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Crock-Pot 3-Quart Round Manual Slow Cooker, Stainless Steel and Black - SCR300-SS
3 quart capacityHIGH/LOW cook settingsDishwasher safe stoneware and glass lidPolished silver, stainless steel exterior with black accents and plastic handlesRemovable round stoneware; Cord length 24 Inches
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28 Reddit comments about Crock-Pot 3-Quart Round Manual Slow Cooker, Stainless Steel and Black - SCR300-SS:

u/simpl3n4me · 26 pointsr/Cooking

Slow cooking is your friend. You can get one for $20 and because you have a kitchen it should be okay for residential policies. Throw in inexpensive meat and simple flavorings to get amazing results.
For example:

  1. Pulled chicken or pork with BBQ sauce
  2. Steak with tomato soup and worcester (sic) sauce
  3. Chicken, beans, tex-mex canned corn, salsa
  4. Stew
u/KevZero · 8 pointsr/budgetfood

Bah, assuming the older one passes visual inspection, I'm willing to bet it's of higher quality than the $20 off-the-shelf one. Sure there are some great new ones with extra features and such, but the bottom-of-the-line one is, in my estimate, going to be more shoddily built. Probably break within 6 months of the warranty expriring.


Otoh, the pic makes it look a bit small. When you do crock, you want big. I'd offer $5 for it, or ... -- quickly checks amazon -- get something like this.

u/AngusVanhookHinson · 5 pointsr/slowcooking

Everyone seems to be asking all the wrong questions, and no one is giving you an answer.

For my wife and I, [this] ( makes enough soup for two servings (American, so consider large-ish servings), with one more serving for lunch the next day. We commonly use it for beans, small stews, and soups. It has about the same footprint as a toaster.

It's also great for making chicken or pork stock that we add to our dogs food.

Scaling up, [this] ( is twice the size of the example above, and it's our workhorse. Everything from chicken tikka masala to soups to large amounts of stock. It works especially great if you prepare two weeks of meals ahead of time.

Finally, [this beast] ( is for huge family meals , and Chili cookouts.

There really is a slow cooker for every need, and they're not very expensive, incredibly energy efficient, and they make wonderful food

u/WordSalad11 · 3 pointsr/AdviceAnimals

It's electric, no oven required.

It basically cooks food for a long time at a low temperature. Great for stews and soups, also rice pudding is pretty great. It required a lot of moisture, so you're limited to a certain type of dish, but it's awesome in that you dump in ingredients in the morning, and by the evening you have dinner. Also, they're cheap.



u/[deleted] · 3 pointsr/whole30

My roommate and I are starting the Whole30 when we move in next Monday, and we're going to be relying pretty heavily on my slow cooker. We both have dining plans, but we're expecting to use that only for lunch. That means eating a healthy breakfast in the room (fresh fruit smoothies or microwaved eggs for me), a vegetable-heavy salad for lunch with fresh fruit on the side, and then eating in the room for dinner. If at all possible, I'd suggest avoiding the pre-cooked foods in the dining hall and doing your own grocery shopping when you can.

Here are a few of the recipes I've saved for the next month:

u/seege12 · 3 pointsr/buccos

worth the investment. This should be good for you. It's 20 bucks. Tons of recipes for it. but for now I'll still hook you up.

Whole wheat pasta

can of diced tomatoes

fresh (little cannister) minced garlic

olive oil

red pepper flakes

italian seasoning.


Cook pasta until your desired tenderness I like mine chewy. Add a small amount of olive oil and garlic(1 tablespoon maybe) in a skillet. Let it start popping and then add diced tomatoes(draining is optional but that's what I do). Cook the tomatoes and add the pasta. I use red pepper flakes to taste because I like my things with a kick. Same with the italian seasoning.

Cheap meal and takes less than 20 minutes to make. Add chicken breast if you want some meat.


under 300 if you measure your pasta correctly.

u/lhtaylor00 · 2 pointsr/AdviceAnimals

There are slow cookers that are very rudimentary with analog knobs. This one, for example, could be set but will never cook if not plugged in.

u/TheO-ne-ders · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

This is super cool! I don't sleep, so this will keep me entertained for a bit!

1.) Something that is grey.

Well, it's more silver-ish, but it'll do! (WL)

2.) Something reminiscent of rain.

Because the sound of the rain is so peaceful :)

3.) Something food related that is unusual.

I know, it is unusual! We will be using it for liquid sugar that we make, to make our homemade Starbucks green tea :) (WL)

4.) Something on your list that is for someone other than yourself. Tell me who it's for and why. (Yes, pets count!)

