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8 Reddit comments about DeLonghi KG 79:

u/Emperor315 · 3 pointsr/cafe

i have this and find it makes fantastic coffee. Took me a good few weeks to get the hang of things though. I have also included a link to the grinder I use too...

Of course you will be told to spend more etc and anything in this range is shit blah blah blah. However, I can assure you a great cup of coffee can be had with this equipment.

u/natchers · 2 pointsr/Coffee

> cheap burr grinder

It's a false burr electric grinder that I get downvotes for when recommending it for. Despite this, I use it everyday and it produces a great consistent grind, suitable for french presses/aeropress/auto drip. - KG79

u/JozzleDozzle · 1 pointr/Coffee

I was in exactly the same boat a few weeks ago, getting the same advice: save up a bit more.

Sometimes that's not possible.

I plucked for this bad boy, I use it for pour over, and so far, so good.

You can't go wrong for 35 quid.

u/JmPm · 1 pointr/Coffee

The encore doesn't seem to be available where I live. Does anyone have any other suggestions?

This is one I see commonly used, what's the consensus here?

u/e-density · 1 pointr/Coffee

Are either of these any good?



u/CobaltTitan · 1 pointr/Coffee

How about this one. A little above what I have atm but could be worth saving

u/CodeThree · 1 pointr/cafe

Not too fine as I use a metal filter, the Able Standard filter.

At home I use a Delonghi burr grinder ( and have it set to almost the most course setting (say, 8/10, 10 being most course)

u/AliceOfReading · -4 pointsr/Coffee

Can I suggest you want something similar to a filter coffee if you went to Starbucks, similar to the kind of coffee you would get from mixing instant with water?

Filter coffee can be done as simply by using filters and pouring hot water on fresh grind. I'm currently looking at one of these because it's cheap, I don't have to watch it whilst it makes me coffee, and at that price you can afford a good grinder to go with it. I use the Delonghi Grinder as well, which comes to around £50 for a good cup of coffee each morning. That grinder will just at the finest setting get you espresso grind and around midway you'll find a good filter grind which is a bit coarser.

After that it's just buying good beans, grinding it, placing it in the filter and pressing the on button. It'll make your coffee in the morning and you're fine. If you don't want espresso your life is SO much easier.

Otherwise there are French Presses where your pour the grind in, add boiled water, wait three minutes, stir and plunge. (They even come in a travel variety so you can pour the water in, walk out and plunge as you're walking down the road).

There's a LOT of options and you'll get a lot of different opinions. There's a big hype about Aeropresses, and they're pretty cheap. Frankly I prefer electric filter makers like the Delonghi because it's simple and anything in the morning NEEDS to be simple for me, but it's completely your choice.