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E-Z Anatomy and Physiology (Barron's Easy Way)
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u/RockstarMonkey · 1 pointr/securityguards

As a hospital security officer, I rarely approach any situation without putting gloves on. A couple of pairs in a keeper pouch is a good idea, but almost every hospital in the US has a glove dispenser and a hand sanitizer station within a few steps of wherever you may be at any time. When dealing with psych patients, remember it's the illness talking, not the person. Compassion is a big the biggest part of hospital security.

Keep an extra uniform at work. This is actually a requirement at the hospital I work at. Keep a Vick's Inhaler handy, a couple quick snorts will get funky smells out of your nose in a jiffy. There are lots of funky smells at the hospital.

If you stay there and decide you like the hospital setting, I'd advise you to pick up a copy of Dean Vaughn's Medical Terminology and Baron's E-Z Anatomy & Physiology. It will make following the conversations taking place around you much easier, and those two books present it in a very easy to learn manner.

u/beeldo · 1 pointr/StudentNurse

Barron's EZ Anatomy & Physiology, along with Khan Academy, has greatly streamlined my studying. On their own they're probably not enough for an A, but I'd be surprised if you couldn't pass A&P I/II with just those two resources.