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ClimbUp 12Climbup System Bug Interceptors (Pack of 12) Passive Traps for Bed Legs, White
Pesticide-Free: Monitor traps live bugs for early detection.Dual-well design: shows you which direction bedbugs are crawling.Helps determine which furniture is still infested after treatment.Versatile design: fits all Furniture with posts/feet 3. 75 in. Diameter or less.Made in the USA: Follow all included directions closely for optimal performance.
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15 Reddit comments about ClimbUp 12Climbup System Bug Interceptors (Pack of 12) Passive Traps for Bed Legs, White:

u/bbslayer · 10 pointsr/HomeImprovement

OK. I think I can help you a bit.

We are pretty convinced that one of my daughters brought bed bugs home from preschool (all childrens' school bags hang on the same adjacent hooks, on top of each other). I was almost literally going insane trying to combat the issue. We caught it early and took steps quickly, and now we are going on 2 months with no bites.

  1. Get the bug interceptors and put them under your bedroom furniture, especially beds and couches. Make sure there is no path between you and the ground that does not require the interceptor to be crossed. Maybe you will catch a bug.

  2. If you can't find any bugs with that method, go and find a Carbon Dioxide supplier in your area. Purchase a few pounds of dry ice (super cold, solid CO2). That evening, fill up an insulated coffee mug with dry ice, put the top on, and set it in the center of a bug interceptor. Bed bugs are attracted to CO2, so the gas CO2 that comes off the dry ice all night will draw out bed bugs. We did this twice, with two mugs each time and were able to catch a couple of nymphs.

  3. If you caught bed bugs (or if you didn't but don't want to take any chances), my #1 tip is this: GO BUY CIMEXA! It is a safe, super fine dust that you VERRRRRY LIGHTLY apply to any non-disturbable surface (baseboards, carpet edges, under couch cushions, on top of your box spring, etc. This stuff freaking WORKS. It is 100% amorphous (NOT crystalline) silica, which is a dessicant, so it has no significant health effects, other than drying out tissue that it comes in direct contact with (what a dessicant is supposed to do). Bed bugs walk across even a miniscule dusting of this stuff, and the dust ionically attaches to their bodies and kills them within 2 days. Go read the study on this stuff. It blows Diatomaceous Earth out of the water, along with most nasty pesticides. Also, it remains effective for 10 years, so it is preventative. Plus DE and pesticides have bad health effects. Do be sure to wear a particulate respirator when you apply it, though, as it will cause minor lung irritation. Cimexa seriously kicked ass and obliterated the problem. PLUS it's inexpensive. That small 4 ounce bottle is enough for a floor of a normal house, if you apply it suuuuper sparingly, as intended. I bought a blow duster applicator, which applied way too much, so I switched to a cosmetic brush and dabbing.

    Good luck. These little bastards mess with your head in a way I had no appreciation for previously. Hang in there, do the traps, do the Cimexa (lightly!!), and then watch them work.

    This is a throwaway, by the way, because we have friends on Reddit and are neat freaks who live in an upper-middle-class suburb. Our friends would be even more shocked than we were that we had an issue with bed bugs, as I always just thought they were a problem if you didn't keep your house clean. Not so. Anyone and everyone who goes to a school/church/office/gathering place is at risk. But this Cimexa is an awesome new development that can really help you feel at ease in your own home again.
u/CNoTe820 · 6 pointsr/explainlikeimfive

The trick is actually to make sure your bed legs are not touching the floor and are instead sitting in the middle of these:

Then you put DE inside the interceptors also as well as circling your bed with it, putting it inside outlet boxes etc. When I gut my house I'm going to line the walls with DE and rat poison all along the perimeter also before we put the drywall up. I honestly don't know why this isn't standard practice.

u/bedbugsugh · 5 pointsr/Bedbugs

Okay, I'm going to try and keep it manageable.

If you live in an apartment, you need to tell the super if only because you risk them going into other places and reinfesting.

There are kits you can buy, though just be sure anything you buy also has a sprayer of some kind if it's mixed

If a kit doesn't have encasements you should order those on amazon.

That said, here are some steps:

Wash and machine dry everything you own, and put them in these or these. Don't be stingy on this, buy 2-3 of them. Make outfits for work and home and organize them bag by bag. Lets call this 25 dollars.

Do this with your linens, pillow cases, and pillows. If your bedsheets are not light colored and plain, then buy some light colored plain ones. White is good, a little off white is best as nymphs can appear white if they haven't eaten, eggs too. Wash your linens every 4 days or so.

