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CRU DataPort Mouse Jiggler (30200-0100-0011)
Temporarily deactivates screen savers for presentationsNo software requiredWorks like an ordinary mouse
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23 Reddit comments about CRU DataPort Mouse Jiggler (30200-0100-0011):

u/Clegko · 67 pointsr/techsupportmacgyver

Get a MouseJiggler.

They're awesome and don't interfere with actual usage.

u/Lavins · 24 pointsr/techsupportgore

This is actually better. I use these at my "largely successful government agency / hospital" on the monitors. They're used to display exact times of shuttles arriving and departing. Before the AD group for 15 min exemption was created, we had to come up with a temporary solution. This was it and man, they worked very well. This is the slow version. The blue one is the caffeine induced version, although slightly cheaper. Either one will get the job done that all the software ones failed to do.

u/Barry_Scotts_Cat · 11 pointsr/unitedkingdom

Why is it we can never do anything properly?

>One officer was employed simply keeping her finger on the laptop's trackpad to make sure it didn't go to sleep.

This is why these were invented

Pretty much all these arrests were skiddies..

u/somewhat_pragmatic · 8 pointsr/sysadmin

Or you could just buy a USB mouse jiggler. No I'm not kidding. It installs as a legitimate HID device I believe.

u/LeSpatula · 7 pointsr/programming
u/unnamed_elder_entity · 5 pointsr/lifehacks

They make a USB hardware "mouse jiggler". I guess someone could look and see that another mouse driver is operating but I don't think that would throw a flag.


u/Paavo_Keisariksi · 4 pointsr/Suomi

Tai sitten se usbimokkula koneeseen joka laittaa hiiren pikselin verran heilumaan jatkuvasti. Tämähän oli ihan myyty tuote ihmisille jotka eivät osaa tai kellä ei ole oikeuksia vaikuttaa esim koneensa nukkumisaetuksiin.


u/merreborn · 3 pointsr/shittyrobots

Youtube video description

> I hate having to mess with the power saving settings on my PC. I never remember to set it back.Sometimes I have a need to stop my computer from going to sleep.


Another (almost equally unnecessarily overcomplicated) approach:

u/LoganPhyve · 3 pointsr/windows

You could go hardware - USB mouse jiggler

u/TheSonOfMyWife · 2 pointsr/techsupport

Actually, yes. Good suggestion!

I've found a USB version of this:

So I will be doing a slightly more advanced version of that :-) Hopefully I won't set off a nuclear meltdown...

u/CoreClock · 1 pointr/pics

Sounds like you need one of these.

u/daves · 1 pointr/raspberry_pi
u/Rggoalie3 · 1 pointr/techsupport

ROFL, I thought that was

  • Fleshlight or Headlamp

    Back on topic, IDE/Sata to USB converters are great. Highly recommended. Also a crossover cable can be nice for transferring files if both machines have gigabit cards in them.

    EDIT: Oh yea, and if you are planning on working on a lot of laptops, I love Mouse Jigglers to stop the darn things from going to sleep while you do other stuff. Sure you can mess with power settings, but I always forget to put them back and that's bad for laptops.
u/jurassic_pork · 1 pointr/gaming

Allow me to introduce to you the USB Mouse Jiggler, or if you want to do it in code there is an AutoIt script.

u/theodric · 1 pointr/StarWarsBattlefront

Let them try and block a USB device that uses the HID stack then.

u/Vaugngoalie · 0 pointsr/PUBATTLEGROUNDS

Enter the Mouse Jiggler.

I found this for my wife. She works remotely from home for her work. If you're AFK from your laptop for more than 10 minutes, the work installed IM program automatically sets you to "away". IIRC you can set the "jiggle" to a timeframe of how often it operates when you're AFK. This allows her to get laundry done, care for our 3yr old when a meltdown occurs etc while escaping the eye of scrutiny.

To be fair, my wife works on a team of 4 people and last month she did %93 of the orders recieved (102) with only %.09 error rate. She deserves a few minutes here and there for herself.