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u/gabilromariz ยท 9 pointsr/RedPillWives

This is going to sound like a load of hogwash, but it worked for me: cross-stitch and crochet. It was almost like a kind of therapy, forcing me to concentrate on a small thing and in creating things. I've even sold a bunch but now I give them away to family and friends.

Growing veg: start with growing herbs like basil and oregano, you can use them for cokking and they'll grow inside all year. They're fairly easy to care for too

Cooking: definitely start with youtube, where you can pause, follow along and ensure your food is looking right along every step. I personally like "Food Wishes" and "Tutti a Tavola". The latter is in italian, but it's easy enough to follow just the images without audio.

Tips for cooking: watch the whole video for what you want to make a couple of times (2/3) and make an ingredient list. Watch the video again. Make sure you have all ingredients and tools. Make sure your ingredients are like they show in the video (pre-chopped, washed, etc). Watch the video one last time and get cooking!

Books are extremely good sources but I'd wait until you have the basics down, or get a book with step-by-step pictures, until you have a good grasp on most techniques and ingredients you'll want to use. For me, books meant for getting older children to cook (10-12) were a great step, as they have pictures and deal with only simpler techniques. This one is great

I have made nearly every recipe and keep coming back to it, even though I'm now more of an intermediate cook. The recipes are easy and tasty, and the pictures are very helpful