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Diono Radian & Rainier Angle Adjuster (Discontinued by Manufacture)
CREATES MORE SPACE IN THE FRONT SEAT - Elevates All-in-One convertible car seats to a more upright position so they can fit in smaller vehiclesREAR FACING FOR LONGER - The angle adjuster helps to keep your child in the rear-facing position while creating more spaceEASY INSTALLATION - Angle Adjuster simply slides under the bottom of the car seat. Once firmly in place, tighten and lock the seat belt or SuperLATCH in the rear-facing belt path. Isofix compatibleDIONO CRASH TESTED - The Diono Angle Adjuster is Diono Crash TestedDENSE & DURABLE - The Diono Angle Adjuster is made with a high-density foam that will not flatten under the weight of the car seat
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7 Reddit comments about Diono Radian & Rainier Angle Adjuster (Discontinued by Manufacture):

u/NinjasInTheWind · 3 pointsr/teslamotors

Yes, they are. I like them. They're heavy, though. Like u/altimas says, use the Diono Angle Adjuster. Gives more room for the driver, and is safer for the kid.

u/Ana_S_Gram · 2 pointsr/bigbabiesandkids

Once my son hit 29 inches, I started looking for new convertible car seats.

I mostly used this article to narrow down the search -

We ended up going with the Diono Radian. And I recently got the Angle Adjuster for it since my husband is also tall and it's difficult for him to ride in my car with the car seat.

As an aside, don't be too surprised when your tall son quickly becomes the same size as your 5th percentile daughter!

u/PA2SK · 1 pointr/personalfinance

I'm assuming it's rear-facing if you're having leg room problems in the front. So if this is the case and it has to go behind your seat you can use an angle adjuster to get several inches more legroom in the front for you.

These things are really popular and work great. I would definitely spend $10 bucks on one of these to at least try it before dropping $30k on a new car!

You also may be able to put the second car seat in the middle of the backseat.

u/minicpst · 1 pointr/Parenting

The only seat that you've had for a while that rear faces to 45 pounds is the Radian (the Peg only came out a few months ago, and the Foonf isn't out yet). You can buy a $10 angle adjuster specifically designed for it ( and that'll sit it upright so it'll fit. I've installed it in a VW Golf rear facing, to give you an idea. With comfortable room for the front seat passengers. Subarus, smaller Toyotas, everything.

Once a child has head control they don't need the newborn angle. Most convertibles take up less room front to back than an infant seat at 45 degrees.

u/lalalababystuff · 1 pointr/BabyBumps

I had read in an Amazon review before going into BBB that these were helpful for smaller cars. However, I don't think that the store had one, or at least one wasn't offered to us when we tried out the seats in our car. The employees at BBB were surprisingly unhelpful/ not very knowledgeable... Which kind of sucks since we've been given a gift card to get a car seat and are kind of being forced to buy there (Why is BBB so expensive?! Glad they price-match)

Is it this [product?] (

I would really like to try the seat with this in the car, but judging from how it looked without it, I'm really not sure if it would make enough of a difference for us. I also don't really want to buy one just to be able to try it out in the store! lol

u/MissSatan · 1 pointr/breakingmom

How much do you want to spend?

I fucking love my kids Diono Radian RXT (I have the older Sunshine Kids XTSL). I still have my 40lb, 48' 43" 3.5yr old rear facing in it and she's comfortable. It's got a thin profile, is very sturdy, but it's also very heavy. You can buy an "angle adjuster" which will allow you to fit the seat rear facing without having it at newborn recline.

If you watch Kohl's (stackable coupon codes) or Amazon (warehouse deal) you can get one for close to $200 (rather than the $300 MSRP).