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Cuisinart CPK-17 PerfecTemp 1.7-Liter Stainless Steel Cordless Electric kettle, 1.7 L, Silver
1500-Watt stainless-steel cordless electric kettle with 1-2/3-liter capacity and concealed heating element. Dimensions-8.8 x 6.1 x 9.7 inches. Bpa free. Cord length : 36 Inches6 preset heat settings for steeping tea at just the right temperature; blue LED indicator lights30-Minute keep Warm; 2-minute memory function; 360-degree swivel power base for cordless convenienceBlue backlit water window; removable/washable scale filter; boil-dry protection with auto safety shutoffConcealed heating element to prevent mineral buildup. UC Cubic Feet: 0. 47Limited 3-year
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97 Reddit comments about Cuisinart CPK-17 PerfecTemp 1.7-Liter Stainless Steel Cordless Electric kettle, 1.7 L, Silver:

u/qudat · 34 pointsr/WhitePeopleTwitter

Electric kettle. It will heat the tea to the exact temperature.

  • 175 F for green tea
  • 185 white tea
  • 190 oolong tea
  • 212 black tea

    Not only does it help control flavor, but for green tea I can start drinking immediately after steep. Whereas with boiling the water you usually need to let it sit longer than steep time.
u/nobleslight · 16 pointsr/tea
u/atrophying · 15 pointsr/AskWomen

Best: multiple portraits of Ulysses S. Grant.
Worst: multiple portraits of Ulysses S. Grant.

Me entire family sans SO gave me cash for Christmas. I can't really complain; I wanted a bunch of boring adult things (new contacts and glasses, underwear, socks, shoes) and now I shall have them. Cash is stupid dull on Christmas day, though, once everyone starts pulling out their new toys and playing with them. Super easy clean-up, though.

My SO gave me the electric tea kettle I've been coveting for the last year. If President Grant wasn't such a charmer - and I wasn't so excited about getting new undies (it's been awhile) - my SO would have won Christmas.

u/AvatarKuruk2 · 12 pointsr/tea

If your interested. Couldn't live without mine.

u/ru4ku92 · 11 pointsr/BuyItForLife

I have this kettle: Cuisinart PerfecTemp Kettle. It's great. I use it for coffee and tea. It doesn't have a temperature display exactly, but you press a button to select your desired temperature. But my favorite feature is probably to "keep warm" feature. Great kettle, well worth the money.

u/swampangel · 9 pointsr/tea

I have this Cuisinart one, which offers 6 presets (not adjustable) and a 30min keep-warm button:

I've had it for just under 2 years. It does the job and wasn't too expensive. It doesn't look very nice, and I worried that the buttons wouldn't last, but it's served me well so far.

u/rebble-yell · 9 pointsr/funny

Get yourself a kettle with automatic temperature control -- those things are awesome.

I use the Cuisinart Perfectemp.

There are other kettles that are recommended, but this one works great, and has been in use multiple times per day for years with no issues. You hit the button, it heats the water for you and then you just start pouring away.

u/moriarty_was_real · 7 pointsr/tea

If you're willing to pay (what I believe to be) a lot for a variable temperature tea kettle, I can not recommend this tea kettle enough.

I've had mine for...about 6 months now I believe. It still works as perfectly as the day it was bought. It's also gorgeous so there's that too.

On Amazon the price fluctuates but it drops down as low as $79.99 every once in a while. If you don't mind waiting, I'd recommend it to save the $10-$20. Also, don't let that weird "You save 51%" thing fool you, it actually retails for $100 on Cuisinart's website.

u/vonbauernfeind · 7 pointsr/teasales

The Cuisinart CPK-17 Variable Temp Kettle is on sale on Amazon currently.

Per Camelcamelcamel this is an all time low at $51.04.

