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COSTWAY Scarecrow Motion Activated Animal Repellent
High quality and brand new Protect your property in a human wayProtects gardens, landscaped areas and yards from deer, rabbits, birds and other animal intrudersHooks up in minutes with a standard garden hoseEmploy the high technology motion-activated Detects and sprays both day and night up to 32 feet awaySpray water when detect animal, safe and effective Solar energy battery included, save money and safeTime function ,10mins/20mins/30mins for you choose Full 120 degree sensor movement detection Simple to operate
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9 Reddit comments about COSTWAY Scarecrow Motion Activated Animal Repellent:

u/SirEDCaLot · 36 pointsr/changemyview

My 2c on this-

A simple way to 'test' this is to replace 'cat' with 'dog'. IE, your neighbor has a DOG that comes in your yard, poops on your lawn, digs holes, and falls asleep on your furniture triggering your allergies. Would that be considered acceptable? I doubt it.

Also, while it may be 'outside', the difference between the cat and random animals is the neighbor has control over the cat, IE they can simply keep the cat inside (which is better for both the cat and the environment, as the cat is exposed to fewer dangers and the cat won't be hunting local birds and critters).

So speaking legally (for the USA at least), you could probably take legal action to get them to contain their cat, and/or you can do whatever you want to the cat on your property (including trap it and make them pick it up at the local animal control). I am glad you are not going to harm the cat- kitty doesn't understand property lines.
Point is though, the neighbor doesn't know that. So if the neighbor says 'oh it's 'outside' it's no big deal and you have no control', simply point out that you are allowed to trap and/or poison any animal that wanders onto your land because 'it's outside and it's no big deal, people poison rodents all the time and if a cat eats the rodent bait that's not your problem'. This might be more of an escalation than you want, but the option is there, and perhaps it would make the neighbor realize that kitty is actually in danger outside.

However to start, I suggest get something like this. And keep some Super Soakers in and around your house. The idea is so the cat learns 'come on Westerberg's property = get soaked'. That way kitty will quickly learn that your property is no longer a fun place to hang out. Water is not harmful to the cat, but it is highly unpleasant.

I've heard that certain scents, such as mint or citrus, can also help repel cats. A bit of essential oil sprinkled around might be the way to go.

u/chasonreddit · 7 pointsr/SmartThings

Not exactly what you are looking for, but they sell stand alone systems for exactly this. (Well not exactly they are made for geese) Upside is they are instantaneous, you can focus the motion detection, and you water your yard at the same time.

u/youarecaught · 7 pointsr/jacksonville

Even if there is an ordinance it will be near impossible to enforce. Install a motion activated sprinkler and appropriate signage to deter dog walkers and strays alike.

u/otp1144 · 4 pointsr/Aquariums
u/SierraBravo22 · 3 pointsr/JUSTNOMIL

Scarecrow Motion Activated Animal Repellent Ortho

u/mathlizard · 2 pointsr/bird - motion detector with a sprinkler.
amazon link

u/squeakhaven · 1 pointr/Homebrewing

Get a scarecrow sprinkler! Startles the crap out of deer and does a really good job of keeping them out. Fences only do so much good because deer have a ridiculously good vertical leap

u/amus · 1 pointr/bayarea

Rig up a remote sprinkler to movement outside?

Here, they sell them: