audio shop for more info.

u/19mine · 4 pointsr/bullcity

I use a cassette adapter to listen to my iPod in the car. You can get one from stores like Best Buy, Radio Shack, or Target. Shouldn't be more than 15 dollars. Good luck. No one should have to listen to the radio.


u/cardinal_rules · 4 pointsr/funny

It's all about the tape deck-aux tool. It transforms the car.

u/SirGregorius · 3 pointsr/CarAV
u/juli_franch · 3 pointsr/pcmasterrace

I loaded demos on a real C64 using one of these plugged to my phone and a datasette drive. First, you have to download a tape or single file demo, you convert it to a .TAP file and then convert it to a .WAV file and save it to the phone. Then it gets tricky, because you must play the audio file at the exact moment when you hear the drive motors start spinning. It's a bit annoying, but I can't afford a 1541 floppy drive, so it's a low-cost solution to load programs.

u/sarngiber · 3 pointsr/NoStupidQuestions

If your car has a cassette player you can use a cassette adapter

or you can try an fm transmitter. It broadcasts a radio signal at a certain frequency and you simply set your car radio to that frequency.

u/Zeag · 2 pointsr/Lexus

With a cassette player, you're actually less screwed than with a CD player. Just get a Cassette to Aux adapter!

u/[deleted] · 1 pointr/hwstartups

As long as the coil is aligned along the axis of the virtual stripe it can be swiped, or held still. I think it is swiped because that makes more sense to people. The other option would be that it has a coil for each bit on the card and these are energized with DC depending on what you want the card to send to the reader. I think this is unlikely as you would have to have such a high density of coils(though it is not impossible.) It would not offer any real benefit over a single coil.

These might be before your time, but they work in a similar fashion. There is no tape inside. Just a coil that induces a current in the tape head.

Source: Entirely speculation on my part, knowing how card readers work.

u/firmretention · 1 pointr/ottawa
u/NoWheelchairAccess · 1 pointr/ottawa


Amazingly, new ones are still available!

u/nadmah10 · 1 pointr/cars

You're going to want to use a cassette adapter for best sound quality. You can also use an FM transmitter, but those will be wireless, and won't have good sound quality.
EDIT: this one looks pretty good.

u/Phocks7 · 1 pointr/AdviceAnimals

Something like this? I don't go on Amazon much as they rarely ship to Australia

u/awwyisss · 1 pointr/240sx
u/funkyb · 1 pointr/Android

Cheap and easy?

Try out something like these (get a few, they break eventually) or this if you have an AUX jack.
If you've got a tape deck grab something like this.

If you only have the USB for an input something like this might work, though I've never used it. No idea about plugging the phone directly into SUB. Probably depends on the radio too.

u/GazaIan · 1 pointr/AdviceAnimals

Jesus, how old and behind the times is everyone in this thread? There's way too many of you using FM radio here that don't even like it. Invest in an auxiliary cable if you have an aux port. There are cars that probably date back to the 90s with aux ports. Oldest vehicle in my family that's got one is my dad's Sienna from '06. My 09 Accord has it.

Maybe you're driving something really, really old. Maybe, for some bizarre reason, you still have a cassette player in your car. Get yourself a casette adapter. Inserts into your cassette player, and you plug the other end into your phone, your iPod, whatever. Get Pandora, get Spotify, get Rhapsody (I recommend Rhapsody, it plays new shit depending on the artist).

I just use an iPod, aux cable, and play through that. So much more convenient than ever using that FM Radio that hardly plays music, and when it does, I heard the same song 9 times in an hour.

u/Officer_Pedesko · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

So this cassette-mp3 player is pretty cool. But I have NO IDEA how it works, like at all, so it's obviously just magical (like seriously I have no other explanation as to how that would work...). You know what else is magical? Harry Potter. There are time turners in Harry Potter (at least there were before Harry destroyed them). TIME.

u/cccviper653 · 1 pointr/pcmasterrace

Also these for old cars like mine. Also high quality sound coming from headphones running wirelessly arguably doesn't exist for audio philes. Oh yeah, and plugging a phone into any kind of stereo system or DJ equipment.

u/Super_Midget · 1 pointr/AndroidQuestions

If the tape deck works you just need a regular ole cassette adapter you can pick up at most stores like Walmart, target and such. If it doesn't work you need an FM transmitter instead

Car Cassette Adapter

u/UndeadStormtroopers · 1 pointr/AndroidQuestions

Based on what I'm trying right now, I think that particular problem was the movie I was watching, and one poorly recorded song. The problem with line-in, though, is that my phone, regardless of which music player I use, will pause itself like the cord was unplugged after 1-10 seconds of playing. This has happened with both the line-in cassette tape in my car (like this), and trying to use the line-in on my old iHome. It doesn't do this with headphones, both small IEMs and a larger pair of over-ear ones. This started happening maybe a week ago.

u/fernly · 1 pointr/prius

Yeah my 2012 has this amazingly inconvenient USB plug in the bottom front wall inside the console. You cannot see it, only feel it. When I can get my iPod Nano plugged in to it it does show up on the audio and I can browse and select any playlists or album titles. Podcasts and audio books show up as "albums".

But however, an older model with the cheap stereo option might have a cassette player, and if so, a cassette adapter like this works fine. Actually, it works better because you control the audio with the ipod or iphone screen.