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Dritz 638 Deluxe Seam Ripper
Use seam ripper to cut and remove unwanted stitchesThe Ditz Deluxe Seam Ripper is small and convenient; This tool is indispensable for removing stitchesIt comes with a clear plastic cap, a safety ball to protect fabric and it's made from hardened steel to last a lifetime
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u/sunugly · 24 pointsr/malefashionadvice

But have you seen this seam ripper?

u/Lorenzosama · 21 pointsr/frugalmalefashion

You'll want to get a seam ripper. It's designed to do just that sort of thing without ruining your clothes. Use it to cut the seams off of the patch and it'll just fall off. It might sound like a knife is a good idea, but this is cheaper than even one ruined jacket or shirt.

u/UpsidedownTreetrunk · 17 pointsr/TheGirlSurvivalGuide

A seam ripper Amazon is great for this.

I wish I'd known this when I vacuumed my first apartment. /: Long hair + trich = so much fucking hair. I spent a good 15 min getting it out of the roller.

u/selkies · 13 pointsr/malefashionadvice

I personally don't care for them at all, but if you really must wear them you can use a seam ripper to take out the stitching design.

u/BobbleBobble · 11 pointsr/rickandmorty
u/Baelari · 10 pointsr/bjj

Get a seam ripper from the sewing shop/Walmart/amazon, and break the stitches holding it on.

Looks like this: Dritz Deluxe Seam Ripper

u/brx017 · 9 pointsr/Ultralight

I used to work at a public safety store (police, fire, EMS uniforms) that did embroidery. Pick yourself up one of these from Amazon or Walmart or a craft store and you'll have your name off of there in no time. It'll take under a minute per letter once you get the hang of it. To help reduce the chance that you stick the seam ripper through the fabric and make a big hole, keep the area you're working on against a table top and keep the pointy end parallel to the table and fabric. Once you have it cleaned up, take something like a firm nylon bristle brush and go over the area on both sides of the fabric. It will help pull any thread fibers out of the holes and make the holes close up as much as they can. If you want to be safe you can then rub some seam sealer over the spot from the inside.

u/Browncoat9275 · 8 pointsr/femalefashionadvice

You might could try using a seam ripper (can find at Walmart/Target/any store with a crafts section).

u/tacolollipop · 7 pointsr/malefashionadvice

Boom. you just use the pointy end to cut the stitching between the patch and the fabric. Super easy to use.

u/Disburden · 6 pointsr/CrossStitch

A seam ripper makes removing stitches so much easier and faster. I picked one up for a dollar at the grocery store, they're everywhere.

u/_TheHipGamer_ · 5 pointsr/aikido

Buy a seam ripper and it will come right out.

u/wrenginaldd · 5 pointsr/NoStupidQuestions

Invest in a seam ripper, pretty cheap at local craft stores and just undo the stitches holding the tag on

u/nitrogenousbear · 4 pointsr/Dodgers

I second this. I am actually doing some surgery right now on a jersey using this to remove the stitched name:

u/the_human_raincheck · 4 pointsr/malefashionadvice

Here's an example. I prefer a small, super sharp pair of scissors. Like these.

u/coletud · 4 pointsr/hockeyjerseys

Its really not that hard. Just use a seam ripper and take your time. Makes the jersey 10x better

u/ButterstheFree · 4 pointsr/Fallout

A seam ripper like this but maybe bigger or heftier would be your friend.

I'd just cut the radio pouch off (not close to the seam, just for access and visibility) and then cut/pull the seam out. It's tedious and with tougher material it can be hard but all you have to do is use the ripper to cut more stitches. Be extremely careful not to cut the cloth underneath the radio pouch or any seams that aren't involved with the pouch, since that can cause fraying.

You can likely just remove the elastic on the (viewer's left) shoulder and not do too much damage to the rest of the seams on the vest. I wouldn't touch the horizontal straps.

The stitches are usually pretty tight on these kind of things but if you're careful you can usually get a seam ripper under/between them and then you're good to go.

u/epsilonlegend · 3 pointsr/SanJoseSharks

Buy one of these, and do it yourself. It's way better than paying someone 20 bucks to do it.

