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Casio Men's Watches GD-350-1BER
Black Plastic strapPlastic case, Black dialQuartz movementCase diameter: 53.4mmWater resistant: 200m
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3 Reddit comments about Casio Men's Watches GD-350-1BER:

u/The-Neutral-Planet · 5 pointsr/policeuk


u/PCJelly · 2 pointsr/policeuk

View on this watch?

u/kutkut23 · 1 pointr/gshock

Did you try it by yourself or have you seen anyone doing it ?

And you mean this GD350 b1 right? After I am put the GD350s display there in my Rangeman, would I be able to put the Rangeman's display there? Because I couldn't find any second hand or broken ones online. So my only option would be to buy one, and if do I would still want to use it. GD 350 looks actually better to me with positive dislay.