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2 Reddit comments about Carp on the Fly: A Flyfishing Guide:

u/fishnogeek · 3 pointsr/flyfishing

There are a handful of decent books on this, and a few websites.
The book that got it started was Carp on the Fly by Brad Befus and Barry Reynolds, waaaay back in 1997.

More recently Kirk Deeter did a guide book for Orvis that's actually very good; I've never been very fond of Orvis, but it's a solid book.

Finally, check out The Best Carp Flies by Jay Zimmerman. He talks about presentations, water types, and more - and the tying instructions are first-rate.

Finally, give it a good Google...but make sure you check out the Fly-Carpin' website. Trevor has largely stepped away now and isn't making frequent updates, but there's a TON of fantastic information still available there. Start here with his How-To section and tear it up.

Oh...and welcome to the revolution....

u/dullyouth · 2 pointsr/flyfishing

Barry Reynolds Carp on the Fly The OG carp bible

The Orvis Guide to Fly Fishing for Carp: Tips and Tricks for the Determined Angler

Dan Frasier's new book The Orvis Beginner's Guide to Carp Flies: 101 Patterns & How and When to Use Them

You're also going to have better shots at carp on foot, rather than in a boat anyways.

And you do realize that John Montana Bartlett does 90% of his fishing on the Big C, as in the Columbia river, right? Thats PNW