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Door Armor MAX – Complete Door Reinforcement Set For Jamb, Frame, Strike Plate — DIY Home Door Security – Satin Nickel
THE ULTIMATE DOOR REINFORCER: Door Armor MAX is a 3-piece door reinforcement kit that makes even an ordinary door into a barrier that is kick proof and can’t be breached even using battering rams and other tools.DIY HOME SECURITY FOR EVERYONE: You don’t need to rely on a home security alarm company to keep your home safe. Anyone can install the door jamb reinforcement plate and door frame with a power drill and 30 minutes of time. Detailed instructions included in your order.$500 LIFETIME SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: If someone breaks through a door reinforced with the Door Armor MAX, Armor Concepts will refund your purchase and send you a $500 check. That’s how confident we are in this product.The Jamb Shield is cut with knock-out holes that are designed to fit locks spaced from 4.5 to 21.5 Inches apartMAKE YOUR HOME YOUR CASTLE: Door Armor works by reinforcing the weak points in your door. Even a 12-year-old can kick down the typical front door. Door Armor MAX works by reinforcing the area around the door lock (including the deadbolt strike plate), the jamb, and the hinges.PREVENTING ENTRY PREVENTS BURGLARY AND HOME INVASION: Over 85% of burglars enter through the front door. Preventing home entry prevents burglary and dangerous confrontations with criminals.
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24 Reddit comments about Door Armor MAX – Complete Door Reinforcement Set For Jamb, Frame, Strike Plate — DIY Home Door Security – Satin Nickel:

u/Rock_it_Scientist · 37 pointsr/lifehacks

This won't do fucking shit.

Source: I had a teenager kick my door open a couple years ago. Here is what is left of my 2X6 door jamb after the kick. Pulled the 4" screws clean out and cracked the stud.

If you want some real protection against someone kicking open your door you need one of these or these

u/LedToWater · 17 pointsr/homedefense

Have they been breaking in one particular way? If so, maybe we could help prepare for their preferred way.

I always highly recommend hardening your home. It helps that you are in the second floor, that means they are less likely to target your windows (unless there is access to your windows). So, let's focus on the door. Doors (and their frames) are often quite vulnerable.

If your door doesn't have a deadbolt, get one and use it! A deadbolt is much, much stronger than the lock on the knob, but it doesn't do anything for you if you don't lock the deadbolt. It is slightly less convenient because you have to use a key to lock it when you leave, but the extra security far outweighs the slight inconvenience. Use your deadbolt.

You may be limited in what the landlord allows you to do, but I'd suggest you do some version of the following to reinforce the door. You can get a door reinforcement kit like this or this (I've sometimes seen the prime-line kit for sale at HD or Lowes for more like $25). These will reinforce the weak door frame and make it much harder to kick in the door. If that is too big of a change, maybe you'd be allowed to replace the strike plate with one like this. That would be a good step up from a standard strike plate. If you aren't allowed to do any of those, at a minimum you should replace the short screws that your strike plate and hinges likely have now, with longer screws (3-4 inch screws are good). The longer screws will anchor the strike plate not only to the weak door frame, but to the strong 2x4 structure behind the frame too. Also a few of those long screws on the hinge side of the door; stock hinge screws are often too short for good security too.

Reinforcing the door will make it much harder to kick in, so they will probably move on to a softer target. It would also take longer and make more noise, giving you more time to call for help, arm yourself, or escape.

If their preferred method is not to kick in the door, but to attack the lock (using a bump key or lock picks), I'd suggest switching to a high security lock like a medeco or assa/abloy. If you can't afford that, then a lock that uses a non-standard key would at least help some. Kwikset KW1 and Schlage SC1 are the most common keys, so those would be the most common bump keys carried by thieves. Getting a lock that doesn't use either of those would at least make them less likely to have the proper key handy.

What I wrote above can help keep people out; that is most important in my opinion. After that, some sort of alarm may make an intruder want to leave more quickly, or also give you extra warning.

