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Coleman Camping Cot with Side Table | Pack Away Folding Cot with Table and Cup Holder
SIDE TABLE: Removable design with cup holderROOMY DESIGN: Fits campers up to 6 ft. 6 in.; 80 x 32 in. for extra sleeping roomDIMENSIONS: 80 x 44 x 17 in.BUILT TO LAST: Strong steel frame supports up to 300 lb.CARRY BAG: Included for easy storage1-YEAR LIMITED WARRANTYAdjustable camping cot offers an ideal place for sitting, reclining, and sleeping
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8 Reddit comments about Coleman Camping Cot with Side Table | Pack Away Folding Cot with Table and Cup Holder:

u/Tomcat87 · 12 pointsr/bonnaroo

The three best additions we've made so far are:

  • An artificial grass rug - it's nice to be able to hang out at camp barefoot without feeling gross from spilled beer and damp ground.

  • Upgrading our chairs to these colemans - I feel like the traditional folding kind get uncomfortable after about 10 mins of sitting and there's never a good place to put your plate or drink down.

  • Lastly we've gone from sleeping on mats, to sleeping on air mattresses, to finally discovering how much more comfortable cots are. - You stay cooler longer and you get so much more storage below the cot.

    Other things that we've bought/built in the past with varying degrees of success that you might be interested in; a shower that runs off of a car battery, LED lighting for the canopy that run off car battery setup, portable AC unit running of a generator (expensive but holy shit it works really well in a tent), the "park over" flagpole stand to ID camp from a distance, any tent with vertical walls, jobsite radio with spare batteries for jams, any 5-day cooler for keeping ice all the way through the weekend. I'm sure there's others I'm forgetting. Every year people bring new and inventive stuff to try and make the experience more comfortable. Sometimes they're a total bust (those tent shower things), other times you can't imagine doing it again without them (the cots).
u/Priv8snoball · 3 pointsr/bonnaroo

My girlfriend and I each used one of these last year and they were great. It's obviously not the perfect cot but you should be exhausted when you need it and it's good enough for that.

u/rotakoan · 2 pointsr/minimalism

I'm happy to help! I use it's very highly rated and rightfully so for that price. Feels firm but not so firm as to hurt my back. Been sleeping on it for over a year soon and I feel great. I like the side table, it's useful for placing my tablet. Amazon has a great return policy in case it doesn't work out.

u/hi_123 · 2 pointsr/bonnaroo

Someone mentioned a coleman cot being the best sleep he's had at roo.

I found this one on Amazon and will likely get it:

u/JustynCarter · 1 pointr/bonnaroo

Order these instead, slightly cheaper and a few more inches square space wise. Comes with a table too!

u/Torley_ · 1 pointr/BuyItForLife is a good model.

More comfy than sleeping on the floor — I've found it surprisingly resilient. As long as you don't have chronic back issues or something, I suppose... I am a monk, gather that into consideration.

Amazon has excellent return policy, so if you're feeling especially frugal, give it a go!

u/sasunnach · 1 pointr/CampingGear

We used to use these cots when car camping but now we use a trailer in the colder months and backcountry in the warmer months. My husband is 6'3" 225lbs. My brother in law is 6'5" 275lbs. Neither of them have had issues using these cots. We use them at home now for unexpected guests who need to crash and if the guest room is already in use. They worked great when we car camped using a big tent.

Coleman 2000020273 80 x 32-Inches Pack-Away Cot

u/Sneezer · 1 pointr/camping

I have two of these cots that my family uses. Paired with a thermarest or similar pad they are surprisingly comfortable. The removable nightstand is a bonus as well. I weigh about 245 and have no problems. My son loves it and insists on bringing it to every campout (he is 10). When all 3 of us go I bring my Ultralite cot (which he usually claims too).

Coleman Pack-Away Cot