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Devrom Capsules - Bottle of 100
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u/caseystrom · 14 pointsr/ABDL

It sounds like his brain is mapped differently than yours. I think this is something to talk about with him in a non-confrontational way, as he isn't going to change that dipswitch in his brain that enjoys that aspect of regression and being around others who do the same.

I would keep the conversation focussed around: "I enjoy our relationship, and I want to make this work - but it's clear we need to define some boundaries around when it's okay to engage in this and when it isn't. Can we agree that during eating times is off limits, and that if I am not in a mental space where I can deal with the smell that I can politely ask you to go elsewhere? It's not my intention to make you feel shame for what you enjoy, but we just are not on the same level of enjoyment on this."

Also, maybe get him some Devrom to help his mess stink less (