Edit: I just wanted to add that many companies use the KW1 and SC1 keys, not just kwikset and schlage. So if you want a less common key, you have to do your due diligence to know what key it uses. For example, I think Baldwin uses either a KW1 or SC1; also, i think Defiant uses a KW1. And definitely avoid anything that uses Kwikset's "Smart Key". The Smart Key locks are just weak junk.

u/sgtsnyder88 · 14 pointsr/homedefense

My first recommendation will always be to get a gun an training, however if you're not comfortable with that (as you stated in another comment) then that's ok too. The worst thing you can do is buy a gun you're not going to use that can potentially be used against you. Regardless of what some other clueless users may state, the sound alone will NOT scare off an intruder

So, given that, it sounds in your situation like your only reasonable point of entry is the front door, so beef it up.

As another user stated you can get a better deadbolt and it doesn't have to break the bank. Just do your homework, get a grade I lock, and stay away from your cheaper locks (pretty much anything made by kwikset).

In addition, the door reinforcement kit is a good option as most break-ins tend to simply be kicking the door in. What actually happens in this situation is that the force of the kick is actually driving your metal deadbolt through the wooden frame of the door, splintering the frame. A reinforcement kit and longer screws (a good 3" wood screw ought to do it) will help mitigate this risk.

Hope this helps

u/NewkTownTN · 10 pointsr/HomeImprovement

I'd also like to add "Door Armor" to the list. I like knowing that my home is at least a little more secure while I'm away.

u/wwabc · 10 pointsr/homedefense

you can reinforce a door jam pretty cheaply:

that would assume a solid door, not hollow core that could be kicked in

u/HomeSickInNY · 8 pointsr/homedefense

These are options as well.

Door Armor MAX – Complete Door Reinforcement Set in Satin Nickel — Door Security by Armor Concepts

As another reddit user mentioned, longer screws improve the lock's security.

u/mr1337 · 7 pointsr/homedefense

Actual bullet-proof glass is expensive and probably has to be professionally installed. Even so, bullets will still go through exterior walls and drywall quite easily.

My first suggestion if you truly fear for your family's safety is to move. I know you said the property has been in the family for a very long time, but you should ask yourself it the property is worth a family member dying - if that's what you really think would happen if you stayed.

My second suggestion if you can't afford the stiff bill for the bulletproof glass - is to add some basic fortification to the home to prevent unauthorized entry. A door jamb reinforcement kit and some window security film will go a long way for preventing access to anyone trying to break in. A firearm (or a few) is a must if allowed in your jurisdiction. Just make sure everyone gets some safety training if they're not familiar with guns. Another thing to look into is a monitored alarm. Dogs are also great deterrents and alerts.

My point here is, it's much more effective use of your money fortifying and securing your home than it is to try to make it bulletproof. Unless you are very wealthy, that is going to break the bank. Go browsing around the subreddit and read some wiki articles to get more ideas on fortification and what other people have done.

u/antarcticgecko · 6 pointsr/HomeImprovement

Wow looks great! I would love to get to do that and learn how.

Just had a kid and I’ve gone into super dad mode trying to beef up the house security. I bought these door reinforcements and will replace my hinge screws with three inch screws. Do you think that would have helped with preventing or delaying a kick in?

u/CantStopPoppin · 4 pointsr/LetsNotMeet

If you can't move arm your self and get security cameras. Please look into something like this for your door

Visit r/wyze and r/homedefense post this on home defense there are people that are more knowledgeable than me on there that can point you in the right direction. I am beyond glad you and your child are safe and I am also so sorry you had to go through something like that. you are an amazing mother and your survival skills are a testament to it.

u/Shod_Kuribo · 4 pointsr/dndnext

That's so the tenant doesn't complain about not having their preferred type of lock (usually bar/chain, knob, and dead bolt), not because it makes the door significantly more secure.

If you want a really secure door you need to reinforce the area around the door knob + deadbolt and use one of the long striker plate + dead bolt plates that screws throughout a significant portion of the door jamb. More locks doesn't help significantly.

