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ChefLand 3-Compartment Microwave Safe Food Container with Lid/Divided Plate/Bento Box/Lunch Tray with Cover, Black, 10-Pack
PORTABLE AND CONVENIENT - Replace your lunch bag with this fabulous portable storage and meal prep to go container; take it to work, school, or on outings and picnics; the bento box is a perfect healthy lunch box option and is easily savable or disposable.ANY DIETER'S DREAM - Stay on track with your proteins, fats and carbs by prepping your meals in advance! As well as being great for diet and portion control, these containers are great for storing food to keep fresh. They're also stackable, reusable and extremely durable. ChefLand food boxes are one of the top selling food containers on the market right now!STAY ORGANIZED - Pack a nutritious and varied meal all in one container that you can use over and over again without the hassle of searching, washing and selecting multiple reusable containers. Keep everything neat and organised and in one place and enjoy peace of mind with a more tidy, ordered kitchen.SUPER DEAL PACK SUITS ALL SEASONS - 12 x Black 3 compartment food containers with with clear lids and deep capacity, with self insulated polypropylene walled compartments to keep hot foods hot and cold foods cold.Microwave safe material can withstand temperatures of up to 250◦F. BPA free, and also freezer and dishwasher safe (Lids are hand wash only) allowing for convenient reheating of meals in seconds. Suitable for long term food storage.
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23 Reddit comments about ChefLand 3-Compartment Microwave Safe Food Container with Lid/Divided Plate/Bento Box/Lunch Tray with Cover, Black, 10-Pack:

u/Herunterladen · 6 pointsr/MealPrepSunday

I saw them on amazon, and i think they're the same ones. I always wondered how durable they were. I was thinking about buying them if they were, awesome to find them here.

OP, are they good?

u/romanticheart · 4 pointsr/MealPrepSunday

Get these instead. Cheaper by a few cents and I've been using them since October and only one of them has cracked (a lid) and that's because I set too much crap on top of it. I wouldn't put soup in there, but otherwise they stay tight just fine.

u/Martini1 · 4 pointsr/MealPrepSunday

I have the same ones which I got from Amazon.

u/reptilia_ · 3 pointsr/MealPrepSunday

Pretty easy to find what you're looking for if you just search this sub man.

u/Genesis2001 · 2 pointsr/MealPrepSunday

Curious. Is this assessment limited to only the containers linked in OP?

I've had my eye on these for a couple months now but haven't had the money due to YNAB budgeting (money went more to savings than expendable money).

edit: If either OP or the ones I linked are bad, can you recommend alternatives? :)

u/Commiserator · 2 pointsr/MealPrepSunday

If you're interested in containers with compartments, I got these based on the suggestion of another user on this forum.

Only complaint is that the lids are fragile, must be careful when taking them off.

u/davedawg2000 · 2 pointsr/MealPrepSunday

Yep! Microwave all the way.

I get mine from Amazon -- in addition to being microwave-safe, they are also dishwasher safe, very durable, and delightfully stackable :)

u/[deleted] · 2 pointsr/Fitness

Follow the 3-S System. Soup, Salad, Sandwich (or tortilla wrap, your preference).

Essential to this system are these. Sandwiches and Salads are incredibly quick to make. You can make 3 or 4 in 20 minutes, each with different toppings, and put them in the lunch trays.

Soups can take awhile if you chop everything up and simmer them for a long time. However, order yourself one of these and you can make soups effortlessly. Just blanch/boil your vegetables in stock, add seasoning, and blend them up.

You can do this with basically any vegetable(s), and it's really easy to get a large serving of vegetables because you can drink 8-12 oz of soup really easily. I'll warm mine up in a glass in the microwave and just drink it. You'll be really surprised how much less you're craving food with 12 oz's of soup in your stomach.

I also use these, they have a small divider and I chop up a bunch of vegetables and keep them in there to make salads/sandwiches/tortilla wraps. Tortilla wraps are great! Bit of hummus, lettuce, cucumber, tomato, onion, bell pepper, (meats are optional), some italian dressing, and you have yourself an amazing veggie wrap. These make making them incredibly easy.

If you were only going to do one thing, order those lunch trays. You can make an entire weeks worth of lunches in one night. Chicken, rice, vegetable, and put in the trays for a weeks worth of lunches. Might not have the most variety, but it's easy as hell.

u/muchmadeup · 2 pointsr/MealPrepSunday

I believe the link was to those boxes, but I ended up getting these, looking at the review pictures they do not ahve a logo on the lid :)

u/wenchkins · 2 pointsr/keto

I use these, though I have the 2 compartment ones. They don't leak (Though liquid can move between compartments), and stand up to repeated microwaving and dish washing really well. I've had the current set for a bit over a year.

