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Condor Compact Assault Pack (Black, 1362-Cubic Inch)
Four individual compartmentsPadded shoulder straps for long time carry comfortSternum and waist straps for stabilityDesigned for easy access and organizationExternal side compression straps to lock down your gear and keep it settled in placeHydration bladder compatibleHydration bladder compatibleTotal dimensions: 18" x 10" x 10" 1362 cubic inches; 22 Liters
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10 Reddit comments about Condor Compact Assault Pack (Black, 1362-Cubic Inch):

u/FastAktionJakson · 3 pointsr/Bushcraft

Maxpedition is a great brand. I was in the same boat as you and saved up for a falcon ii and it was well worth it. There gear is top notch. That being said If you're looking for a good molle pack milsurp may be the way to go. A bush brother of mine has this from condor and he loves it. I believe it's similar in size to the condor ii from maxpedition and all you're really sacrificing is some quality in the craftsmanship. Plus with the extra money you save you could spend it on some molle compatible pouches and tac ties for add ons.

u/undress15 · 1 pointr/EDC

This Condor or another of Condor's offerings should be decent enough. It's smaller but better for edc IMO.

u/AverageToaster · 1 pointr/PAX

I picked up a similar bag to this at a military surplus store years ago and have used it every year at pax with great success.

u/mechitgood · 1 pointr/BabyBumps

I would def go for the cheaper one. I know so many people, myself included who spent a ton of money on a diaper bag which are the same exact thing as getting a regular bag or backpack. I think my original one was $75 from babies r us and I like the $15 regular backpack we use now much better.

That being said if you choose a cheaper option I would def look into reviews. Don't do what I did and go with a Walmart brand diaper bag after giving away my expensive one. It was under $20 but the quality was terrible. We currently use a canvas Levi's bag we found on clearance for $15 and have been for the past couple of years. It's a regular backpack with a laptop slot built in. Other than that we've never had to buy an organizer or anything else. I put diapers and wipes in the laptop part. In the regular area I have an extra outfit, some small toys, and whatever else I need for when we go out. It also has a smaller pocket which I put diaper cream, Tylenol, etc.

this is a similar one I've had my eye on for a while now but it has 5 stars and almost 900 reviews. Maybe you can surprise your husband for Valentine's Day with it.

u/Rykno · 0 pointsr/pics

It's a Condor Compact Assault Pack, pretty sweet pack for how inexpensive it is. --