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Coaxial A/B Switch (1)
Coaxial A/B Switch
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7 Reddit comments about Coaxial A/B Switch (1):

u/MeowMixSong · 7 pointsr/cordcutters

With a 300 ohm to 75 ohm balun, and an A/B switch. Set the Atari to output on channel 3, and add it to your TV channel lineup. Run the atari into one side of the A/B switch, and your antenna into the other side of the switch. When you want to play your console, switch to channel 3, switch to the input that has the atari attached, and turn on your game system.

Yes, you actually can use a 40 year old console with modern TVs if you so wish.

u/winsplit · 2 pointsr/techsupport

That coaxial splitter is not what you want. That will split a single signal into two. It has one input and two outputs.

What you need is a coaxial switch -

u/foolfools · 1 pointr/24hoursupport

Is that different than this?

Or the switch in the OP?

Actually my problem is a little more: I want to record OTA programs on my stand alone DVR while watching cable or OTA, or record a cable program while watching OTA, without connecting and disconnecting cables.

Is that too much to ask?

u/apcolleen · 1 pointr/jacksonville

i use a cheap RCA flat one. I can see the TV towers near tinseltown from my window so I face the front of it north to get ION and QUBO ( i delete the other ch 21x channels). I actually have two antennas that run to an A/B switch I got online so if one becomes hard to get i can try movng the other one which is rabbit ears. I have tape marking the position of the flat antenna in case it gets yanked down... again.. by the dogs.

Ive used antenna tv since before the digital switch and I have to move my antenna a few times a year no matter if i have it on a nail in the wall or sitting on a shelf with the stand. I just wait til i am utterly irritated by it or have a very very very patient day. I miss my old tv that had a signal meter on it, it really helped get the 21s.

Use to help you better orient yours and mouse over the different channel colors RED/YELLOW/GREEN to see the line of sight for those. I can't get 20 here by Sandalwood.

u/morto00x · 1 pointr/AskElectronics

What's wrong with something like this? Or this if you want something more professional.