It's for my boyfriend, and for the aforementioned green teas we make :) I have one, and he's pretty jealous of it. Not to mention he spills so! (WL)

5.) A book I should read! I am an avid reader, so take your best shot and tell me why I need to read it!

It's called Jesus' Son. It is really...interesting to say the least, and I can guarantee not at all what you'd expect! (Unless you're expecting drugs, and the main character to be called Fuckhead!)

6.) An item that is less than a dollar, including shipping... that is not jewelry, nail polish, and or hair related!

Clever? Or wrong. Lol.

7.) Something related to cats. I love cats! (keep this SFW, you know who you are...)

Because who doesn't miss these guys?

8.) Something that is not useful, but so beautiful you must have it.

I mean...he's beautiful, so.... <3

9.) A movie everyone should watch at least once in their life. Why?

My username is a big hint to what this movie is! It's just so happy, and makes me laugh every time I watch it (and I've been watching it multiple times every year since it came out, and I was only 5!). It's just a genuinely happy, feel-good movie, with great music :)

10.) Something that would be useful when the zombies attack. Explain.

You know, for heat/fire when there's no electricity! (WL)

11.) Something that would have a profound impact on your life and help you to achieve your current goals.

It might not be the norm, but it's a gift card. Reason being instead of something specific, is with a gift card I can buy food through Amazon. Times have been a little tough around here, and we barely make it through the month money, and food wise. To know I had a little money to spend on groceries somewhere would be a major relief, and put both my boyfriend and I out of stress. I know it's not a "goal goal", but our happiness is a goal of mine, and it's been a little shakey as of late :/(WL)

12.) One of those pesky Add-On items.

Because ours is torn, oops! (WL)

13.) The most expensive thing on your list. Your dream item. Why?

A nice, damn vacuum. Our current one sucks (bad pun), and I am really picky about a clean carpet. It would just be really nice to have a nice one, and that'll last instead of having to buy a new one every so often. (WL)

14.) Something bigger than a bread box. EDIT A bread box is typically similar in size to a microwave.

Because it never occurred to me you could buy this on Amazon!

15.) Something smaller than a golf ball.

Individually, smaller than a golfball!

16.) Something that smells wonderful.

I love, love, loooooove this perfume. I've had samples, but never the whole bottle! (WL)

17.) A (SFW) toy.

Not a toy per say, but it's definitely fun, and entertaining for hours! (WL)

18.) Something that would be helpful for going back to school.

Pens! Believe it or not, these have always been my favorite, and despite the fact there's a bunch in a box, I always ended up with none! That's why people should have their own!

19.) Something related to your current obsession, whatever that may be.

Because I...I'm...I'm a woman possessed. Normally I'm obsessed with Sherlock but since it's not out yet, I'm catching up on Doctor Who, and I can't. Just can't stop. Been talking in a British accent on accident for days! I also freaking love hoodies so it's the best of both worlds. (WL)

20.) Something that is just so amazing and awe-inspiring that I simply must see it. Explain why it is so grand.

BECAUSE LOOK AT IT! Making tasty foods on it for the belly! (WL)

Hey, this was a lot of fun! Regardless of the outcome, thank you. Thoroughly enjoyed myself :)

EDIT: BONUS: Anything made in Oregon.

It's a whole gift set! It's like it knew! I actually added it to my WL. My favorite jam was taken off the shelves, so I'm always up for trying new ones :)

fear cuts deeper than swords

u/FrugalChef13 · 2 pointsr/povertyfinance

Do you have a crock pot? If you don't, that's likely the best way to spend these $15 for long-term easier cheaper food. Amazon Warehouse Deals is the best place to look (imo). The Crock-Pot SCR300-SS 3-Quart Manual Slow Cooker, Silver is $15.67 right now but there are a bunch of other options too. It makes cooking dry beans a lot easier, and is just overall a great kitchen tool for spending less money on food and making cooking simpler.