Buy mattress encasements for your bed AND your box spring. Measure both to make sure you don't buy one that's too big, the snugger the fit the better. Do not go too cheap on this, look at the reviews. A good one will have not only a zipper but a folding flap to secure it. Lets call this 60 bucks. Once on, never remove the encasement without a PCO telling you to. Do not try to make your own, it never works out well. Important note, do NOT under any circumstance have any kind of bed skirt or blanket that's so large it touches the floor easily. You're going to want to make it so the bugs have to crawl up the legs so they die on the cimexa.

If you do not have an iron/steel bed frame, I recommend getting the cheapest one you can find.

Clean everything off the floor, make sure no furniture is touching any other furniture or the wall. If you can't do that, you need to lose some stuff. Believe me it's worth it.

Vacuum daily if you can, and immediately toss out whatever you vacuum up in whatever trash is outside. Do not keep it inside. I wouldn't recommend vacuuming less than every other day. Vacuum early in the morning if at all possible.

Buy interceptors. These babies are pricey unfortunately. but a 12 pack should be good for a bed and something else. That's about 40. Make sure whatever bed post you have will fit in them, they're not the widest.

Buy two cans of bedlam plus. Spray it along each joint and crevice in all the furniture after you've emptied it out. Do not use over the counter sprays, they're almost always things bed bugs are already resistant to.

Buy two bottles of Cimexa and a bellows. Apply the cimexa on the perimeter of every piece of furniture that is on the floor as well as along the wall of the room. Unscrew every outlet and switch cover and put it there as well. Don't go overboard, less is more. This will be about 40 total for the set. I recommend spraying the legs of your chairs. Make sure to cover your face while you're doing this. Cimexa will kill them if they crawl over it, however if it's clumped up in big piles they'll walk around it because they don't like it.

Do NOT switch where you sleep. They'll follow you and spread to other parts of where you live. You're live bait. It sucks, but having them come to where you're sleeping is the best way to kill them. You want them feeling safe and secure as they walk over the poisons and cimexa you've laid out.

You'll be living out of bags for a long long time, so get used to it. I recommend scheduling something you enjoy every week to keep your sanity and have something to look forward to.

Whatever you do, do NOT buy a bed bug bomb. It will scatter them and make them harder to clear.

Nothing goes on the bed unless it's sterile, and nothing leaves the bed without being washed and dried ASAP.

u/OSUBedbugs · 3 pointsr/whatsthisbug

To echo u/muddaubers comment, I have seen many people with an irrational fear of bed bugs and other parasites. What you need to do is take a rational approach. If you are getting bitten all over, it is indicative of a heavy bed bug infestation. In those types of infestations it does not take too long to find evidence of bed bug activity (trust me I know). It is more likely that you are getting bitten by insects outside of your home, or in general an allergic reaction as suggested by the other redditor. Another suggestion that I have is to utilize passive monitors. If you do have an infestation, monitors such as the ones I linked to below will help confirm that.

u/MattPH1218 · 3 pointsr/IAmA

Amazon link for the Puritans. Lot of good reviews there as well.

u/dmuth · 2 pointsr/Bedbugs

First, the bedbug covers need to stay ON your bed and boxspring, so that any bugs trapped within will be isolated and eventually die from starvation.

Second, do you have bedbug traps on your bed? If not, I can recommend these. They can be used to determine the extent of the infestation, as well as isolate your bed from the bugs.

Hope that works. Let us know if you continue to have problems!

u/Hawkeve · 2 pointsr/whatsthisbug

Yeah, SF is great. I miss it. Good luck with fixing your problem! The dryer is a good method for getting them off cloths, blankets, etc. You can also buy a bedbug cover to reduce their hiding places. Then you can get a trap filled with cornmeal and place that around the base of the bed (assuming it's lifted). As long as you pull your bed from the wall, that should help. The traps will also let you know how many bedbugs there are and you can give the info to an exterminator. Keep in mind that probably no matter what you do you'll eventually have to call a professional.

Bedbug trap:

Bedbug cover:

u/TheBedBugAdviser · 2 pointsr/videos

I do not know about their effectiveness for spiders.

They operate based on a particular coefficient of friction. Bed bugs have hook like feet. So with a sufficiently "slippery" surface bed bugs can't actually grab hold and climb.

I don't know if that translates to spiders.

Either way here's a link to the original climb-up interceptors:

u/Circus_Birth · 2 pointsr/AskNYC

There’s a lot of good advice in here but one thing I don’t see mentioned is this:

bed bug traps

These things aren’t preventative, all they do is indicate if any bugs are trying to climb up your bed frame. You put them under each foot of your bed. The bugs crawl in but aren’t able to crawl out, you can check them for bugs as often as necessary to make you feel comfortable.

I had bugs several years ago and when i moved into my current place i got these so I’d know if any caught a ride with me. To this day i check them about once a month or so and breathe a sigh of relief.

u/3_4shutthedoor · 2 pointsr/Bedbugs

here is a guide that will help tell you where to check for bedbugs

this is what your looking for

you can buy bedbug intercepters to place under your bedframe, if you have bedbugs, they will fall into these and wont be able to get out

u/[deleted] · 2 pointsr/Bedbugs

First of all, do you rent or own the place you are residing at?

