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Cuisinart PSC-350 3-1/2-Quart Programmable Slow Cooker, Silver, 9-1/2 in H x 9.1 in W x 12.67 in L
Oval-shaped programmable slow cooker with 3-1/2-quart ceramic potTouchpad control panel; 24-hour LCD countdown timer; 4 cooking modesAutomatic keep-warm; glass lid; nonslip rubber feet; stay-cool handles for safetyDishwasher-safe pot and lid; instruction manual with recipes includedProduct Built to North American Electrical Standards and BPA free Features: Touchpad control panel with LED timer display|24-hour cooking timer|Off/On Keep Warm Simmer Low and High settings|Removable 3.5-quart oval ceramic cooking pot|Automatically shifts to Warm when cook time ends|Brushed stainless steel housing|Glass lid with chrome-plated knob|Dishwasher-safe lid and ceramic pot|Nonslip rubber feet|Instruction/recipe book|Limited 3-year warranty|BPA Free
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9 Reddit comments about Cuisinart PSC-350 3-1/2-Quart Programmable Slow Cooker, Silver, 9-1/2 in H x 9.1 in W x 12.67 in L:

u/fromkentucky · 4 pointsr/slowcooking

Are you cooking for yourself or multiple people?

4 quarts is about the minimum size needed to cook a meal for a family of four. 6 quarts is the most common you'll find in the larger units, and with that you can cook a few days' worth of food for a single person. Also, most slow-cooker recipes are setup for the larger units.

1.5, 2, 3 and 3.5 quart units are also available, but tend not to have the added features, like a timer, automatic temperature switching or removable dish.

EDIT- Crock Pot's Smart-Pot 4 quart digital is a good option.

If you need the extra capacity, go ahead and get a 6 quart version.

If you want something smaller, this 3.5 quart Cuisinart is the only thing I could find under 4 quarts with digital controls.

u/JohnnyBrillcream · 3 pointsr/slowcooking

I've owned 2 of these. Lost one in a divorce and used(re-purchased for $17 used, woohoo!) the other a few days ago. Great size, all the bells and whistles, also looks pretty good.

I have 4 others but this one is my go to crock.

u/thenyteowl · 3 pointsr/slowcooking

Just like someone said, slow cooking is cooking slowly, over several hours. You put your food in the slow cooker or crock pot as it's sometimes called (in some cases you have to prep it for a few minutes), then set the timer and come back hours later and the food is hot and cooked. Easy prep, no slaving over a stove for hours, and you eat a nutritious meal. Perfect for busy families, single people, busy professionals, busy moms, college students, or people who don't know how to cook.

The other advantage is that slow cookers are very inexpensive. If you want a basic model you can probably find one for about $30. Mine cost $55. If you want something fancier it can cost up to $200. I don't think those expensive models are all that necessary. It all depends on your wallet. If you are going to get into this then the only thing I would recommend is a crock pot that's programmable that will switch to warm when the timer goes off. This way you don't have to worry about over cooking your food. I have this one here.

The reason why I started is that I was tired of purchasing expensive meals while at work all the time. There were times when I'd pay $20 for lunch, then $20 for dinner. That adds up. I also noticed that I wasn't getting the nutrition that I feel I need. It's easy to hit up burger king, or any of the myriad fast food spots when you are hungry. I am also not the best cook. I can fix a few dishes, but who has time to really get into cooking.

I discovered it from reading a book by a fitness expert. He looked amazing and went on to talk about how slow cooking helped him eat healthy meals in his busy life. -- Eureka. I found it. Just what I was looking for. A way to eat healthy and not slave over a stove.

Just google slow cooking and check out you tube channels and you will see a myriad of meals that can be fixed. Most for those that don't have cooking skill or the time to sit and watch a stove. There are more elaborate dishes that can be made too. It all depends on what you're looking for.

Hope this helps.

u/IceCreamUForce · 2 pointsr/slowcooking

This is the 4qt version of the crock pot I've used for several years. I love my 6qt model, got a pot roast going now in fact. Will set for 4 or 6 hours on high, 8 or 10 hours on low. Switches to warm automatically. Cooked all sorts of stuff in mine and never had any issues. Not Prime (probably why there aren't tons of reviews) but still ships for free.

This one gives you more flexibility with setting a specific time. I can't speak to it myself because I never used a Cuisinart model, but it's got good reviews and is a Prime item.

Scroll down a little on the product pages, Amazon should have a list/chart comparing similar items. You might find one you like by checking those lists as well.

u/ips0fakt0 · 1 pointr/slowcooking

I have this one 3.5q and like it. It's sized well for one person. I always make 3-4 servings and have one for lunch and freeze the rest. It's also programmable to switch to warm after a certain time has passed.

u/freudjung_deathmatch · 1 pointr/TrollXChromosomes

If you're looking to cook more for yourself, I really reccomend /r/slowcooking, especially when it is so hot out and nobody really wants to use an oven. Crockpots are awesome, and you can generally pick one up for pretty cheap. This is the one I have, though it is more midline/price. I've had it for 2 years now though, and it is still going strong and getting used at least weekly.

u/Oranges13 · 1 pointr/keto

This is good advice, but don't get one that is TOO LARGE.

We got This Model for our wedding and its perfect for myself and my husband.

Too large, and you risk having to cook TOO MUCH food, or with smaller portions having it not cook evenly or be too dry.

The model I linked to is big enough for a large fryer chicken or a good batch of chili.

u/holierthanmao · 1 pointr/slowcooking

I have a 3.5 quart slow cooker and it has been more than adequate. It is capable of cooking for a small group or for solo meals.

The most important thing to me was that it was capable of being stored. I live in an apartment, and with my microwave, coffee maker, dish rack, etc., there was no more space for a counter top appliance. It had to be capable of fitting inside one of my lower cupboards. Luckily, the 3.5 quart one I have just barely fits in my cupboard (I have to flip the lid upside down).

This is what I have.

u/throw667 · 1 pointr/slowcooking

It's almost as if the eBay item had a differently-sized crock from the pot it fits in. Or, perhaps, in your country the crock was metric whilst the pot was Imperial, or vice versa.

Don't blow off the Crock-Pot brand; it's fine and popular. But perhaps find a way to get one new, from someplace.

I've studied different brands recently because I wanted a second, smaller one. I bought THIS one for about USD 50 in the USA. But since you want a manual one, there's THIS which is selling for USD 20 in the States. Larger sizes for manual on/off/warm ones are of course more expensive but not radically so.