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Ckitze USA to Europe Travel Power Plug Adapter
A converter plug designed specifically to convert American adapters with flat pins to fit European outlets with round pinholes.It only converts the adapter and does not convert the voltage on the appliancePremium Quality Black Adapter for use in Continental Europe
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9 Reddit comments about Ckitze USA to Europe Travel Power Plug Adapter:

u/greenseaglitch · 4 pointsr/System76

This isn't surprising.

> System76 products are compatible with world wide power grids. You may need to purchase a plug adapter for your computer.

This is saying that the charging brick is compatible worldwide, so you don't need to buy an expensive charging brick, but you still need to buy a cheap power cable or adapter.

You should be able to buy a cheap cable like this and plug it into the power brick. You should be able to find it at any computer hardware store. Or a simple adapter will do.

u/Cuccacaali · 3 pointsr/helsinki

It depends on where you (i.e. your devices) are coming from. I'll assume USA.

Type F is the most common type of socket you'll find here. It's compatible with type C and E plugs as well.

AC voltage is 230 V at 50 Hz. Almost all portable electronic devices these days are universal (i.e. 100-240 V, 50/60 Hz) but check the label on the power adapter for your device just in case.

SKROSS adapters are the most popular around here and are probably the first ones you would encounter at the airport. They are pricey, versatile and high quality. But any cheap adapter from Amazon will work. Things to consider:

  • Size: The most important factor, since you will be dragging it around the world.
  • Versatility: If you tend to visit multiple countries with different plug types during a single trip, consider an adapter that supports all the types you need. These tend to be bulkier and more expensive so otherwise prefer the simplest, smallest and cheapest ones.
  • Safety/Insulation: If you need to use high-powered, especially heating devices that lack double insulation, consider buying an adapter with ground connectors. It has the third hole for the Type B US plug and has the metal side connectors of the Type F EU plug. This will protect you from electrocution if your device malfunctions.
  • Quality: I've had some cheap adapters that have trouble staying in the wall and keep falling out. Read the reviews and see if there are complaints.

    Something like this should be fine for any device supporting the local voltage (looks small, safe and durable).

    In contrast the cheap-o ones look like this but they are not grounded and often have trouble staying in the wall if you tend to yank the cord of your charger.

    If you REALLY need to convert voltage as well, there are step-down converters on Amazon for like $30-50 but they are heavy and a pain to drag along.
u/drakulaed · 2 pointsr/travel

I would actually recommend you to get a local one at every place you'd go through. For example, the EU uses a two pin plug converter, so just get one for that, and you're covered for both Germany and Austria.

There's no point in investing a lot for a multipurpose plug converter, because it costs way more than buying individual converters.

You can get one for $2 (Amazon) whilst a reputable universal travel adapter would cost at least $14 (Amazon)

So considering you have multiple devices, just get 2 of the $2 adapters, and you'll be fine.

u/blorg · 1 pointr/travel

> Just buy a cheap USB charger for $1 when you land so you have a local plug.

If he has a US charger that will work in Japan and South East Asia. Add a tiny euro converter to it (which you can get locally for like 50c) and it will work in India and Europe as well. It will also work in the UK/Ireland/Malaysia/Singapore, incidentally, you just need to press in the earth pin in the socket to get it in. This is what I travel with mostly, American plugs and that little adapter.

I'm slightly wary of the really cheap Chinese USB chargers, in my experience branded chargers tend to work better and may be less of a safety risk. I usually only use the one really cheap one I have to charge other cheap stuff that only requires a low current.

But for Japan/SE Asia US plugs work the best anyway.

u/ColonelError · 1 pointr/army

> Middle East

It's really going to depend on where and what base. Any place that started American is going to use the same outlets. If it was the Europeans, you'll usually see this. Best bet is to get there and bum/buy some until you can order them. The PX will usually have a bunch of the correct type if they are needed.

u/bobstro · 1 pointr/raspberry_pi

Most modern power adapters can run on 110-240VAC. You may need a plug adapter for the countries you're traveling through, but otherwise, the adapter should work. This Adafruit adapter is a good example. You just need a basic adapter since the adapter itself can handle the power. Avoid the fancy, over-priced "international power adapters" that are usually inadequate power.

u/tso · 1 pointr/gadgets

If the adapter you have is the same as the one you linked to, then no. As it has the wrong shape. The Europlug has tapering sides, not rounded sides like the adapter you linked to.

Here would be a proper adapter: