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Coavas Window Film Non Adhesive Frosted Home Office Film Privacy Window Sticker Self Static Cling Vinly Glass Film for Bathroom Office Meeting Room Living Room (Matte White 17.7by78.7 Inch)
Home Office Window Privacy Film -- PRIVACY PROTECTION-- At a distance of one meter foil glass, privacy ≥95%. Providing privacy design to let you enjoy your life easily and safely. Tips from Smart Customers: Use a Hair Dryer to Soften the Film Or Soak the Film in Warm Water Under Cold Weather.Scrape a few more times with a hard card to ensure the bubbles are COMPLETELY REMOVED.Home Office Window Privacy Film -- GLARE CONTROL & UV REJECTION-- Heat insulation in the summer and heat preservation in the winter. Blocks moderate glares and 96% harmful UV rays, prevent fading furniture and allow soft light for you room.Home Office Window Privacy Film --- REUSABLE & RECYCLED-- No adhesive, removable without any residue, super static cling, easy to apply and can be applied several times. Water is the only tool you will use, more water is better. Size: 45*200 cm ( 17.7*78.7 inch)Home Office Window Privacy Film -- ECONOMICAL & WIDE APPLICATION-- No more heavy & troublesome curtains or blinds, simple decorations make the life easier and better. smooth and clean Glass Surfaces in the Bathroom, Balcony, Living Room, Bedroom, Bathroom, Office, hotel, etc. Frosted glass, cut glass and all of processed glass is not workable.Home Office Window Privacy Film -- INSTALLATION TIPS-- Clean windows or glass; Measure, mark and cut the film; Wet the window, more water more better; Peel off the backing film; Squeeze out excess water and bubbles with scraper or hard card; Dry off your window with the rag. (Make sure the edge of the protective film and the glass surface have a 1cm gap. )if it is difficult to tear off the protective film, you can try to tape the two sides with duct tape and then peel off.
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17 Reddit comments about Coavas Window Film Non Adhesive Frosted Home Office Film Privacy Window Sticker Self Static Cling Vinly Glass Film for Bathroom Office Meeting Room Living Room (Matte White 17.7by78.7 Inch):

u/Ron_Fuckin_Swanson · 255 pointsr/DesignMyRoom
  1. Declutter

  2. Get some frosted window film and apply it to the glass doors in your desk cabinets. That way you can hide away your clutter without anyone seeing it.

  3. Whatever the ribbons and stuff on the wall are, they need to be moved. You might consider putting a big slab of cork board where they are hanging give you a spot to attach important papers, reminders, photos etc etc

  4. Your bookshelf is overloaded at the top, and virtually empty at the bottom. Evenly distribute the weight so that the boards don't sag. Fill in any extra space on the shelfs with the knick knacks that are currently cluttering your desk.

  5. mount a hook somewhere to hang your earphones

  6. Consider getting a monitor mounting arm for your PC monitor. The Amazon Basics Single Arm monitor mount is 100 bucks, but its built like a tank. Being able to move the monitor and have it floating gives you more usable desk space and it would allow you to move your monitor directly in front of your webcam in case you needed to show someone something on the monitor during a video chat.

  7. I would consider replacing the desk lamp with something that puts all the light directly on the desk. You have a floor uplight in the background giving you plenty of indirect light. You don't need to stare at a lit up globe all day on your desk too
u/IllTakeOutTheTrash · 101 pointsr/TikTokCringe

To anyone that has an unfrosted window in their shower, you can buy window frost film. Been there, done that.

u/manatee1010 · 65 pointsr/MasterReturns

No kidding. I'd hate to live next door to these two.

OP, you seem to think the barking is cute for reasons that aren't clear to me. If you change your mind, this stuff can be hugely helpful for managing dogs barking at stuff outside.

u/SanityIsOptional · 19 pointsr/AmItheAsshole

Put up a translucent piece of plastic/film, so people can't see thru the windows but light still gets in?

Something like this:

u/Gun5linger67 · 6 pointsr/IndoorGarden

Put some Window Film like this on your windows. I live in the high desert and i did this to our windows and the plants are absolutely thriving. You can get really cool styles of film or get creative and create designs that are both useful and decorative. On one of my windows I cut the film to look like mountains that reach 3/4 of the way up the window. Then I hung some Full Sun plants to block out excess sunlight and now I have a curtain of green. I hope this helps and Good Luck!

u/dramallamacorn · 3 pointsr/HomeImprovement

I’ve got this on my kitchen sliding doors. It lets a good amount of light in. window blocker thingy they go on really well if you put them on with glass cleaner on the window.

u/Awanderer1991 · 3 pointsr/AmItheAsshole

NTA I hate unannounced visitors too and usually don't answer the door. Your MIL is not respecting your boundaries and you have the right to refuse to be walked all over. I got this film to put on my front windows so no one can peek in. It sticks to the window by static electricity so you can take it down whenever you want without harming the window. It lets natural light in, but you can't see through it.

u/voice_in_the_woods · 3 pointsr/CatAdvice

I would assume there might be feral cats outside that they can smell and that might be winding them up. Talk to the vet about this as a possibility if you think it might be true. If it's a sight-related thing, i.e. they can see cats outside that are putting them on edge, you could cover the bottom of your windows with frosted film. If it's because ferals are spraying, you may need to look into ways to dissuade the ferals or get them moved.

If your vet deems it necessary, you may be able to get your cats on anti-anxiety meds, basically Prozac for cats.

u/SigmaLance · 2 pointsr/Aquariums

I found it on Amazon. They do carry it in most home improvement stores, but I wanted the kind that was removable just in case I decide to go back to a black background.

u/MapleLeafMack · 2 pointsr/HomeImprovement

Coavas Window Film Non Adhesive Frosted Privacy Window Film Self Static Cling Vinly Window Film Both Suitable for Home and Office (White 17.7by78.7 Inch)

u/orange-blossom · 2 pointsr/DesignMyRoom

Ditch that dark corner shelf and get some nice over-toilet storage (one | two) that you can organize with baskets, bins, folded towels, etc. Weed out any bath products you're not using.

Replace the curtains with something more modern and light (one | two)! You could even just put some privacy film over the window so you don't lose any light. Add a hanging plant or lantern (to warm up the lighting) to the corner above the toilet, and a tall laundry basket or wastebasket next to the sink.

As others have mentioned, a rug is a great idea - they also make ones that fit around toilets (one | two).

u/poppin_pomegranate · 2 pointsr/hognosesnakes

To add to this, I would recommend non-adhesive frosted window film to cover instead of tape. I used this on my fish aquariums in the past, so it should work for your enclosure though I can't say from experience if it does (currently living vicariously through all of you since the fiance is iffy about reptiles). No harm in trying!

u/Ika_bunny · 2 pointsr/etiquette

Something like this film also stop looking at your neighbor

u/ABoyOnFire · 1 pointr/ValveIndex

If it turns into a problem, I used these ( as I did not care about the mirror really. In the end I removed them and built my PC into the closet

u/KestrelLowing · 1 pointr/dogs

Yup! My older dog used to bark at quite a bit when we lived in an apartment, but we managed to get her to mostly stop (granted, she's not a hugely barky dog - she's more of the talkative type)

The first think you'll need to do is management when you're not directly training. This means covering up windows (something like this might be a good option) so your dog can't see what's going on outside, and a white noise machine or something (my best has been those super crappy box fans they sell during college student move in - the cheaper the better because you want loud!) to block sounds.

Now that you've got that done, then you start counter conditioning the behavior. A great method to use is outlined here. If your dog is barking at things that are sporadic and can't be replicated by you, it is more difficult, but be on the lookout to see if you can manage to train with those distractions. But you may have to enlist friends to help you out with people walking by!

As for when it happens, I tend to then use negative punishment. If my dog barks inappropriately, they get a time out. I usually put them in the bathroom for about 10-20 seconds. More if they get super worked up and need to calm down. If once I let them out they bark again, they go back into the bathroom for another 10-20 seconds. Repeat ad-nauseum until they don't bark at the stimulus, and then reward heavily!

u/The_LonelyTraveler · 1 pointr/cosplayprops

Perfect, thanks for your advice! I think what I'll try is get some cheap curved lenses from something like eye protection glasses. Take one way film and put over them. Then cut to size. I found what I think will work well on amazon, link below. Let me know what you think!

Coavas Window Film Non Adhesive Frosted Home Office Film Privacy Window Sticker Self Static Cling Vinly Glass Film for Bathroom Office Meeting Room Living Room (Matte White 17.7by78.7 Inch)

u/silverecco · 1 pointr/flashlight

SC5w is an excellent choice. It doesn't get much better for a single AA, but it might not be much floodier than the LD20. A 10° hotspot is fairly tight, it's probably because of the smaller XPL2 emitter. They do have an SC5 with a frosted lens, although the LED is markedly inferior to the new version. Shoot who knows, maybe you can use some frosted window cling or something on the lens if it turns out to be too focused.

The Olight S1 Mini Baton and S1 Baton can run on both RCR123s or primaries. CW only unless you want to dish out extra for the titanium ones (S Mini [Similar to, but different than the S1 Mini])(S1 Baton) to get NW.

My recommendations are all single-cell compact lights, but if you're used to carrying a 2xAA light and have a budget of $100, there are tons of options, especially with 18650 lights that can use 123s as backup. 18650s and a charger will set you back ~$30-40, but $60 leaves MANY possibilities. Parametrek will probably roll up any second and plug the Wowtac A1S because it comes as a complete kit for $30, but it doesn't say it supports 2xCR123. It might, but it doesn't say officially. Might be too throwy.

Thrunite Neutron 2C is a total kit, but might also be too throwy.

Depending on whether it can accept the 6.0V from 2xCR123, a triple configuration in a Convoy S2+ would be super bright, total flood light.

EDIT: Was wrong about the emitter in the frosted Zebra