If you rent and if you have bedbugs then this responsibility falls on the landlord.

If you own a home then you have to cover the expenses.


What type of evidence did you seek out? Bedbugs usually hand around at your mattress inside of the folds. Other forms of evidence include blood stains on your mattress and brownish stains that are their fecal matter.

If your mattress is off of the floor consider investing into some bedbug traps. The bedbugs will try and feed off of you during the night. The only way they can get to you is by climbing up your bedframe. They will try to climb up the bedframe and fall into these interceptors where they will be unable to climb out. NOTE: make sure that you bed is not touching the walls. The bedbugs will be able to climb their way to your mattress if that's the case. Mattress off the floor and away from the walls.

There are some exterminators who would be happy to come into your home and provide a free inspection. This does depend on where you live and what companies you have to turn to. You have absolutely nothing to lose by talking to them however.

To answer your question, it really does depend. Heat is very effective at killing bedbugs but the process is very difficult to properly setup. You have to basically clear any form of clutter and ensure that there are 0 cold spots in your home whilst the process is running its course. A cold spot is anywhere bedbugs can escape to during the heat treatment process that will avoid them dying due to the heat. Trust me, if theres any spot in your house bedbugs would be able to escape to avoid death by heat, they will take full advantage of it. If it is done be a competent exterminator and the process is done almost perfectly it is regarded as one of the best ways to get rid of bedbugs.

With that being said, this process is very expensive. You are looking at a couple of grand or even more to do this just once, and even then there is no guarantee. Please make sure that you find a company that offers a 90 day guarantee or something similar and get to know that policy incase things do not work out.

Regardless of what you do, I highly recommend the climbup interceptors for a peace of mind. That is assuming your mattress is not on the floor.

u/Langly- · 1 pointr/WTF

Unit has been treated before, and I've been over the place with a fine tooth comb, OCD levels of it. I also react very badly to bites, massive red welts when I do get them. The apartment has been treated before, it's just time to do it again, they wind up dying quickly.

I also have interceptors under all the bed feet and the works, things they can't get up. When one does get in, it gets caught, which is where like once a month 1 or 2 get caught, that's the limit of it. I've caught them out in the main hall a shit ton though, heck for a while I was catching a few a day in the hallway without trying, sometimes making passes with a flash light and catching many more. That was shortly after a few people were evicted.

Last time I got a few bites, I turned my apartment upsidedown until I found the still blood filled fucker and killed it. They leave droppings and signs of activity around. If a bunch get in and lay eggs you have a problem, if a few get in and don't make it to laying eggs you are still in the clear. Their droppings notably stain sheets too.

With a "House" getting one in means you've likely brought something infested in. This is a large downtown apartment building, it's entirely possible for a single bug to crawl in from another unit with no others.

I've had full inspections of the unit done as well, and there is no infestation, but the treatment needs to be redone so any that do get in can not survive. Otherwise they will take hold.

u/mtelesha · 1 pointr/IAmA

Did you do the trays around your bed's legs? I DIY'd my own but here is an example:

u/insertnounhere · 1 pointr/craftit

Yea, it's a mess. My parents spent tens of thousands heat treating their house multiple times. They tore down things like wallpaper and picture frames. There are also things like this that can help the spread of the little buggers. It is possible to get target treatments and figure out the worst infested areas through the use of a bedbug-sniffing dog. Other important things to remember are keep laundry off the floor (line hampers with black plastic trash bags) and that the dryer is successful at killing all stages of the bedbug life cycle, so wash stuffed animals and pillows and things. I hope that the "starving them" solution works, it might not be a bad idea to supplement this with a "killing them" solution.

The process is so expensive and time consuming, good luck.

u/lafingman0 · 1 pointr/AskReddit

Looks too big to be a bedbug... but it's hard to judge scale in that pic. Best bet (cheapest thing to do) would be to tear the bedframe apart yourself or just check in the screw holes that hold it together and around the mattress and box-spring trim as they like to huddle together in tight places and don't usually travel far for a feed.

edit: checked out your other pics on imgur, it kind of looks about the right size/shape for a bedbug. Sometimes you just find one and its a freak thing, but you may still want to check in the cracks of the bed - extermination is not usually cheap either but is easier/faster taken care of when you call early on.

Company I worked for used Bedlam along with a few other things to get rid of bedbugs Tempo 1% dust,Bifenthrin (I think) - they also sold Climb up interceptors to check for possible activity. If the search shows nothing, getting some of these may be an option if your paranoid. Bed Bug covers couldn't hurt either. Make sure to get them for both your box spring and mattress if you do.