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A fusible web that bonds two layers of fabric together when activated by a steam ironGreat for quick fixes and easy no-sew projectsFor use with white or light colored regular weight fabricsWashable and Dry CleanableThis package contains 5/8-Inch x 20-Yards of regular weight Stitch Witchery in white
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13 Reddit comments about Dritz 222 STITCH WITCHERY FUSIBLE BONDING WEB WHITE REG WGHT 20YD, 5/8-Inch X 20-Yards:

u/broostenq · 71 pointsr/frugalmalefashion

If you don't want to spend $5 at the tailor, you can get away with cutting them then cuffing the bottoms. I'll sometimes iron the cuff and maybe use some Stitch Witchery to keep the fold in place.

u/AskMrScience · 9 pointsr/TrollXChromosomes

Yes, minions are a great answer! I often try to outsource my sewing to others (like I said, I hate it with a fiery passion).

You could also try out thermal fusible tape. It won't be quite as robust as a sewn hem, but literally all you do is fold fabric over the tape and iron it, which glues the fabric together. It won't work for heavy duty fabric like jeans, but should be fine for trousers and maxi dresses.

One of the top brands is called Stitch Witchery.

u/n0esc · 6 pointsr/securityguards

If, and only if you are working a site where you are in a blazer or similar then I am an advocate for a tie. If you are in standard class a then ditch the tie. Since your client needs a tie, then I'd stay clip on for the numerous reasons everyone else gave.

One trick if you are in a blazer and need a nicer looking tie than a clip on is to buy used ties at Goodwill , tie it like normal but leave an extra fingers worth of space after you tighten it up, then have someone cut the back of the neck loop, use some stitch witch to close up the two new ends, and put velco on each end of the tie. You now have a quick release tie that isn't a standard clip on, with much better fabric and fit, but still less likely to kill you if someone grabs it.

u/Jenuptoolate · 4 pointsr/femalefashionadvice

Have you tried Stitch Witch? Basically it is a light weight fabric tape that you iron over the seam. Get the one sided tape, then just iron directly over the seam. Amazon or any fabric store will sell it.

u/Schiaparelli · 2 pointsr/femalefashionadvice

Hem it! (Or find the right pants to tuck it with.) There's iron-on hem tape if you have an iron + no sewing machine accessible, but it's probably better (especially for a buttoned shirt) to take it to a tailor if possible.

u/RochelleRochelleEsq · 2 pointsr/femalefashionadvice
u/WoozleWuzzle · 2 pointsr/hockey

Buy this:

Then put some pieces under the name plate. Iron. Done!

They sell it at practically any sewing/craft store.

u/were-worm · 2 pointsr/DIY

there's this thing called hemming tape that is a really great alternative to sewing if all you're planning on working on are those two curtains. you should be able to find it at a craft shop or walmart or whatever.

u/TheNASAUnicorn · 1 pointr/TwoXChromosomes

You can buy a basic version of it at Big box stores like Walmart, Target..... but you can get nicer, heavy duty stuff at craft stores like Joann’s.

It’s this stuff: but be careful, it comes in loads of sizes and strengths, so I usually buy it in store so I can touch and read it and make sure I get heavy duty!

Works wonders.
You lay it in the two folds of fabric and therefore into hem you want to make.... apply a hot iron and boom. Instant hem. Magic for when you don’t have the time to sew!
I’ve totally used a hot pot fresh from the stove before when out on location if I can’t get an iron. 😂

u/Unabomber007 · 1 pointr/malefashionadvice

This. Every maker of pants is different on the inseam due to the rise of the pants. Another option is to get some stitch witch. Once you have ironed/folded to the correct inseam, apply some according to the directions and removed the excess. DO NOT be a douche canoe and just "iron it a little" as it will last as a bonding strip for about 7 and fully follow the directions and use a stop watch if you have to for timing!!! I usually double the stitch witch over for extra bonding. For pants, I go from seam to seam on one side, then repeat on the other side.

Or you can have a tailor do this as this GENERALLY runs $10 and takes a week.

u/frostfromfire · 1 pointr/femalefashionadvice

Check out the site extrapetite. The girl who blogs is about your height (under 5' tall) and she finds clothes that fit your size. From scrolling through some of her recent posts, it looks like Old Navy's jersey skirts (pulled up super high or folded over on top--I am petite and pull them up to my ribcage!) would work best if you don't want to shell out any money on hemming.

If you don't mind being lazy about the hemming process, you can get some 100% cotton pencil skirts from J. Crew Factory or Ann Taylor or the Gap, then use this stuff to iron a hem. It'll bond pieces of fabric together with super high heat which means this would be a no-no on polyester, acrylic, and nylon. My mom used to hem pieces of clothing for me when I was small, and it was rare for the hem to ever fall out using this kind of tape.

u/Oungan · 1 pointr/dagorhir

Has anyone ever tried using Super 77 or Stitch Witchery to make cloth covers instead of sewing? I don't have a sewing machine available, and we are currently trying to produce enough weapons for walk-ons (the group is just getting started). Hand sewing 15-20 covers is a large timesink.

u/thewhaler · 1 pointr/cosplayers