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4 Reddit comments about Dipa Ma: The Life and Legacy of a Buddhist Master:

u/Thisbuddhist · 4 pointsr/Buddhism

Read Ayya Khema's biography and Dipa Ma's biography. Both were mothers and both attained levels of Buddhist awakening. Ayya Khema hints at "getting the practice over with" in a video for what it's worth.. Dipa Ma was known for having great metta toawards people. Check it out, I think it will assuage some of your fears.

u/athanathios · 2 pointsr/Buddhism

Between Dipa Ma, Munindra and Mahasi Sayadaw, they probably had the biggest impact on Buddhism in the 20th century, certainly in the west. Mahasi taught Munindra and early western styles are very influenced by Mahasi's works. Munindra, himself helped revitalize Buddhism in India, drove non-Buddhists from Bodh-Gaya and helped revitalize the temple. Mahasi was the main questioner at the 6th Buddhist council.

Dipa Ma's story is fascinating, including her attainments, which included the Siddhis. A self professed non-returner, which would typically, canonically, entail the mastery of the Jhanas, she was actually able to predict the contents of UN speech given BEFORE it happened and was able to bio-locate herself, this was witnessed by a professor and his students hundreds of miles away.

Amy Schmidt wrote a great biography on her, pieced together by interviews with students and people who knew her. I would recommend the book to anyone who wants to know more, it's a fascinating read:

u/Wolfgangnupassana · 1 pointr/Meditation
u/Cloudhand_ · 1 pointr/TheMindIlluminated

Hey there,

I haven't read your whole post yet. But where siddhis are concerned I, for one, have had many "supernormal experiences" in my life and they have only cotinued and increased in frequency and intensity since starting TMI. But I really don't want to discuss these things, particularly in this forum for reasons I went into here:

That being said, I am part of a small group (who practice TMI) and are very open-minded and experienced in both meditation and magickal practices and I have found it extremely beneficial to discuss these things with them when it is really warranted.

If you're interested in this topic I suggest you read Dipa Ma's Biography ( ) she was an acknowledged master of the siddhis. I would also highly recommend the works of Paul Brunton, specifically, "a search in secret india" ( ) which started my interest in Buddhism and the supernormal many years ago.