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Dog Dazer II Ultrasonic Dog Deterrent
Handheld dog deterrent deviceUses the latest in ultrasonic technologyHarmless to petsWorks up to twenty feetLow battery indicator and belt clip
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29 Reddit comments about Dog Dazer II Ultrasonic Dog Deterrent:

u/beyondfar · 15 pointsr/bicycletouring

Dog whistles work And just keep spinning, just keep spinning!

The more you practice, the better you'll get at planning route. Separate what you need from what you want and prioritize
IE: need - water (any gas station for free if they have soda fountain)

Want - that coffee from Starbucks

Take that idea to the extreme, it worked well for me. Only satisfy your wants after you've covered you're needs. And if you're riding a lot of miles a day, electrolytes! Gatorade is the cheapest but I tend to avoid it. Osmo is the BEST I've used and I've tried a lot.

Also, if you got the time, find a spot you both like and take a vacation from riding all day, after all... You are TOURing, be a tourist.

EDIT: Also, quick draw mace (I carry bear spray, cuz fk'em) on your handlebars really gives you that peace of mind feeling in sketchy places. Advice on any mace, test it so you know what's your range and only use it if you are getting attacked. Gun vs mace will not end well, surrender. I've heard stories of tourers talking themselves out of hold ups with their tales of adventure but I'd just be prepared to give up some valuables. Keep money hidden on bike, on your person, and in your gear. On bike I have some in bar plug on hbars, and on person under my insoles wrapped in tape

u/daemose123 · 11 pointsr/Dogfree

Until something is done about them, try using one of these to get to and from your truck. It's just an electronic dog whistle.

Dog Dazer II Ultrasonic Dog Deterrent

u/ImScaredofCats · 10 pointsr/Dogfree

I wouldn’t bother wasting your energy on someone’s else piece of shit, a speaker similar to this one will do the trick;

u/TurboGranny · 10 pointsr/houston

I was able to solve the problem with this. I've tried various ultrasonic devices before, but this is the only one that has worked. The neighbor behind me had a dog that never stopped barking. I would sit outside by the fence trying to feed it or calm it, and it would bark, growl, and snap at me without stopping. I tried being all zen and wearing out the dogs voice by hanging out for hours. Nothing would stop the insanity.

As soon as this package arrive from Amazon, I read the instructions about very short bursts to avoid hearing damage and went outside. The dog started up at me, and I poked the device over the fense and gave him a loud "Shhhhhh" and then hit the button with it pointed at him. He jumped a couple feet in the air and ran back then stepped forward and started barking again. I gave him another "Shhhhh" and another blast. He jumped, yelped, and scurried to the side of his house and was silent the rest of the day. I thought I'd have to reinforce this behavior over several days because it seemed like a very dumb dog, but the next day I came out with my puppies in the back yard and it started right up. I gave him a simple "Shhhh" and he ran around to the side of his house and shut right up. It's been a couple years, and I've only had to shhh him and/or blast him a handful of times. The neighborhood is quiet again. I live in Fresno. You can borrow mine if you don't want to get your own.

u/horsenbuggy · 9 pointsr/legaladvice

Until anything can be resolved, you might want to get your father a Dog Dazer. I doubt he'd want to use it if he's walking your dog but if he's out walking by himself and the dog charges, this could be a legal, non-lethal, non-human-affecting deterrent.

u/D-F-Throwaway · 9 pointsr/Dogfree

Welcome, you definitely found the right place! If you are determined to keep the friends then you might want to set some boundaries, eventually they will get used to you never agreeing to kiss their dog on the mouth (!!) when you come over and stop bringing it up if you are firm about it. As for the bed, if talking to them about it isn't an option (and it is definitely your right to not let the dog sleep with you) you could try using something like this which isn't audible to humans and will chase the dog away.

u/Bebe_Bleau · 9 pointsr/Dogfree

Sorry you're having to put up with tis Broken pa.

I personally like the little hand held doggee dazers. They dont hurt the dog, and owner will have no idea youre doing anything.

I have used a similar one on 2 really bad dogs that were being sicced on me before. The dogs stayed about 10 feet from me, still barking, but it was like an invisible force was holding them back.

Dog Dazer II Ultrasonic Dog Deterrent

Heres a video of another one in use.

u/rollerhen · 6 pointsr/AirBnB

Sounds like you'll either need to invest in a fence of some sort, brainstorm with your neighbor, or install some kind of movement-activated, high-frequency deterrent. Googled "dog deterrent" for ya, found this.

u/oracleofnonsense · 5 pointsr/dogs
u/lwrun · 4 pointsr/dogs

Another one that won't disturb the local population: an ultrasonic dog repellant device

u/hjstudies · 4 pointsr/japanlife

Tell the old guy to cut it out (tell him to feed at his place, not yours, or you'll report him to the police) and move the bowls back to his place. If he ignores you, get video evidence and go to the police.

The cats can be caught and re-homed by volunteers that do that sort of thing. You can find info online. If they're purebred cats, they actually could be sold (not for 200,000, but maybe 10,000 or 20,000), so that's something to keep in mind, too.

And to keep the cats away from your place, a "dog dazer" or some other anti-barking, ultrasonic device works on most cats and dogs that cant be heard by people. The Dazer one is supposed to work on cats up to 40 feet away from you, so you don't need to be very close for it to work. The noise hurts their ears, so, along with you moving the bowls away from your place, they will learn to associate that painful noise with your property.

u/ozone63 · 3 pointsr/Dogfree

Dude, I dont want to paint you as totally disconnected, but that is what is going to end up happening . This:

> If any dog jumps and slobbers on you, you can spray its face with Pet >Corrector from Petco, which is compressed air that makes a loud hissing sound at > Another solution is an >ultrasonic dog deterrent such as >[/B000IBRI2Y. It produces a discomforting but not harmful high >frequency sound audible to dogs, but not to humans.