In the past I've been able to have Bed Bath and Beyond match Amazon prices when it's shipped and sold by Amazon, so I would suggest doing so if you want this Kettle but don't want to support Amazon. I included a link, but I'm not sure if it's a referral link or not. Just search CPK-17 and it'll come right up.

u/Brass_Lion · 6 pointsr/tea

I've used this one for about two years, it's good:

u/shagin · 6 pointsr/Coffee

We use this Cuisinart Electric Kettle for coffee and tea, and like it a lot. Water heats up quickly, and has buttons for different temps (for the different types of tea) and one button for french press at 200°F. The $80 price point may be a bit beyond reasonable, but I think it is worth it.

u/echoskybound · 5 pointsr/tea

I'm a fan of insulated glass mugs and steel infuser baskets - here's a cheap set on Prime. As far as equipment, you mostly need a kettle. You can either go for a basic stovetop kettle, simple and cheap but no variable temperature - or electric kettles. A good one can run for quite a bit more cash (like mine, not cheap but highly recommended), but are easy and can have variable temperature.

Loose tea isn't cheaper than tea bags, but I'd say it's definitely better and way more diverse.

u/bcl0328 · 5 pointsr/foodhacks
u/charlesgrodinfan · 5 pointsr/tea

Notes and observations from a couple months of drinking:

  1. Cuisinart PerfecTemp kettle and Ingenuitea are both amazing
  2. Not impressed with the cheap tins from I should've known since there's no tension and no gasket. I'll keep larger inventory in the Adagio tins in the back of the cupboard.
  3. Less black. Once I've run through the Assam and Irish Breakfast (noob mistake on similarities), I'll start on more greens and possibly a white. I can taste why people love green, though it's taking a bit of time to work up to the earthy flavors.
  4. Drinking ~70% less coffee. My mood and stomach are grateful!
  5. In Seattle, Perennial Tea Room is a great place. I try to buy about 50% of my tea locally. Will take local suggestions.
u/mspaint_exe · 4 pointsr/tea

I'm bringing this electric kettle with me. Between that and my new Camellia Sinensis tea flask I should be good to go.

u/drumofny · 4 pointsr/Coffee

I've been wanting a goose neck kettle for some time. I've used some cheap alternatives such as oil cans and some tea kettles, but I've wanted a much nicer goose neck kettle for some time. They can cost quite a bit and you have to account for some heat loss if you are pouring it into a gooseneck from whatever container you heated the water in. I've been using a cuisinart variable temperature kettle for a couple of years now. It works great, but it only has presets and I could only choose 200F for coffee. I wanted a kettle that I could choose the exact temperature. This can really help dial in different roasts and help me achieve some great coffee. This should help me dial in some of my teas as well. I believe the going rate for one of these kettles is $90, but I got mine for $80 as part of a preorder. I don't know of a variable temperature kettle that has this functionality that is even close to this price point. I've got high hopes for this kettle.

I've preordered this badboy in May. I was initially slated to drop in July, but got pushed back until early September. I got mine yesterday. It's aesthetically pleasing and has all the functions I want. I do wish it was a touch bigger, but it should do the trick. I'll be sure to do a review in a month or so; after I've had a fair amount of time using it. Cheers.

u/chapkachapka · 4 pointsr/tea

You might want to mention what country you live in. If you’re in the US or another 110v country, your options will be much more limited and the kettles will be much slower.

That said, I’ve been happy with this Cuisinart multi-temp kettle. Pricey, but reliable, and handy if you drink a lot of white/green/Wu long tea.

Cuisinart CPK-17 PerfecTemp 1.7-Liter Stainless Steel Cordless Electric Kettle

u/bigelliot · 4 pointsr/BuyItForLife

My parents' house burned down around Thanksgiving and they asked me for pot & pan recommendations as they rebuild. Here's a list I sent them of things that ought to last forever but won't break the bank (no Mauviel, Staub, All-Clad, Le Creuset, etc). #1 on the list is a 12" Lodge skillet, just like the one we have. :)

u/Timbeaux265 · 4 pointsr/Fitness

I always have a cup at my buddies place and love it. Fuck it, I'm going to buy a gourd and order some Yerba right now.

Edit: these were his recommendations:

How to for traditional preparation. This is a little much, but you will get the idea.

A properly made gourd will last all day.

Gourd and bombilla

Good Yerba brand

electric water kettle

Also, need a thermos or insulated coffee cup.

For a quick yerba here is a tea infuser. Its not as effective as traditional, but still does the trick for a quick fix. And you can make it in a coffee pot if you are making a large amount for whatever reason.

u/tocia · 4 pointsr/tea

Maybe it's the cuisinart kettle?

u/TreasureBandit · 4 pointsr/tea

The Cuisinart PerfecTemp is a favorite around here. I've had one for a few years and absolutely love it.

u/simsoy · 3 pointsr/tea

A good varible kettle, electronic from Adagio I haven't used it myself but proper water temperature is very very important if you drink lots of greens or non-black teas. The one I use (Cuisinart CPK-17) is more expensive, but right now it's on sale and within your price range. It has buttons for specific types of tea.

UmiTeaSets has a great selection of gaiwans, I'd reccomend some of the "easy" ones with the little mouth at the end, it makes pouring very easy and very mess free. I also would to point out that 150ml is a lot, especially since in gongfu brewing you do it maybe up to 12 times, which could easily be too much tea for you.

I can't recommend a gawain enough, especially the easy variety. They're great for drinking just the right amount of tea whenever you feel like. It takes five or ten seconds to brew, and with my CPK-17 the water boils quick and stays hot long enough for me to take my time drinking many infusions from my gaiwan. They're also easy to clean and perfect for a single person, if you were making tea for your roommates then I'd say something bigger but for just one person you can't get a more perfect size than 120-150ml.

u/jcbahr · 3 pointsr/tea

I've got the Cuisinart CPK-17 and it's been working wonderfully for me. I've read on a review that the temperatures are pretty accurate.

This one's hold feature only works for half an hour, though, and you can't set in 1° increments. Just showing you an alternative.

u/AdaAstra · 3 pointsr/tea

There are many ways to make green tea, but in all honesty, just drink it the way you like it. This may take some trial and error, but you will eventually find a way you like it. Usually generic brand green tea bags are more "forgiving" than say the higher end green teas that require you to be a little more precise with the temp and steep times. If the tea tastes bitter to you, try steeping it for less time or lower temps. Usually a good starting point is what they put on the package.

Personally, as I hate making tea at the office as I always struggled with getting my teas the right temperature or let it steep too long as I got distracted by a meeting. Now, I just make it in the morning before coming to work using this water kettle and this travel mug. The travel mug usually keeps it at the temperature I want for several hours.

u/DownTrunk · 3 pointsr/tea

I've had the Cuisinart temp control kettle for over 2 years and it works great.

u/ThinkCritically13 · 3 pointsr/tea

Cuisinart CPK-17 PerfecTemp 1.7-Liter Stainless Steel Cordless Electric Kettle

u/SapientSlut · 3 pointsr/weddingplanning

We put this electric kettle on our registry and we use it every day:

If you like a variety of teas it'll heat the water to the right temperature, and it heats up SUPER fast :)

u/qnxb · 3 pointsr/tea

You don't have a lot of variable temperature electric kettle options under $50. Cuisinart CPK-17 gets a pretty good Consumer Reports score but is slightly over your budget at $61.19 right now (though earlier this month it was $51.04.) Hamilton Beach 41020R is very similar, and comes in just under your budget at $44.99 (and I see a 25% off coupon. You may not.)

u/ChickenPotPi · 3 pointsr/DIY

I brought a Cusinart Electric Kettle and it boils a 1.75 liter amount in a reasonable time. About 7 minutes. 2 cups in about 2-3 minutes. I didn't pay that much.

u/sam_bg · 3 pointsr/tea

The Smart Kettle has no plastic that touches the water.

In addition to the Smart Kettle, I also have a UtiliTEA and a Cuisinart CPK-17 PerfecTemp. They both have plastic water level windows. Even so, I prefer the Cuisanart over both the Smart Kettle and the UtiliTEA.

You might want to check out Foxxie's comments on a previous kettle thread. Foxxie talks about which kettles have BPA, etc.

u/sewdisney · 3 pointsr/tea

Well I'm obviously slow but here it is. Great deal with Prime.

It's also available at Macy's, which is where mine was sent from as a gift.

u/SnarkDolphin · 3 pointsr/Coffee

It doesn't really come as a "kit," what he's recommending (and something I would suggest myself) is getting a good grinder a kitchen scale (doesn't matter what kind as long as it measures in grams), a kettle (if you really like tea, go ahead and splurge on one with temperature control if not, any old electric kettle will do), and lastly, /r/coffee's hands-down favorite noobie coffee brewer, the aeropress.

The aeropress is, in essence, a big ass syringe with a filter where the needle would go. I won't get into the specifics of any of the umpteen fuckzillion ways to brew with it, but the instructions that come with the aeropress will make something really tasty and a lot like espresso, and there's tons of methods on how to make good, strong black coffee with it.

I'll be honest, it won't be as rock simple as insert pod->push button-> receive coffee-like liquid, and it'll take a little trial and error but the aeropress is much less of a pain in the ass than other brewers (cleanup takes literally two seconds) and once you put a little love into it and learn how to use it properly it'll never seem like a chore. IMO a low-effort method like a french press or aeropress requires no more effort than making a pot of coffee in a regular all-american drip brewer.

Anyhow, if you decide to go with the aeropress or another manual method, I'd suggest also reading this quick and dirty introduction to coffee that I wrote up just to get a basic idea of the methods behind the madness as to why everyone's steering you away from pods and how to get a great cup of coffee.

Hope this all helps!

u/tiffownsthis · 3 pointsr/ExMormonTea

Hey there. If you haven’t already you should browse /r/tea. I know it’s a bit overwhelming, but their tea FAQ breaks down a lot to of good info for beginners.

I currently use a fancy multi temperature electric kettle that my husband bought me (this one by Cuisinart ), but in the past I brewed tea by using a stove top kettle or even just a pan on the stove. How you heat the water is up to your preference. Just make sure you’re heating the water the right temperature and the correct steeping time for the type of tea you’re brewing (covered in the tea FAQ).

If I want more than one cup of tea, my electric kettle actually keeps the water at the correct temperature for 30 mins so I can easily go back and pour another cup. I also have a 6 cup ceramic tea pot that I use and I find it reasonably keeps the tea warm enough, though I usually only use it if I’m drinking tea with someone else. If a tea pot doesn’t seem to keep it warm enough you can knit or crochet or buy a tea cozy to insulate the pot.

I only use loose leaf teas now since the price is better and it’s much fresher than bagged teas. I shop with Asiago since I can order online or go to their shop downtown, but there’s tons of tea shops to choose from.

u/Gastronautmike · 2 pointsr/bartenders

You can get a relatively inexpensive electric kettle and keep hot water, hot cider, Mulled wine, etc behind the bar. Heats up pretty quickly, and this one you can set a temp so you don't boil over or denature your booze.

I usually preheat my non water ingredients in a small metal tin resting in a tempered pint glass half filled with hot water, so it acts like a hot water bath. That plus preheating your serving vessel (ideally tempered glass too, with a handle) gets you a ripping hot drink.

u/sharkbait76 · 2 pointsr/tea

I have this one from Cuisinart and love it I've had this one for a year and a half or so now and it's still going strong. No issues at all.

u/safepants2 · 2 pointsr/Coffee

I have an Aeropress with a Hairo Skerton Slim grinder and can vouch that it's amazing. The Skerton was supposed to be skeleton but I think it's an Engrish typo thing. Also using 175 degree water helps with flavour. I use this kettle and am very happy with it.

Find a local coffee roaster/shop and ask them to show you the size of the grind to use for inverted Aeropressing. I do it for 2 minutes and the grind is more similar to a french press grind, maybe a tad smaller. I'm drinking it right now and it's delicious.

Also I remember seeing two sizes of the Hairo Skerton, I have the smaller size, the slim, and it's diameter is just a bit smaller than the Aeropress so it's easy to transfer the grounds into the chamber. I think the larger size would require the use of the Aeropress funnel but I could be wrong.

Also, Make a small digital kitchen scale is useful to get the same amount of beans everytime. I personally use between 12-20g depending on what I'm in the mood for. The grounds usually go to the level 2 on the Skerton if that helps.

happy brewing!

edit: fresh beans from a roaster taste better to me. The stuff on the shelves at grocery stores are all stale. Starbucks beans are too burnt for my taste too.

u/Lippy481 · 2 pointsr/tea

Im looking to buy an electric kettle for myself as ill most likely be in a dorm room, as of now im looking at this but some of the lower star reviews had me wondering if there is a better option and whether or not it does loose leaf (im only just starting)

u/mbrad501 · 2 pointsr/Coffee

this works pretty well for me

u/ejb85 · 2 pointsr/AeroPress

I have this variable temp kettle I use for my Aeropress and tea (which makes the variable temperature part more important). I've been really happy with it.

u/Mabisakura · 2 pointsr/tea

What model kettle are you using? It looks like my parents want to use mine from now on so I'll either have to divert their attention with a new one or just use a new one myself.

Right now I'm using this, but my main issue is that the lowest temperature will definitely be too high to pour straight into gyokuro.

Pretty much of the ones in this topic are ones I've known about years ago when I bought my kettle.

u/olddoc · 2 pointsr/BuyItForLife

I only had bad experiences with Cuisinart. A toaster broke very quickly after it came out of guarantee. Then I had two of these Cuisinart kettles in a row. Of the first one the lid mysteriously opened while trying to cook a kettle of water. (The lid just opened between 80° and 90°C.) Exchanged it while under guarantee. The second one always had trouble to stop boiling... sometimes it stopped at 100°C, sometimes it just kept boiling and boiling for minutes unless you turned it off manually.

Last week I chucked it out and bought a kettle from another brand. Maybe Cuisinart was good in the past, but to me they've started making overpriced but nice looking bad products.

u/altaholica · 2 pointsr/tea

I have a FORLIFE Crurve teapot, makes three cups of tea and is great.

An electric kettle would be a fantastic part of a gift set. This one appears to be one of the best. Good luck.

u/Su_toL · 2 pointsr/tea

Here's the kettle I currently use:

I definitely love having the variable temps for different types of tea straight on the kettle. It makes brewing teas with different temp requirements less of a hassle. Heats quickly with a decent capacity too. Definitely wouldn't say it's the cheapest, but it was a great investment.

u/thecodeboss · 2 pointsr/tea

If you drink tea often you should invest in one! Your way looks really cool - but seems a little impractical. We've had our Cuisinart kettle for over 5 years now, and have used it multiple times every single day. Works flawless, and keeps it at temp!

Cuisinart CPK-17 PerfecTemp 1.7-Liter Stainless Steel Cordless Electric Kettle

u/Stormy_AnalHole · 2 pointsr/tea

I use the Cuisinart CPK 17 and I love it. If you're a big coffee drinker with french presses and expensive drip stuff get the Bonavita Gooseneck, but I love my Cuisinart. Would recommend

u/LucidDreamer18 · 2 pointsr/tea
u/ccrtea · 2 pointsr/tea

I guess the only Cuisinart I've seen is the one mentioned below in this thread ( which only gives you selections of temperatures rather than specifically setting a temperature. Is there a kettle of theirs I'm missing?

I hadn't seen the Hamilton Beach variable temp though, that does seem like a good low-cost option, even if it isn't perfect.

u/tdreyer1 · 2 pointsr/tea

I splurged on this Cuisinart water kettle and I've never regretted it. All metal inside (except a little bit on the removable scale filter) and accurate temperature settings.
Edit: I english no Good well.

u/ziegfried · 2 pointsr/Coffee

Electric kettles are awesome -- they are much faster than stovetop.

I have this one it has very little plastic exposed to the water, and the buttons are great.

There are 5 buttons for different types of tea, but you could just use the "boil" one for coffee.

The pre-sets are super easy, and you can also choose to have the kettle keep re-heating your water for you if you want.

Electric kettles are safer than stovetop kettles -- they turn off automatically when the water is boiling, and they have boil-dry protection as well. I have ruined a few stove-top kettles this way.

u/NfaNA · 2 pointsr/tea

I can attest that the Cuisinart is an excellent unit and lasts a long time:

I also have experience with the Breville and greatly enjoy it.

I don't think you can go wrong with a traditional Chinese-styled teapot and strainer over a sharing cup. It's simple, cheap to get into, and can well handle many different tea types.

I hope you enjoy exploring tea, it's a wonderful world,

  • Tealos
u/ThetaD8iu · 2 pointsr/Coffee

I fill it to 1.5L or so, set to boil, pour off the boil. I prefer this over a gooseneck, less thermal loss, and the tradeoff is marginally more bed turbulence, but my technique is based on that expectation. I've never really liked goosenecks, so quickly moved away from them.

u/gingeremily · 2 pointsr/tea

I have this cuisinart one

I totally recommend it even if it is way pricey. It has temperature settings specifically for different kinds of teas (green, black, white oolong, herbal)

u/oldhippy1947 · 1 pointr/tea
u/upatstars · 1 pointr/AskWomen

I have this one for my tea and love it! I never thought to boil noodles with it. I'm gonna try that now.

u/hailtheface · 1 pointr/Coffee

Thanks for reporting back. Love the zen comment. How coarse is your grind? Also, what are you using for your very accurate pouring? Though I'd love one of those Hario kettles, I'd really love to get one of these kettles as I love the idea of the preset temps. I'd like to think I could fashion something to stick in the spout to promote a more even pour.

u/backstab · 1 pointr/tea

I use this Cuisinart. Not sure what your price range is.

u/nschirmer · 1 pointr/pics

Not sure, never tried. But I highly recommend giving Adagio a try -- they've got their main loose leaf teas, and then they have community-curated blends you can order, which there are a lot of and there are sure to be some that interest you. The blends are loose leaf as well, and can include extras like berries or little chocolate nibs for additional flavors.

Plus, when placing your order, they give you an option to share on Facebook (I think, been a while since I've had to reorder. I always share privately to "No One" too because your friends really don't care what you order, ha), and they'll then let you toss a free sample bag or two into your cart, which is good for quite a good amount of cups of tea. And of course they have a reward points system.

If you don't have anything for brewing loose-leaf, they've even got you covered there: this personal teapot works extremely well. You just put your loose leaf in, dump the water in (which should of course be already heated, I have this little guy for that but you can just heat it however you normally do), let it sit for 3-5 minutes, then set the teapot on top of your mug and the liquid comes out of the bottom through a fine mesh filter. Been using mine for 3 years so far.

I swear I do not work for Adagio -- just a loyal customer!

u/tralavoi · 1 pointr/SailboatCruising

Oh, I can answer this one beautifully!

We used to use pour over coffee, one cup at a time. It took forever and was awful.

Do they have an inverter capable of up to 2000 watts? If so, read on!! If not, ignore my idea.....

So if they have an inverter, get them two things. First, this guy:

This thing is beautiful. Gets water to the perfect temp in just a few minutes, and saves tons of propane vs conventional heating. If they cruise in the tropics they will appreciate the savings on heating the cabin.

Second, get em this dude:

It is insulated, keeps coffee hot for a crazy long time, and its rugged stainless construction keeps them from having to have filters on hand!!!

All this results in coffee made effectively and efficiently at the cheap price of like 15 aH. give or take, depending on their battery bank.

u/cbkeur · 1 pointr/tea

After a bit of research and having a Bonavita at work, I ultimately went with the Cuisinart PerfecTemp and I've been very happy with it.

Cuisinart CPK-17 PerfecTemp 1.7-Liter Stainless Steel Cordless Electric Kettle

u/atrielienz · 1 pointr/tea

This is the one I have. It's been great for making different types of key and for French press coffee.

A friend if mine has this as well.

Seems to have all the same functionality and feature you want.

u/flowstone · 1 pointr/tea

Ah, so you got this guy!

You ever heard anything about the Epica or Aicok kettles? They're a tad cheaper... so I'm hoping they might be just as good :)

u/nmrk · 1 pointr/soylent

I am poor so I started looking around for a poor man's version and I found stuff like this Panasonic for around $70. I think this is the Cuisinart kettle that I saw the good review of, it's about $85. They liked the Cuisinart for speed of heating, 6 temp presets for more granular temp control, and it has a 30min keep warm cycle. I think this might be more energy efficient approach, I don't need instant hot water being kept continuously warmed. I can wait a couple of minutes for it to heat up.

u/ufmystic · 1 pointr/teasales
u/qret · 1 pointr/tea

I treated myself to this after a year or two of wanting a convenient kettle, it's held up perfectly for 5 years of constant use now. I'm a barista by day, tea lover at home, so it was sure worth it. Coffee, just like tea, often benefits from more control of temperature than the standard "off-boiling".

u/valinor4 · 1 pointr/tea

Is the water temperature a big deal?

In other words, is buying something like that worth it?

edit: my stash

u/lord_dumbello · 1 pointr/Coffee

After doing a bunch of research we ended up getting a Cuisinart CPK-17. If you're in the US you can get it for about $80 at Bed Bath and Beyond with a 20% off coupon (usually available on demand by e-mail).

It's been really excellent so far and I can't recommend it enough. It's extremely well insulated and the "Keep warm" feature actually does a very good job of holding the temperature for short time periods. Cuisinarts are slowly taking over our kitchen because their build quality is just really great right now.

u/FetusFeast · 1 pointr/mildlyinteresting

My $80 electric kettle just bit the dust for the third time. So as an avid tea drinker and a stubborn asshole who refuses to pay the company's RTM shipping cost for the third time, I am making my tea with a pot + thermometer.

u/julieannie · 1 pointr/loseit

This one from Amazon is mine - it tends to fluctuate in price a lot and I know a few other places stock it. I think my husband grabbed it for my birthday when it was closer to $75 but he may have gone to Bed Bath & Beyond with a coupon knowing him.

u/keakealani · 1 pointr/tea

We’ve used a Cuisinart kettle for a couple years now and enjoyed it. The only downside is that you’re stuck to the preset temperatures and the range isn’t quite low enough for the most delicate of teas, but since I mostly drink blacks and roastier oolongs it’s not a problem for me.

u/misspinkranger · 1 pointr/BuyItForLife

I have a cuisinart one that I really like, I think this is it:

I haven't had it long but it's good so far!

u/mikesxrs · 1 pointr/tea

I have Cuisinart CPK-17 PerfecTemp 1.7-Liter Stainless Steel Cordless Electric Kettle

Literally the best thing I have bought, it has 6 preset heat settings for steeping different tea types

u/galaxiekat · 1 pointr/tea

if you find a tea shop that sells loose teas (chinese stores will sell lots of different types--where are you located?), you can pick up a lot of different types of loose teas for a reasonable price.

trader joe's has a good selection of bagged teas--their irish breakfast with milk and sugar is my morning tea of choice. i also really like flavored black teas straight if they're brewed for 3 minutes at 1 heaping tsp per 8 oz of water.

i'm also lustin after this:, but there's nothing wrong with my current electric kettle. sigh.

u/notsogloriouss · 1 pointr/tea

Hey guys! The Cuisinart CPK-17 got a surprise discount on Amazon just now...$60.83 at the time of this posting!

