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Coleman Dome Tent for Camping | Sundome Tent with Easy Setup for Outdoors
WeatherTec System patented welded floors and inverted seams keep water out, Spacious interior, room to stand and moveDome design makes setup quick and easy, 10 minutes , Snag-free, continuous pole sleeves for easy setup, Rainfly awning for shade and rain protectionFloor vent for maximum ventilation, Large windows help cool the tent, Storage pockets keep gear organizedInsta-Clip pole attachments stand up to winds, 10 ft. x 10 ft. (3 m x 3 m), fits six people or two queen airbeds6 ft.(1.88 m) height, room to stand and move, 1-year limited warranty
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9 Reddit comments about Coleman Dome Tent for Camping | Sundome Tent with Easy Setup for Outdoors:

u/psychophil · 5 pointsr/camping

Coleman Sundome 6 person tent:

Should give you plenty of room. We user the 4 person version in our Scout Troop (2 Scouts per tent) and they hold up remarkably well.

u/RoboNinjaPirate · 5 pointsr/camping

For 2 adults and a kid car camping, I'd look for just about any 6 person tent from a major retailer. Coleman is probably a good starting point - I'd shy away from Ozark Trails, or other "store brand" types.

Here's one for about $100, just the first one I saw on Amazon. (It looks like if you buy any amazon gear for $100 or more, you get 20 back, didn't know that was going on...)

You can spend a lot more than that if you want, but you don't need to.

u/KindGrammy · 4 pointsr/daddit

The tent in this picture appears to be the kind that just has 3 flexible poles. This is an example. Really easy to set up. Camp in a campground. State parks are usually pretty nice. Your car will be right there. They often have pay phones and camp hosts if you run into problems. They usually sell firewood too. Make yourself some Fire Starters, this can be a fun activity by itself. Or buy some. Pack a cooler, something to cook on and something to cook in. Here is a good link to camping food. Check out this kid camping guide and maybe go over to r/camping. Have so much fun! Camping is amazing. I have been doing it my entire life, all of my kids and their spouses camp, so far my grandkids love it too. So many amazing memories to be had.

u/CupcakesAtWork · 3 pointsr/Seattle

It may not be what you're looking for, but I have an 8-10 person dome-top tent with a tarp-bottom in good shape. It's very much a summer-tent (great when it's hot, but zero warmth provided), but it's about 6'1" tall in the middle so most people can stand up, and is about 10' x 10' square. That said, as you're offering $50 to rent it, and I think I got it for $80 (was on clearance) at Big 5 a few years ago, I imagine you're looking for something nicer / warmer / bigger.

If you're really just needing a simple camping tent though, let me know. I would have to make sure it has all the pieces, but I would be happy to help you out if that works for your needs. Again, it does not provide any warmth, but it's waterproof and can be set up incredibly easy (can be assembled by 1 person, but only if absolutely necessary. 2 people suggested).

Found a reasonably similar product on Amazon for reference, although given the price, I would suggest that if one of you has the room to store it in the off-season, it might be better just to buy one new. That's assuming you have Amazon Prime though, and can get it in time. Otherwise check Target, they may have them on clearance for end of the season.

EDIT: Just realized you're looking for mid-september, not this weekend. If the above fits your needs, I would suggest getting an inexpensive one brand-new, as it'll give you the piece of mind to not worry about it missing pieces or leaking. Plus having one already will potentially inspire you and your friends to go camp more often next summer.

u/futMAMEdePSD_isti · 2 pointsr/Romania

Omu a intrebat despre experiente cu agentii de turism. Dar cum romanul se pricepe la orice, incepand cu politica, fotbal...

Pe viitor daca vei deveni 0,5% mai flexibil, iti recomand asta

u/The_Great_Fapsbie · 1 pointr/camping

I don't have the exact tent as the one you have listed under edit 2. But I have one very similar

Coleman WeatherMaster 10-Person Tent

It's a nice tent, roomy, I can fit 2 queen size beds easily and have plenty of room in the middle. I love the door, makes it easy with kids around to keep the bugs out. However the tent is a pain to put up, you really need 2 people to do it.

I just picked up this 6 person tent. I shied away from the instant tents, I saw a number of bad reviews on these things saying they collapsed in high winds. Figured a normal pole tent wouldnt have that problem and all the reviews were pretty good on this one. I'm 6'2" and I can stand up straight in the center and walk with a slight hunch all around the perimeter.

Coleman Sundome 6-Person Tent

Edit: Just wanted to add the 6 person tent went up pretty easily 2 poles and a rain fly with a smaller pole and your done. Got it up in less than 10 minutes on my first try with a little help from my small kids. Probably would have had it up quicker without their "help"...

u/gooberlx · 1 pointr/CampingGear

$149 Kelty 6 person @ REI: 5'11" peak height.

No experience with it, and I wonder how wind worthy it is. The great REI return policy allows for some peace of mind though.

The Juniper lake you linked is only 4'2" at peak, and the 4 person Instant Cabin is only 4'10", too low for comfort imo. I think you're pretty much looking at 6+ person tents if you want to be able to stand. Maybe just a Sundome 6 would do, or Evanston 8. Both have 6' peak height.