Dude, doing this would make me look like a huge asshole. I know they're wrong, but if having a cordial conversation doesnt get the issue resolved, then just "not going to his house" is the option I choose over this.

It's not right. But I prefer to keep friends over letting shit eating poodles destroy my relationships (and I know I AM NOT the one destroying it, but doggo fanatics will let that come between us)

u/Peaceful-Moonlight · 3 pointsr/Dogfree

A good friend would never let their dog violate your body without permission. If their dog did it accidentally, a good friend would pull their dog away and apologize. If any dog jumps and slobbers on you, you can spray its face with Pet Corrector from Petco, which is compressed air that makes a loud hissing sound at Another solution is an ultrasonic dog deterrent such as It produces a discomforting but not harmful high frequency sound audible to dogs, but not to humans. The problem with the fanatical dog culture is nondog people are too passive and let themselves be abused. Even parents are more respectful because I've never seen parents glorifying their children lunging at strangers, slobbering on them, and scratching them. If a kid tries doing that, their parents promptly pull them away in embarrassment, chastise the kid, and apologize to the stranger. But dogs doing it is not only acceptable in western society, but it's fanatically worshiped AND we're expected to adore it. However, I'm very direct with my anger towards dog fanatics. I tell them, "I do NOT give a FUCK that your dog likes me." Nondog people have every right to refuse to be so violated by dogs and their shitty owners. Fighting back is how we can prevent the toxic dog culture from growing. How would your friend like it if you jumped all over him and slobbered on him? He probably would not appreciate it, even if it was your way of showing affection. Therefore, his damn dog should NOT do it either.

u/TankSpank · 3 pointsr/running

This - but it works better on bigger dogs. It's not foolproof, but better than a knife (?!)

u/brrtmew · 3 pointsr/childfree

This is what you do: Dog Dazer

u/granitehoncho · 3 pointsr/CCW

A Dog Dazer is an ultrasonic emitting device, and it works well. I take it on my walks, along with a walking stick, and I've used it against a few aggressive dogs and they usually stop, look at you, and if you make a loud noise or look threatening, they hi-tail it back to their place.

u/Ojisan1 · 3 pointsr/LosAngeles

I found the dog whistle apps aren't nearly loud enough to get their attention from any distance. So I bought this:

Worked great. I don't even need it anymore, after several months of consistent use. I would point it out my upstairs window at the neighbor's dogs when they got loud, and give them a brief correction. Usually it takes 2-3 corrections because they will start barking again, but they get the message.

Now they only bark at the HOA's gardening crew. I've been unable to get them to stop doing that and have given up trying, but they no longer bark most other times.

*edit: Link

u/0b0tt · 2 pointsr/LosAngeles

These. My brother-in-law had a dog problem and this worked. Plus he wired them right into motion detector lights, then it would trigger when the dog would walk by the garage and wouldn't get a chance to bark. After like two months the dog didn't come to that side of the garage and if it did it didn't bark.

But that was out in the sticks.

Dog Dazer II Ultrasonic Dog Deterrent

OxGord Stop Dog Barking Ultrasonic Anti Bark Off Limiter Birdhouse Box Silencer Controller Device for Pets

u/ApostleofDemocracy · 2 pointsr/FML

Looking into getting one of these dog deterrent remotes, you press a button it plays a very high pitched noise that only dogs can hear. It doesn't hurt them but I guarantee it will scare it away.

u/pickymeek · 2 pointsr/dogs

Looks like you can get them for fairly cheap online. This is one of many.

u/Kalahan7 · 2 pointsr/knives

Honestly these things are super effective against dogs. Except dogs that are professionally trained to take down people like Police K9s.

If you want to protect yourselves agains dogs this is the thing you need. Knives might look more awesome but they are way less effective against dogs.

u/Estranged180 · 1 pointr/Dogtraining

A good many people are stating pepper spray. This can get you into trouble, should the other dogs owner see you spraying them down. Also, depending on wind directions, it can come straight back into your own faces. Not a pleasant feeling, I assure you.

Go out to the store, and get yourself a nice, shiny police style whistle (remember the ones you used to see in P.E.). Blow that thing loud enough, and immediately. More often than not, the other dogs won't know what the hell it was.

I'm not saying 'don't bring pepper spray'. I'm saying that if you do, be really aware of how you use it.

You could also go the ultrasonic route, but this might affect your dog as well. It would seem that no matter what you do, it will end up affecting your own dog as well. Until now.

A pet safe, directed spray, attack deterrent. Good luck.

u/genmdse · 1 pointr/Austin

this thing works on about 75% of the dogs from my experience (usually the bigger breads)

u/[deleted] · 1 pointr/AskReddit

ultrasonic dog deterrent (there are plug in versions too)

u/sophotrope · 1 pointr/bayarea

To avoid contact with unleashed dogs, another option is a sonic alarm... some recommend an air horn, I use an ultrasonic deterrent. Range depends on local echoes... close range on open grass, larger range around concrete, pane glass, parked cars. Doesn't stun or hurt the dogs, just entices them to stop and figure out the sudden sound.

Best tactic for protection may be to avoid attracting their interest... "stand like a tree," interpose objects, no shouting, no direct eye contact.

A few years SF Animal Control estimated 120,000 dogs in city, only about 16% having the required dog license & shots... probably higher now.

u/zhcyiD9-jpg · 1 pointr/Dogfree

If it's a recurring problem, arm yourself

u/snap_wilson · -2 pointsr/running

Don't get pepper spray. Get one of these babies instead. It's a more humane method and dogs will keep their distance from you.