Something like this and this .

or if you're not wanting to spend quite that much and

If you have a solid door you can make it prohibitive to break just with the longer striker plate and screws that reach deep into the 2x4s on the other side of the jamb.

u/Naturist02 · 3 pointsr/CCW

Glad she kept her wits and is ok. She might think about installing this product on her doors. It’s for outside doors. I installed this on my house. NOBODY is getting inside my house. It comes in different colors to match any door. They are a bit pricey but work awesome.
Door Armor MAX – Complete Door Reinforcement Set in Satin Nickel — Door Security by Armor Concepts

u/YankeeTxn · 3 pointsr/HomeImprovement

> Get a metal or solid-wood (not hollow core normal) door, preferably metal.

Those are both good choices. However, fiberglass doors will absorb some of the energy, and bounce it back at the offender if kicked, are more resistant to dings (in my experience), and can be easily patched. Down side is that they don't work with the magnetic trim seals.

Renforce both sides:

Edit: I did my first door in less than 4 hours with a friend helping. Re-trimming/painting took another couple hours. We were both handy, but not experienced at the time. Just make sure you buy the whole door/frame combo, and the right depth (for 2x4 or 2x6 framing). And don't try to be too gentle removing the trim. Just count on replacing it too.

u/tatiwtr · 2 pointsr/homesecurity

What is weak about your door?

Think about getting something like this:

u/Drathus · 2 pointsr/homeautomation

Definitely. These are the ones I put in.

And for my front door, which is 3/4 window, I put in a high security dead-bolt (AssaAbloy Protec2) with a locking thumb-turn. So even if someone smashes through the glass they can't unlock the deadbolt. The key is out of reach. They'd have to climb through.

The camera above the front door would likely discourage anyone from wanting to even try that. Or at least that's my hope. =P

u/GogglesPisano · 2 pointsr/Whatcouldgowrong

And reinforce the frame with something like this.

u/Market0 · 2 pointsr/Atlanta

Also, get a door reinforcement kit and install it. It may not of worked in this situation because of the door being glass and being able to break through and unlock it. For solid doors though, it's a must.

u/PartyBandos · 2 pointsr/smarthome

This may be a bit overkill, and you could find door reinforcements on a smaller scale, but after reading that most home invaders kick in your door to get in I figured why not.

u/j021 · 1 pointr/LifeProTips

I was researching home security last night and many suggested this

I think that's what they are referring to. One of the reviews has a video to better see.

u/traft00 · 1 pointr/homedefense
  • Install reinforcement plates on all your outer doors:
    Door Armor
u/zzorga · 1 pointr/NOWTTYG

Something like this would be useful for distributing the force of impact over a larger area, and doesn't require heavy renovating to install.

Otherwise, one thing to keep in mind is that most modern modular homes have incredibly shitty pre framed doors.

The actual frame is completely separate from the house, only connected by a few screws here and there.

A good countersunk lagbolt every foot would resolve that problem pretty well. Because otherwise that shitty 3/4" pine is gonna shatter and shear right away... Or it's possible that the crappy screws will shear first, and your door will accompany your frame on its way to the floor. Lagbolts motherfucker, use em.

u/Tangurena · 1 pointr/Whatcouldgowrong

The way the frame is attached is very weak and trivial to defeat.

Most door reinforcement kits will make the jam much more resistant to kicking.


Also, "hammer head deadbolts" hold on to the frame so that they are much harder to kick in. They push two ball bearings into the strike plate hardware in order to grab on to the frame:

Goes over door security in far more detail than you want:

u/Gunmetal2187 · 1 pointr/LasVegas

I'm not sure if what you're talking about is different but the door jamb reinforcement I'm talking about does the same thing. No contractor needed. Here's an example

Door Armor MAX - Complete Door Reinforcement Set For Jamb, Frame, Strike Plate - DIY Home Door Security - Satin Nickel