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Chuckit Treat Tote (1 Cup)
Treat-training tool: clip-on dog treat pouch allows pet parents to quickly reward good behavior on the spot by attaching to belt or pocketEasy-open pouch: drawstring closure is easy to open with one hand for quick access to dog treatsTreat storage: holds 1 cup of dogs' favorite treats and seals via drawstring closure to ensure freshnessHeavy-duty material: durable pack-cloth dog treat bag is water-resistant to keep treats dry and reinforced with a rip-stop liner for lasting qualityHolds more than treats: clip-on dog training pouch is ideal for stowing small toys or waste bags in addition to small training treatsDistraction-free training: clip-on treat tote is small and discreet to keep dogs focused on playtime or trainingAvailable in various sizes: treat bag comes in two sizes, allowing pet parents to choose a size that best suits their pets' NeedsThe item comes in assorted colors
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u/binaryvisions · 9 pointsr/dogs

I don't think it's a bad idea. Just from my own perspective, I have a hard time seeing the value - a small belt-clipped carrier can handle treats and bags (and a clicker, were I to carry such a thing). That keeps the weight and bulk on my belt rather than in my hand. A flashlight is not something I need every walk, and a tiny 1-AA LED flashlight is far smaller to hold than this handle. And again, can be clipped to a belt or the belt bag.

Clipped to my belt, this has plenty of room for treats, a small loop to hang a flashlight from, and I can either hang a bag carrier from it or stuff a couple bags in it, or whatever. For $5.

Additionally, there appears to be no wrist tether, which is dangerous. There has to be a backup for if this thing gets wrenched out of your fingers.

It kind of seems like a solution in search of a problem. I'm sure plenty of people are stuffing their pockets with things, and this might solve it for them, but it just seems like there are other easier/smaller/cheaper ways to solve it. To spend $50+ on a dog accessory, I'd need to be wowed.

u/lbw12345 · 2 pointsr/reactivedogs

I have a little treat pouch I use that has a clip on it so I can attach it to the waist of my pants so I don't have to hold it. I've also attached it by the armpit and at the neckline when wearing a sundress (which made me look super cool to my neighbors I'm sure). This isn't the exact one I have but looks pretty close just a different color, it's pretty convenient.

u/StriderTB · 2 pointsr/dogs

Really it comes down to just doing the work. If you don't have one, get a treat pouch. Here's a link to my favorite:

Find really high value treats that get your pup's attention, and run through a variety of tricks. I started my dog on emergency recall, and went through sit, down, stay, shake paw, heel walking and touch, where you hold your hand out and say touch, and he walks over and bops my hand with his nose. Really, the key is repetition and making sure you have high value treats. As pups work their way through adolescence, they will regress, and just remember that it's completely normal!

With a Husky, make sure to get out and walk, jog, trail hike, etc. They need a lot of exercise to keep them from getting bored, which leads to shenanigans. ;)

u/theninabird · 2 pointsr/Dogtraining

This is an approach for a food-motivated dog ...

  1. Get a collar or harness she can't get out of - I had to get a martingale collar for my dog, because he became very smart about backing out of a normal collar. But that leads to #2:

  2. Start carrying treats with you any time you take her out. Make it easier on yourself by purchasing a treat pouch (This one is only $5, I never leave my house with my dog without it: Then buy some stinky training treats, like Zuke's ( You don't want her to pull and choke herself, so now you need to practice loose leash walking and impulse control around other dogs.

    For me, that meant being aware of any time another dog is approaching, and a. taking lots of space (so crossing the street if need be - it depends on where her threshold is, how close the other dog needs to be to cause her to flip) and b. getting my dog's attention with a treat. If she can respond to commands, ask her to sit and reward. If she is too distracted, you can try tossing the treat - sticking it right in front of her nose - anything to get her stop focusing on the other dog.

    Space, distraction, reward for focusing on you. You say "It's almost as if taking her on walks has made it worse" - that's probably true! She is stressed on these walks, even if she enjoys some parts. And every time she flips out at a dog, that behavior grows stronger.

    Improving reactivity can be a lot of work and very stressful at times, but worth it when you can finally take a walk without a meltdown. It's something her own owner she definitely be a part of. Good luck!
u/lzsmith · 1 pointr/dogsupplies

I have a ~5 year old "Terry Ryan" hinged pouch that I absolutely love. It has "Premier" and "Gentle Leader" logos on the front. looks like this The hinges open and shut smoothly, so you can 'pop' it shut before running and not risk dropping treats. It has a belt built in, so works great over my winter coat. I stick it in the dishwasher and re-oil the hinges with vegetable oil when it gets too gross to spot clean. Very sturdy. Unfortunately, it's so old that it's impossible to find for sale...

I have not tested it, but kpct appears to sell a current version of the above pouch:

Canine hardware is my go-to small sized treat pouch, about half the size of my hinged one above. It has a drawstring and is overall sturdy and well made. It has a plastic clip and a fabric belt loop. The fabric liner is smooth and easy to wipe clean.

On a side note, I do not recommend kyjen. The drawstring model had weird plasticky coating on the fabric liner (waterproofing?) that flaked off into my treats. The hinged version had weak hinges that separated and broke quickly.

u/peanutbuddy · 1 pointr/reactivedogs
  • Harness - I use the Freedom Harness. I find it more secure than the Easy Walk and I love the option of clipping the leash in the front or back, or both. We use this for walks where we're not likely to see other dogs and when May plays on her long lead.
  • Head Halter - After trying and rejecting the Gentle Leader and Perfect Pace, we're now using the Halti. It fits better and has more padding than the others. May tolerates it.
  • Leashes - I use just a plain rope leash with a traffic loop. I tied knots along the length of the leash so I can easily shorten the length. I also have a double ended leash to use with the two clips of the Freedom Harness, but I don't use it that often.
  • Hands Free Waist Leash - I have two hands free bungee leashes from Ruffwear, a shorter one and a longer one. I love them both!
  • Long lead - I have this nylon one, it's smooth and easy on the hands. But it gets funky and gross when wet.
  • Clicker - I have so many clickers but this is my favorite one. I hook it on a wrist strap so I don't drop it when I'm out walking.
  • Treat Pouch - Somehow I have three treat pouches. This is the one I use most often. It's small but holds a lot, so I can grab treats easily and it doesn't get in the way. A tug on the drawstring keeps the bag closed. To clean it just it turn it inside out to wipe down it.
u/newdoggieyay · 1 pointr/dogs

Can this be any pouch, or are there special types out there?

EDIT: just searched, oh no! Another rabbit hole!

Edit 2: will this one do? It is clip-on/drawstring:

Chuckit! Treat Tote (1 Cup)_LQ

Edit 3: eh, maybe I’ll just get the big one for my phone/keys

Paw Lifestyles - Dog Treat Training Pouch - Easily Carries Pet Toys, Kibble, Treats - Built-in Poop Bag Dispenser - 3 Ways to Wear - Grey

u/softcatsocks · 1 pointr/dogs

Carry a treat bag clipped to the side of your pants similar to this one filled with small bits of yummy treats (broken into the smallest bits you can get away from) , so you can award her immediately when you need to! Timing is important!