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Crock-Pot 16-Ounce Little Dipper, Chrome
16-ounce capacity is perfect for sauces, dips, and fondueJust plug in to get foods warmed up; does not include a dialStainless steel finish with black accents and glass lidHand-wash with mild soap and waterRecipes included
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9 Reddit comments about Crock-Pot 16-Ounce Little Dipper, Chrome:

u/Tri0ptimum · 5 pointsr/abv

Use a crock pot with a keep warm setting. Goodwill and habitat for humanity have smaller ones for $5-10 all the time :). Little dipper is a crock pot that is about the size of a mason jar and works well (it only has on/off, no heat settings), they are about $10 new. I wouldn't bother smoking it, it's kinda awful. Eat it raw if you want. Here are some links I saved about how to make cannacaps and QWISO dabs (doesn't require slow cooker :P):

u/itscherried · 3 pointsr/electronic_cigarette

Trying to hide is a pain but they do make "mini crock pots".

This was the first example I googled but I think they even come smaller.

Edit: I was thinking of a different one. I'm pretty sure that 16oz is as small as you can get.

u/meh_mediocre · 3 pointsr/guns
  • Technically bought last week, but grips and my holster came in for my 22/45.

  • One of those Radian Raptor LT ambi charging handles for my basic AR. That about completes my list of desired upgrades for it, so I think it'll be where I want it.

  • One of those Sig Whiskey3 3-9x40mm scopes from their clearance sale. For the cost, it seems like it's a great buy. Don't have anything to put it on yet, but I'm sure I'll find something.

  • The Little Dipper, which I am way too excited to make something in this weekend.
u/[deleted] · 2 pointsr/trees

I have made it in tiny crock pots before. I just leave it in for maybe 4-5 hours. Never have to worry about burning the butter/oil, but it gets a good bit of extraction. Very little smell if you keep the lid on. I made brownies with about 1/3 cup of special oil this way, a single brownie was worth a [10] every time.

Said Tiny Crock Pot:

u/meandmycrohnies · 2 pointsr/FloridaTrees

You don't need to get a big crock pot or magical butter machine. I bought this Lil Dipper Crock Pot on Amazon for about $17 last year. Not sure if it will go back down on Amazon, maybe you can find it locally.

My go to recipe is about 20g of AVB and about a 1 1/2 cups of coconut oil. I have added lecithin in the past and I think it does make for smoother products. The Lil Dipper is perfect because it keeps the temp between 150 - 170 degrees. It's also discreet and you can use it for actual dips at a party. I usually make the cannaoil outside and the smell is pretty self contained, meaning if you get within 10 - 15 feet it smells like a combo of coconut and weed but otherwise the wind takes it, haha. If you do it indoors it will smell, but not the overwhelming scent that you'd imagine.

I give it a stir every 30 - 45 minutes and let it cook about 5 hours (last time I did it for about 8 hours and it was nuttier and darker than I expected, not burnt though). Unplug it and add as much water as you can without it tipping over, stir it some more. After 30 minutes of letting it cool down, pour it into a glass container (if it's too much to pour or you're not confident, ladle out the liquid) and through a cheesecloth lined strainer. Stick it in the fridge for about 30 minutes and then remove the disk. The water at the bottom should be brown and have residue and your disk should be a brownish green. If you want to filter it for impurities again you can heat up the oil again, add water and chill it. In my experience it doesn't need the second bath, but if you want to be OCD about it, do it.

In my experience, it takes a little more than a teaspoon of the cannaoil to get me nice and high. I followed this exact recipe substituting the vegetable oil for cannaoil and one muffin was a great dosage. You couldn't taste the weed in it, just a slight coconut aftertaste. I got a ton of compliments on it too.

I also mix the cannaoil with dark chocolate because it really masks the flavor well.

u/South_in_AZ · 1 pointr/BDSMcommunity

You can try smaller crockpots that are easier to hide than full size ones.

Also, the soy wax (sometimes called massage candles) that I have used melts at a VERY low temp.

u/WChevett · 1 pointr/EatCheapAndHealthy

I have 2 thermos brand thermos's, and 2 mini crock pots. Here are links

So I will just start up a soup or whatever at like 10pm, comes out perfect by 6 or 7. Just throw it in a thermos, grab some bread or crackers or whatever and its perfect in there until about 2pm.

u/Affirmcation · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Toaster oven: I always suggest Cuisinart. They make a good small kitchen appliance. Reliable, and while more expensive than others, it's worth it.

Microwave: You may never have time to cook an actual meal.

Cooking utensils: Calphalon Nylon. Good value.

Crockpot: Showing up on a lot of suggestions. A mini will serve you well unless you're feeding large quantities of people.

Dish rack, a sturdy (large) trash can, laundry bags and smart storage, and kitchen shears.

u/pedgaro · 1 pointr/wicked_edge

There was talk a few years ago about people using these Crock-Pot Little Dippers to warm towels.