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We found 8 Reddit comments about d-c-fix self-adhesive window film Perl 17.7'' x 78.7". Here are the top ones, ranked by their Reddit score.

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d-c-fix self-adhesive window film Perl 17.7'' x 78.7
Easy to applySelf-adhesiveFully removableIdeal for side-lights and glass door panesHigh quality - Made in Germany
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8 Reddit comments about d-c-fix self-adhesive window film Perl 17.7'' x 78.7":

u/hadtoomuchtodream · 15 pointsr/InteriorDesign

Maybe try some privacy window film? Lots of varieties on amazon, and affordable. They also sell it at home depot, and probably lowes.

u/happypsycho · 7 pointsr/funny

Have you thought about using something like this?

u/CBML50 · 5 pointsr/dogs

I would think the crates would be good if for nothing else but to give them something familiar, but that's just a thought.

If you're concerned about windows, can you get some of that window-cling material that obscures views? I've not had an issue with this, but I've seen other people use it. Something like this

I've only once had an issue with a dog not wanting to potty on-leash. I think if your two are used to it in other contexts, they will catch on quickly.

u/mamyd · 4 pointsr/DesignMyRoom

I would try some adhesive window covering. You can get simple ones like this or stained glass style ones. They're helpful at letting the light in but the the stares out.

u/flibbertygiblet · 1 pointr/Dogtraining

First things first, the best thing to do while he's training is to set him up for success by blocking his view. Put furniture in front of it, heavy curtains or blinds, or put this stuff directly on the glass. I recently covered my bedroom windows with that exact product because my cats were destroying my headboard and curtains getting up there to look at birdies all the time, works great and super easy to install. Cheap too. Bonus, if you rent, it peels right off if you move.

Once you block his view, the problem may fix itself. You don't have to block the whole window, just the parts he can get to and see out of.

If he's still barking at the shadows or sounds of people walking by, work on redirection. I'm sure you've tried calling him away, but make it really worth his while. Barking at passersby is very self rewarding. They are near, he barks, and they go away. To him, barking works. You have to show him that another option is the more rewarding one. Try his favorite treats. If that doesn't work, physically move him to a spot he can't see out(gently please), while saying some sort of "off" command(use whatever you want, say banana, it doesn't matter)and once you get him away, give him a treat for calming down. Do a lot of practice of saying your command when no one is there. Then practice with another person(you said we so I'll assume spouse/roommate/whatever). Have them go outside and practice your "come to me and calm" command. Once he realizes that he gets treats for leaving that spot, he'll pick you over it.

Alternatively, you can teach a "place" command(again, you can say "bed" or whatever you want)by luring him to his "place" and rewarding him for going. This can be practiced 100x a day with or without someone walking by. Use high value treats mixed with something a little less high value, keep the order random. Eventually, he'll go to his "place" every time, hoping this time is the time he gets the big deal treat. Then you can phase out getting treats every time to getting treats sometimes and praise sometimes. Again, keep it random.

The whole goal, no matter what method you choose, is to make listening to your command way more rewarding than barking. Make a big deal when he succeeds, he just did the best thing ever! Dogs are opportunists, once they get the hang of it, they'll choose the better reward every single time.

u/MeghanAM · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I could use a window adhesive thing for my bathroom window. It's right in the shower! Awkward. And I don't want like, blinds in the shower because they'll get gross.

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