If food is the thing you need most, here's what I'd buy personally (I don't live anywhere near a whole foods, and Amazon Fresh is not available in my area). I'm focusing on convenience foods for this because the real basics- rice, beans, oats, flour, are at least twice as expensive on Amazon (for me) in comparison to local options. The three items listed below are the same price or cheaper on Amazon as they are locally, and total $14.02 .

u/lifevicarious · 2 pointsr/slowcooking

Agree with this. You can also get a new one for $18. If one needs to save up for this, there may need to be other priorities.

u/gizram84 · 2 pointsr/slowcooking

You can get a really cheap Crock Pot on Amazon for less than $25.

u/iella_w · 2 pointsr/BabyBumps

40 slow cooker freezer meals

To use, pull out of the freezer and put into the fridge the night before to allow the meal to defrost. The next morning or afternoon (depending on cooking time), throw it in the slow cooker (to anyone reading that doesn't have one, something like this or this will be perfectly adequate, no need to get a fancy $100 model).

u/ughnotanothername · 1 pointr/personalfinance

There's an amazon 3-quart 20$ crockpot I've used for five years ( You can turn it on with some kind of meat and vegetables and sauce and leave it for 4 or 8 hours depending on slow or "fast" cook, and come back to a meal you can eat or divide into portions and freeze for later. They also make these plastic crockpot bags that you can literally put into the crockpot and cook your food in, and you won't have to clean the crock pot afterward.

u/seppesai19 · 1 pointr/Cooking

Sounds like the heating element is dead, which happens. I'd just replace it. I have this one, and it's served me well for years:

u/Atlai · 1 pointr/science

$3 at a thrift store. $20 brand new.

If it's CrockPot brand it's not burning down your house. Absolutely an absurd excuse.

Electricity? 15-20 cents. You are ridiculous.

u/Iridechocobosforfun · 1 pointr/EatCheapAndHealthy

If you can, get yourself a crock pot! I just found this one on amazon for 18$

Hardly more than the price of one door dash meal! You can make anything in a crock pot! And you can easily use it to reheat soups, sauces, etc. I would be happy to send you recipes I use!

Also, bagged salad and a rotisserie chicken from the grocery store is a great dinner. I like to use the leftovers to make wraps with peanut sauce and rice (amazing even cold from the fridge), and use the carcass in my slow cooker to make stock for soup!

u/Jurss · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

You need one of these !

u/rainin23 · 1 pointr/ADHD

We had a huge crockpot, but it ended up making too much food so the food always went to waste. I got this one instead and it's great because it'll make enough food for the two of us then we have leftovers for another meal. Beef stew is so easy to make as well. Just brown some stew meat with garlic and other spices, toss it in the crockpot with carrots, onions, worcestershire and it's good to go the next morning.

u/Wishyouamerry · 1 pointr/CasualConversation

I got this Classic 3-quart Round Crock Pot. The one I got is kind of an orange color. New in box, never opened. I already have 3 Crock Pots.

u/karmachallenged · 1 pointr/slowcooking

If you aren't going to cook large meals (and have leftovers), I don't suggest you get a 6Q. If you only put a little bit in, and cook it, there's a really good chance it will overcook. I used to have this problem, and there are other people who've posted with the same issue.

I suggest you get a 3Q. It's small enough to give you two+ portions, and it's a good size for potluck dishes, if you ever do that sort of thing. I have a 3Q and it's what I use when I'm cooking for 2. It's the size I most often take to potlucks. I have a 1.5Q, 3Q, 5Q and 6Q that I use often, so I've tried different recipes in all of these.

This is the one I have. Whatever you get, make sure it has a warm setting.

u/throw667 · 1 pointr/slowcooking

It's almost as if the eBay item had a differently-sized crock from the pot it fits in. Or, perhaps, in your country the crock was metric whilst the pot was Imperial, or vice versa.

Don't blow off the Crock-Pot brand; it's fine and popular. But perhaps find a way to get one new, from someplace.

I've studied different brands recently because I wanted a second, smaller one. I bought THIS one for about USD 50 in the USA. But since you want a manual one, there's THIS which is selling for USD 20 in the States. Larger sizes for manual on/off/warm ones are of course more expensive but not radically so.

u/ThatKetoTreesGuy · 1 pointr/trees

Ok, first thing you will need is one of these:

Then, stick a quarter cup of ghee, coconut oil, or some other oil, and stick about 7 grams of hash it in, don't worry about decarboxylation, that will happen while the hash is cooking. Let sit for 3 hours cooking away. When you are done, cook whatever you normally would, using said oil to cook with.

u/goGlenCoco · 1 pointr/Cooking

Slow cooker. Absolutely. And you can get a decent slow cooker for a reasonable price. 20 bucks for this nice little Crock-Pot. I use my slow cooker for everything from chili to stews to roasts to soups. Easily one of my favorite appliances!

u/katmaidog · 1 pointr/Frugal

also, if this is for only you and one other person, then this smaller and cheaper model might be more to your liking.