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u/MonsieurJongleur ยท 1 pointr/AskWomenOver30

He is only very minorly hearing impaired, but it's likely to get worse, as his mother is almost completely deaf. For him, the main drawback is that he has to listen to music loudly. He works by himself (driving) so he can do that all day, every day. Thank god, because it's too loud for me.

As for how he conducts life as a person with intellectual interests:

  • All of his friendships are conducted via email. I am not joking. We've been together 5 years, and he's gone out for coffee with friends exactly three times. With acquaintances/coworkers he partly lipreads, partly just reads the situation well to decide what's appropriate. He does not, as you seem to, crave human interaction, so he doesn't feel like he's missing out on some greater connection if he just makes the appropriate polite noises and moves on.

  • He has what might be termed 'intellectual pen pals'. This is how our relationship started. He writes to his friends about what he is reading, and they (we) discuss it. Text is an amazing medium for this because you can fully expand your arguments and you never get sidetracked or interrupted. I actually miss that since we took our relationship IRL. Conversations lack rigour! lol He also writes to authors whose books he enjoys. He just had a good conversation last week with Anthony Kronman. I think he's angling for an early review copy of his next book ;)

  • He devotes himself to a few, close relationships. By a few, I mean three, not including me. He tolerates my desire to go out and interact with people but rarely participates. His three people are spread across the country, so a strong text-based relationship is a strength, not a weakness.

    I asked him what advice he would offer you and he suggested that you were most likely fishing in the wrong pond-- that the concentration of people you'd enjoy spending time with is likely to be particularly low on Tinder (he's never used online dating, though, so don't take that as gospel)

    Instead, he thought you should simply "do his thing" and "follow the Tao" -- meaning, seek to fulfill yourself intellectually, live your best life, and if a relationship happens, it happens. When I pointed out that "doing your thing" consisted of reading a book at home, alone, he said that at the very least you could probably find a philosophy club at a university or take Adult Ed classes at the local college.

    We both agree that if human interaction is important to you, then you'd be better off concentrating on going where people with active "lives of the mind" gather, rather than pursuing a relationship per se. When I lived in rural Canada, that place was the internet-- there was nothing for me, locally. In fact, before meeting my husband, I simply assumed that intellectual pursuits were simply going to have to be a personal quirk or hobby; I had no expectation of ever finding a dateable person who also wanted to read deeply and discuss things and push out the edges of his understanding. So I quite empathize with where you're coming from, and I hope something in here helps.