However, if you are going to get a new name and number sewn on... You're better off bringing it to at tailor/Hockey-X.

u/Meikami · 3 pointsr/femalefashionadvice

I recommend picking up a seam ripper at your local fabric store, but if you're careful, scissors still work in a pinch. A seam ripper just works better as it's designed for this purpose.

u/smokehaus · 3 pointsr/malefashionadvice
u/TootsNYC · 3 pointsr/howto

A seam ripper seam ripper, but look for one with a long, thin handle (long is better; if you have to, you can file or sand the plastic handle to be thinner)

Also a knit picker knit picker may fit help you reach in there

u/raptoresque · 3 pointsr/breakingmom

Hey! I recently discovered seam rippers, the sewing tool, are perfect for getting the hair to stop strangling my vacuum! I got an extra seam ripper and store it with my vacuum, and it's so much easier and faster!

u/wbgraphic · 3 pointsr/DIY

1: That pocket is godawful and should never have been there in the first place.

2: It appears to be a fairly coarse weave, at least in on the decorative elements. This works in your favor, as it will help to hide any hole left behind by the pocket stitching.

3: If you're not worried about screwing up the shirt, go for it. Get yourself a seam ripper (or even just a hobby knife) and cut the threads. Worst case scenario, you end up with a shirt you only wear around the house.

u/Genghis__Kant · 2 pointsr/frugalmalefashion

With a cheap little seam ripper, you can remove all kinds of buttons, tags, embroidery, etc from clothes

u/saroka · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Seam ripper or a creme eyeliner!

Thank you! :D

u/[deleted] · 2 pointsr/swoleacceptance

For what it's worth you could probably remove the stitching with one of these.

u/Logan_Chicago · 2 pointsr/malefashionadvice

Like everything in life, practice/just doing it a lot. Have an idea of what you want to do, research it, do it, and repeat.

The first tool I became proficient with was the seam ripper.

u/CunningRunt · 2 pointsr/malefashionadvice

Yes. A seam ripper will take care of this. You could probably save yourself $3 and just carefully use a razorblade.

u/seeking_theta · 2 pointsr/pics

protip per a martha stewart tip i read a few years back: a seam ripper makes it easy to clean out of the roller. I keep it inside the vacuum bag zipper.

u/Thenbobsyouruncle · 2 pointsr/bjj

Removing patches: Get a seam ripper, they're really cheap.

If you can't remove the patches, get a new gi. Theoretically it shouldn't matter, but sometimes people get weird about it, and unless you want to hear "Well I don't know how they do things at GRACIE BAJA, but here ..."

u/n0esc · 2 pointsr/howto

You need something called a seam ripper.

Walmart sells them with the fabric and craft stuff too. Turn the pocket inside out and use the pointy part of the tool to cut the threads holding the patch. Word of warning that this will leave noticeable stitching holes until the pants have been washed a couple times. You can also try steaming the pocket to loosen the thread and massage the fabric. They might not ever go fully away.

u/needmoregold · 2 pointsr/malefashionadvice

Buy a seam ripper although its faster and better practice to cut it off and do it again. Seems like a lot of beginners fuck up a stitch and think its over and they suck. I rip out seams and do them over constantly if I don't like the results.

u/StriderTB · 2 pointsr/frugalmalefashion

I removed the shoulder patch on my Altitude with a seam ripper. You can't even tell it was there. Depending on the weave of the nylon on this jacket, it may take a little time for the fabric to smooth out, but you can probably remove the patch with little evidence that it was ever there.

You can probably do the same thing with an xacto knife and a steady hand, but using the right tool makes it much easier.

u/MeishkaD · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

One of these. Makes it far easier to quickly remove a seam that you didn't mean to sew.

u/corinnaps · 1 pointr/malefashionadvice
u/Dcs87 · 1 pointr/rawdenim

Get a seam ripper if you want to remove stitching. They are only a few dollars.

