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Eagle Claw Featherlight 3/4 Line Weight Fly Rod, 2 Piece (Yellow, 6-Feet 6-Inch)
Highest quality angler gear for all types of fishersTrusted for reliability, durability, and strengthQuality and field tested to ensure you can compete with the best1 hooks per packFiberglass 2 Piece RodStainless Steel GuidesCork Handle1 Year Warranty
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7 Reddit comments about Eagle Claw Featherlight 3/4 Line Weight Fly Rod, 2 Piece (Yellow, 6-Feet 6-Inch):

u/squidsemensupreme · 4 pointsr/flyfishing


You'll need backing line, fly line, a tapered leader, and some tippet to rig that all up.

After that, flies, and that's the absolute bare essentials. Should be well under $100 to test the waters.

And once you catch your first fish, you'll need more flies, floatant, splitshot, strike-indicators, 5 different kinds of tippet, weighted forward fly line, forceps, nippers (the sharp ones), a net, waders, boots, sunglasses, those things to hold your sunglasses, a wading staff, four Patagonia hats with trout on them, multiple other rods and reels, spools, a truck, a rod tube holder for the truck, etc ad infinitum...

u/flyawayfish44 · 2 pointsr/flyfishing

There's never been a better time to get fairly priced rods small enough for youngsters to get started.

Probably the first one most people would mention is this Featherstick. It's been around for awhile and lot of folks had their introduction on that rod because it's short, light, and inexpensive. It's basically just a thinner, more flexible regular pond rod.

The next step up are generic Asian factory rods from the internet. There's about a thousand companies all selling basically the same product, so it's your choice. Again, anything under 3wt will usually be available in lengths under 7', and these brands will usually be under 75$. Search around mass internet markets like eBay and Amazon and you'll find what you're looking for.

Crazy to think that even 15 years ago a lot of these options didn't even exist.

u/bodypillow_shots · 2 pointsr/flyfishing

It, of course, depends on your style of fishing as well as budget. I’ve had a great time fishing the Eagle Claw Featherlite in the 3/4wt with a DT line in small streams on the North Shore of Lake Superior and the driftless region. Though it is limited in the variety of water it can fish it’s an extremely inexpensive rod that over performs and I don’t have to worry about babying. For a more lower-medium priced and all-around rod a St. Croix mojo trout or a few of the rods from Echo (ION XL, Carbon XL, and their Base) might be better choice as they are longer and thus more versatile. I haven’t specifically fished either but I have the St. Croix mojo bass for smallmouth in the Mississippi and absolutely love it, it’s light and shoots line like a cannon! With its accolades I can’t imagine the mojo trout to be anything but great; there are also lots of options for lots of applications. To speak on Echo’s I’ve handled their base model in the shop and it was a bit heavy for my tastes; however, I have their ION reel and am a big fan. For an upper-medium tier rod I have a Sage Foundation in a 4wt. While a bit higher priced than the others it performs phenomenally. It is very light weight but can still handle bigger flys than you might expect a 4wt to as well as delicately present dry flys with laser accuracy. At the shop I was within a few inches of hitting a bumble bee at 40-ft and that’s what sold me on it.

u/Independent · 1 pointr/flyfishing

Get the cheap Eagle Claw Featherlight in 3/4wt. It's 6'6" and only $25 on Amazon.

u/nom_de_loon · 1 pointr/flyfishing
u/Nodeal_reddit · 1 pointr/flyfishing

Thanks. Is this the rod. I can't figure out if it's a 3/4 or a 4/5:

Eagle Claw Featherlight 3/4 Line Weight Fly Rod, 2 Piece (Yellow, 6-Feet 6-Inch), 4/5 weight