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Do As I Say (Not As I Do): Profiles in Liberal Hypocrisy
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4 Reddit comments about Do As I Say (Not As I Do): Profiles in Liberal Hypocrisy:

u/SaskabushSaskParty · 3 pointsr/saskatchewan

Sure, glad you asked.

With all due respect, you seem to hold yourself as morally superior then those who lean right. Many people on the left do this, as they feel as though they are morally superior in their beliefs. Left leaning political figures will often attack the character of their opponent, rather then the argument. The ad hominem attack fallacy is their #1 go to in any argument. You are bad because I'm moral and you are not.

One example comes to mind, and it's a debate between Ben Shapiro and Pierce Morgan regarding gun laws post Sandyhook.

If you don't agree with the moral ramblings of someone like Pierce Morgan it's not because you have a different opinion then he does, it's because you are a hateful bigot that loves seeing dead children.

It's what the left does, often and well.

#metoo - I say you should have evidence, and the person being accused of sexual assault should be convicted before labeling him a rapist. But people who believe this are often met with condemnations of being a misogynist from the left.

Again, believe my bull shit or you're a bad person.

You see it on here often as well, another example comes to mind and that's the many posts in support of the Humboldt bus driver who killed like 16 or 17 people. If you say anything even remotely negative about the truck driver, you're a racist white man.

Though continually condemning our premier Scott Moe for an at fault accident in which a woman died is perfectly fine.

Typical double standard, depending on which victim group you belong to.

For the record, killing someone (or a shit load of people) due to an at fault accident is horrible. But I mention this only to bring a spot light on the hypocrisy I often read on this sub.

Anyway, other then the examples presented before I had a chance to comment the top examples I would have used have all been mentioned (and very well detailed) in the book I'll link below.

Any leftist apologist detailed in this book, you can google yourself and you will find well documented sources backing it up.

I could list each person, with links, but this one link makes my point well enough:

Just read up on every person, self described liberals, mentioned in this book and you'll see this for yourself.

Looks like shit people on both sides, not saying conservatives in Canada and Republicans in the US are free from shit heads here.

No one side, politically, has a monopoly on holding people "to a higher standard" lol.

. . . also, for the record, I love Bill Maher and read and listen to whatever I can on him as well. So I don't just lean right.


u/cortex112 · 1 pointr/AdviceAnimals