ChefLand 3-Compartment Microwave Safe Food Container with Lid/Divided Plate/Bento Box/Lunch Tray with Cover, Black, 10-Pack

u/DondoYonderboy · 2 pointsr/MealPrepSunday

I've been using these for a bit over a year, now. One has broken in that time. I don't run them through the dishwasher; I hand-wash them but I do use them in the microwave (with the lids).

u/unimportantname · 1 pointr/MealPrepSunday

These are my favorites. I also have these. I've used them for about a year and have only had to discard a few (one I dropped and it broke, the others were normal wear and tear).

u/hosway · 1 pointr/MealPrepSunday

A company called ChefLand. I saw someone on Reddit recommend them and purchased them off of amazon. They're pretty inexpensive and get the job done. They're a bit on the flimsy side, but I have reused them several times already with minimum problems. Here is the link.

ChefLand 3-Compartment Microwave Safe Food Container with Lid/Divided Plate/Bento Box/Lunch Tray with Cover, Black, 10-Pack

u/ked_man · 1 pointr/Cooking

I don't do bentos, but I bought some of these and pack leftovers. I put them in the fridge and chill them overnight and take them to work. I don't refrigerate or re-heat and other than sauces breaking everything is fine. I've gotten used to eating room-temp foods.

I learned it from some co-workers/friends who have done this daily for years with no ill effects.

Dinner on the other hand, I don't know if they would make it that long. You may want to stick with something longer lasting than leftovers.

u/hugemuffin · 1 pointr/cookingcollaboration

> By the way, how do you plan your "menue" for the week?

I am getting my notes together because next month will go more in depth into planning and execution, but a few pointers. Up front, the planning for the menu happens at home. I'll sit down with a few recipes I want to try, pair them with side dishes, and come up with a grocery list. I also have enough ingredients frozen in the freezer to make some old favorites if I feel like calling an audible.

  1. I only plan 3-4 fresh meals per week, because I try to make enough for leftovers. I find using special trays like these that you can get for much cheaper at restaurant supply stores to make your own TV dinners help a great deal with leftovers. As an added bonus, because they are frozen, you don't have to eat them the next night. During the lead-up to the birth of my second kid, I cooked every night and put the leftovers in the freezer so that I only had to cook 1-2 times a week for the first month. You can also save the sides separately from the entrees if you want to mix and match. Some things, like risotto, don't freeze particularly well, but it will keep for 3-4 days in the fridge and can be reheated or even cut into triangles and fried. I also do pizza nights on Fridays.
  2. Make heavy use of one pot meals and prep as much ahead of time. I freeze all my meats in ziplock bags ahead of time and thaw them by pouring in some brine or soy sauce and thawing them in the sink. That lends itself to very quick prep time. Thaw some pork chops in soy sauce, minced garlic, olive oil, and italian herbs ahead of time. Stab some red potatoes with a fork, microwave, and then cut into wedges. Brown the pork chops over medium high heat, add some liquid (broth, wine, beer, whatever you feel like cooking), add the potatoes, season with garlic salt, rosemary, and thyme, and simmer, covered until the pork chops are done (about 10-15 minutes). You can cut some romaine hearts or wilt some spinach in the liquid when you're done if you need green with your meals. I don't even reduce the liquid into a gravy most nights. If I'm feeling up to it, I may chop an onion and brown that after the pork chops but before adding the potatoes and liquid.
  3. Shoot for variety. There are different parts of a chicken, different cuts of pork, and all that. That prevents repetition and keeps you cooking stuff. If it feels like you just cooked a dish, you probably won't be up for it if you're tired.
  4. Don't feel bad about using pre-made. Everybody's gotta eat, but once you get the hang of it, there are many recipes that are almost as easy as stuff from a box.
  5. As far as stress of cooking, I know this doesn't apply to everybody, but I use cooking as stress relief. After a rough day, I'll come home, pour myself a drink, turn on the radio, and start cooking. A whole chicken doesn't talk back as you're dismembering it. Green Beans don't send nasty emails and CC your boss as you're snapping their ends off. An onion doesn't spoil game of thrones as you're chopping it. And finally, have fun with it. If you fail miserably at a dish (and I have, many many times), don't keep the leftovers and move on. That's the beauty of cooking, the journey and the destination are one and the same.