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Dole Soft Serve Mix, Pineapple, 4.40 Pound
DoleDole Soft Serve Mix - Pineapple (4.4 lbs), P7714P77141072058610197
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16 Reddit comments about Dole Soft Serve Mix, Pineapple, 4.40 Pound:

u/gigabyte898 · 44 pointsr/Disneyland

You can buy the soft serve mix on Amazon direct from Dole. The mix can be made in any consumer ice cream maker. According to the product description it's "Exactly the same as found in Disneyland and Hawaii".

u/iheartmetal13 · 8 pointsr/Disneyland
u/Mistress_Jedana · 7 pointsr/JUSTNOMIL
u/Drink-my-koolaid · 4 pointsr/Baking

Here, if you have an ice cream maker, make some soft serve pineapple Dole Whip and pretend you're at the Polynesian or Adventureland :)

u/elizalemon · 3 pointsr/BabyBumps

i am also very intrigued. i found it on amazon and in the questions and answers sections it has directions for home machines.

u/phoood · 3 pointsr/pics

You can buy Dole whip to make at home (or wherever) on amazon. Just need a soft serve machine or an ice cream maker - I bought a $45ish 1.5qt Cuisinart one just for this and for "maybe I'll try making ice cream one of these days". A lot of froyo places have it too (not necessarily labelled as "dole whip", but just something like "non-dairy pineapple flavor".

Any time I want, I can have dole whip in about 30 minutes.

u/IWTLEverything · 1 pointr/trashy

I once saw dole whip concentrate/mix selling online somewhere. Additionally, there's a cuisineart "ice cream machine" that apparently makes what is essentially soft serve. Still working on convincing my wife we neeeed these things.


Here's the mix!

u/TANCH0 · 1 pointr/disneyparks

u/InfiniteScoop · 1 pointr/heyscoops

I think the bartender might be a little off. Dole Whip is a bit hard to find outside of Disneyland, but there are a few places near me (SF bay area) that sell it. Heck, you can even [buy the mix on Amazon!] (
That said, I love Tiki Bars so I will take your advice and head to the Golden Tiki.
By the way, I also love Dim Sum but bad Dim Sum is...bad. Where did you go and would you recommend it?

u/slhopper · 1 pointr/WaltDisneyWorld

I've been making Dole Whip floats at home! I use a Cuisinart ice cream maker, but if you had a soft serve maker it would be EXACTLY like Disney. I buy dole pineapple juice, and often mix in some Bacardi's coconut or mango rum.... YUMMMMMMMMY!

Dole Whip

u/PM_Me_YourLargeTits · 1 pointr/funny

You can buy it off Amazon