u/cwf82 · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Kind of a tie for me between two items:

First is a Raspberry Pi kit. I have been looking at getting more into this, but hadn't found a project that I thought would be worth spending the money on. Although it can be used for myriad things, this particular kit is meant for retro gaming. It can play anything from Commodore64 and Atari to Super Nintendo, Genesis, PS1, and possibly PS2 (haven't looked into it yet). It is basically my entire childhood smished onto a microSD and a small circuit board, and it will allow me to pass my love for those games onto my kids. My younger son, especially, loves trying out new games, and even is into some that I was never into, like sports games. He's tried a few of my old SNES games on an emulator and loved them, but didn't like the keyboard controls. Not only that, but it will give me a project to do.

The other one is a variable temperature electric kettle. I don't know how much of a tea drinker you are, but using the proper temp for the type of tea really makes a world of difference. For comparison, it's like going from nasty, generic dining hall cheap-o brand coffee to high-falutin' gourmet stuff from a civet's ass. Brewing the perfect cuppa can be difficult, if you have no way to measure temps, going more on instinct and hope. This kettle saves you that trouble and brings it up to the proper temp, and keeps it there for you.

Awesome contest. Thanks for the opportunity!

u/shredsofmetal · 1 pointr/tea

I have a Contigo Autoseal Tumbler and absolutely love it. It's super easy to clean and keeps my tea hot for a few hours (yes, hot).

As for a kettle, get him a variable temperature kettle so that he can adjust the temperature based on his tea preference. I have this Cuisinart kettle. I've had it for 4 years and still works great.

u/GRtheRaffler · 1 pointr/Coffee

I have one of these that I use for boiling water. Guess that works.

So for starters, just the V60 and the filters will do. Do you mean this grinder?

u/lovetakelovemake · 1 pointr/tea

Please help, I really want to brew tea. I don't feel comfortable having whatever is in my Electric Kettle.

I'm using Cuisinart CPK-17 PerfecTemp 1.7-Liter Stainless Steel Cordless Electric Kettle

What you see is the result of ONE water boil.

u/SarcasticOptimist · 1 pointr/tea

This looks identical and cheaper. The Cuisinart is another favorite of this sub. Though you do have to pay for a good kettle, I personally use the Bonavita gooseneck since my Hamilton Beach bit the dust. A local Chinatown should have Supentown or Tiger water heaters for relatively cheap, and there's this Rosewill.

u/Exen · 1 pointr/tea

My favorite is this Cuisinart. It's amazing. Lots of temperature choices.

u/xerexerex · 1 pointr/food

Nope basically the same tho

u/ketovin · 1 pointr/tea

I'm on the same boat as you and I'll probably end up getting this:

It has an adjustable knob to turn it from 180F to 212F and half the price of a Zojirushi.

This seems good too:

But a bit more expensive.

u/sping · 1 pointr/BuyItForLife

Absolutely do not be tempted by this apparently cool looking Cuisinart model.

We have it and hate it. I don't know if it'll last for life (probably not, too much unnecessary electronics), but its interface was designed by utter incompetents. It doesn't do what you'd expect it to. For one thing you have to turn it off after you've poured it out; if you forget it keeps heating and since it's empty will hit its safety cutoff, beep and flash.

this review has it right, though I'd give it 2 stars.

u/castillar · 1 pointr/Paleo

Something that made a huge difference for us was investing in an awesome burr grinder, and then spending $40 or so on a Chemex brew pot. The filter in the Chemex is a lot thicker than most, so I find if I rinse it properly beforehand, I wind up with rich, delicious coffee that has not even a hint of bitterness (in fact, sometimes a little too smooth for my taste--I like a little bite!). You might try a Chemex and see if it makes a difference for you, since they're not expensive.

We also splurged on an electric kettle: this one, in fact, which would also help with tea-making since it has selectable temperatures for various tea varieties.