Much safer than a knife!

u/epik · 1 pointr/malefashionadvice

Shit takes forever but here

Some have stated the possibility of damage. Still worth it.

u/ToiletSpiders · 1 pointr/sewing

I'm still a beginner really, but last year I bought myself this machine and I love it!

Brother CS6000i Feature-Rich Sewing Machine With 60 Built-In Stitches, 7 styles of 1-Step Auto-Size Buttonholes, Quilting Table, and Hard Cover

It's well within your budget, so I would pair it with these must haves for sewing/quilting.

Fiskars Rotary Cutting Set

Dritz Deluxe Seam Ripper

Best Titanium Scissors - 3 Shears in One Pack - Precision Cutting Blades For Sewing - Office Scissors - Art and Craft Set - Sharp Scissors That Wont Break

She really will need those things! All total this should be about $200, but she will still need thread & fabrics. This is where I would suggest a gift card to your local craft store so she can pick out her own.

To me, that would be the perfect gift set for someone wanting to get into sewing and quilting.

The machine itself, I really like as a beginner. I have made 5 quilts this year, as well as Christmas stockings, quilted tote bags, a table runner, a few pillows, etc.
It was really easy to set up. Eventually if she gets really serious with the hobby she will want to upgrade. But personally I'm totally satisfied and don't foresee myself upgrading unless it breaks or something.

u/ketchupfiend · 1 pointr/femalefashionadvice

It really depends on the shirt. First and most obviously, was the fabric behind the dart cut open after it was sewed? In other words, if you undid the stitching would you have a hole in the shirt? Second, what type of material is the shirt made of? In my experience, needle holes and pressing remain more visible in cotton than in synthetic fibers like polyester crepe. If you do choose to take it out, you may want to buy or borrow a seam ripper. How to use a seam ripper.

u/djlawrence3557 · 1 pointr/redsox

stitch/seem ripper All of my New Era and '47 brand hats are logo-less now. I've even taken a lot of the back-band stitching out of the franchise hats which makes it shaped like a franchise, but appear like an on-field. Give it a shot on one of your older hats.

u/Postpawl · 1 pointr/bikewrench

Do I need a seam ripper like this to do that without messing it up?:

u/polkadotblazer · 1 pointr/dyeing

In order to prevent getting dye on any other part of the hoodie you’re going to have to detach the pocket. You’ll need a seam ripper, rit dye, a double sewing needle for your machine, and thread that matches the color.
When detaching the pocket make sure you’re only cutting the thread holding the pock, and not any of the fabric.

Dritz 638 Large Seam Ripper 1-Pack Multicolor

Rit Dye Powder-golden Yellow

Euro-Notions Twin Machine Needle, Size 1.6/70 (1), 2.0/80 (1), 3.0/90 (1)

Sulky 942-1024 Rayon Thread for Sewing, 250-Yard, Goldenrod

If you’re not comfortable taking the pocket off and sewing it back on, I would not recommend dyeing it.

u/TheDewd · 1 pointr/NavyBlazer
u/billfabcock · 1 pointr/CafeRacers

You could probably remove most of that branding with one of these guys. Might not work perfectly, though. In fact, it would probably look hideous. I'm curious if anyone's tried this, though.

u/Heres_J · 1 pointr/funny

You need one of these.

u/victor_e_bull · 1 pointr/malefashionadvice

You can do it yourself with a seam ripper and twenty minutes of your time (just carefully remove the stitches around the pocket). I've removed probably a dozen pockets from dress shirts. A word of caution: depending upon the construction of the shirt, it's possible that some perforations may be visible in the fabric.

u/starsandatoms · 1 pointr/techwearclothing

looking for gore tex hat, then I can recommend you this new era one:

you can remove the logo but you'll need a Seam ripper. I've done this to some of my new era hats. It takes some patience and if you do this warning you will see the faded outlines of the new era logo but you have to be very close to see it.

u/Remmib · 1 pointr/MouseReview

As far as I can tell, it's this.

Apparently you can also just use a razor blade...