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Delta Faucet 7-Spray Touch-Clean Hand Held Shower Head with Hose, Chrome 75700
Lifetime limited warranty: You can install with confidence, knowing Delta’s shower arms are backed by Delta Faucet’s lifetime limited warrantyIntensely powerful: Immerse yourself in the steady, intensely powerful full body spray with forceful streams of water to satisfy all of your showering needsMassaging jets: Relieve sore, tired muscles with focused, invigorating massaging jets for the ultimate showering experience7 powerful spray options: Shower head spray settings include full body spray, wide full body spray, massaging spray, full body spray with massage, drenching spray, energy saving spray, and pauseEasy to clean: Delta shower heads with touch-clean spray holes allow you to quickly and easily wipe away calcium and lime build-up with a touch of a finger, so no need to soak or use chemical cleanersThis hose measure 60 inch and it is stretchable up to 72 inch
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15 Reddit comments about Delta Faucet 7-Spray Touch-Clean Hand Held Shower Head with Hose, Chrome 75700:

u/Silver_kitty · 11 pointsr/SampleSize

You should get one, they are awesome. I replaced my old shower head with a removable handheld one when I had surgery on my pelvic bone and needed to use a shower chair since my doctor told me I wasn't allowed to stand in the bathtub for about two months (if I fell in the bathtub during that time I'd have literally broken my butt). The initial plan was to put it back after, but I discovered that handheld showers are amazing.

Take the handheld shower down to clean the walls in the shower (rinsing your grout cleaner or whatever off the tiled walls). Hold the handheld shower so the cold water doesn't hit you when you first turn on the shower head instead of having to get in to the shower once it's already on. Use the handheld shower to better direct water flow to thoroughly rinse your groin area.

They're $20-$40 and totally a game changer and you don't realize how much better things could be until you have one. (Edit: I have this one by Delta for $25)

u/TantraGirl · 5 pointsr/sexover30

> getting her feeling 'intimate and relaxed' with a massage first? Loosen up the muscles, help her forget about work/life before you start the foreplay?

Yes, exactly!

Massage can be the gateway for many women who are slow to warm up. "Foreplay" doesn't really work for a lot of us because our clits aren't responsive until we're already warmed up.

Some other things that can help: a long, hot bath or shower; meditation; a glass of wine or a few tokes of good weed; having a big block of time with no responsibilities and no interruptions; feeling especially loved and cherished. (Massage helps with that last one too.)

It's a pity she didn't try the vibes. I need a lot of help to get to my first orgasm, and introducing vibrators into both foreplay and sex has made a huge difference.

Some women who won't use vibrators find that water is a great masturbation aid. Maybe get her a pulsating handheld showerhead extension? Like this, for example. They're also great for bathing pets and little kids.

If she doesn't like the showerhead idea, she can lie back in the tub, stick her legs straight up, and slide her pussy under the faucet, or she can use a waterproof vibrator in the tub or shower.

But start with a2freema's idea. There are very few wives and moms who don't love getting a good massage!

u/Jessie_James · 5 pointsr/LifeProTips

A better idea would be to purchase a better showerhead. The brand can make an incredible difference in perceived pressure.

I have been a big fan of Speakman and (surprisingly) WaterPik. Here are my two favorites, and they are 45 minute long shower wife approved too.

u/SteeleStaples · 2 pointsr/HomeImprovement


hundreds of options availble, ask at your local Home depot/lowes.

u/schmin · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon
  1. This is the one I ordered! I like it a lot! I wanted a metal hose so it wouldn't "blow out" like the plastic ones, and it has a wide array of settings.

  2. I don't really have time for any rituals, as all my showers are usually less than five minutes, or mostly less than two. OH, I suppose I have a ritual, or rather, my cat does! She hops in the tub and patiently waits until I turn on the faucet, dump handfuls of water on her, then 'scrub' and 'squeegee' her with my hands. Then she promptly hops out and set to bathing herself. xD And no, her name is Pest, not rubber ducky! =P
u/seamonkee · 1 pointr/FindItOnAmazon

I have this one ($27, prime) and love it.

I like showerheads that basically take your skin off on their strongest setting. While this isn't quite that (only because I'm spoiled with one we got from Target that basically abuses you with water pressure), even with the low water pressure we have it works really well for a "not expensive" shower head.

u/boywonder5691 · 1 pointr/LifeProTips

No. Get one of these and reach every inch of your body.

u/hotyogaguy · 1 pointr/yoga

> fancy shit like detachable showerheads

Here's one for $25 as a retrofit.

u/georgedrunkman · 1 pointr/NSFWIAMA

Do you have one of these?

Have you had any problems with thrush?

u/Turdworm · 1 pointr/RandomKindness

I have a lot of pain issues and the doctors won't give me enough pain meds to last me. Hot showers help. I sit on a icechest/cooler in the shower stall (no tub) and let the hot water hit me. I do this several times a day to ease the pain. I am disabled so I can't afford to buy one of those showerheads right now. I have been really wanting a nice hand held showerhead like this one and one of these.

So, then I could attach that thing to the stall lower down and put the hand held showerhead in it right above my back and just sit there and let it soothe the pain for awhile.

It's a very nice thing you are doing regardless of who you pick. Peace.

u/ItsACharlieDay · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

rubber ducky


My ritual is I play some bball in the afternoon then play and sing a little queen in the shower. I know it's exciting.

u/Girfex · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Delta generally has good stuff.

Whenever I can take a nice shower, not a rushed one because I need to get back to chasing my child around, my bathroom becomes a concert zone. I love music in the shower.

edit woops: Rubber ducky!

u/stonewalled87 · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I always thought these colored shower heads were cool. Here is a nice hand-held one

I don't really have a shower ritual, I do shower at night instead of in the morning. I like to sleep in as much as possible plus I don't sweat that much at night so there is no real issue with no showering in the morning.

rubber ducky

u/TMaccius · 1 pointr/Homebrewing

The 396 gph version isn't much more expensive. To keep from using too much ice, you could start by letting the pot rest on its own for a few minutes (try a hop stand!), then switch to cold tap water through the pump, then switch that out for ice water. The key is just maintaining a high differential between the wort and whatever you're cooling with.

Another option -- and this is a little off the wall -- is to use your shower. You could switch to a handheld shower, get a diverter, or get a showerhead with a splitter that would let you easily swap in your wort chiller. Handheld showers use a pretty standard 1/2" thread.

u/Cyno01 · 1 pointr/mildlyinfuriating

Replaced stock apartment showerhead with this . Its cheap and plastic, but its been going strong for four years and adds about 8 inches to the height of the shower. Took about ten seconds to install. Plus how the hell did we effectively rinse our taints before removable showerheads?