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Earthwise Reusable Mesh Produce Bags - TARE WEIGHT TAGS on every bag Premium MACHINE WASHABLE Grocery Set of 9-3 Different Sizes 12x17in, 12x14in, 12x8in
BPA FREE AND FOOD CONTACT SAFE: Our Premium Reusable Mesh Produce Bags can SAFELY hold all your fresh produce,fruits and veggies as they are BPA Free. Our products are tested and evaluated for toxicity and safety and comply with applicable quality and safety regulations.3 DIFFERENT SIZES: With the Earthwise Premium Reusable Mesh Assorted Bag set, you will find an unlimited number of ways to use them since this fantastic set includes a total of 9 mesh bags in one pack - and in 3 great sizes to accommodate any size fruits and veggies. Bag sizes are LARGE -12 x17 in, MEDIUM - 12 x14 in, SMALL - 12 x8 in.MULTI-PURPOSE: With so many different sizes, our premium bags are not just for produce,these bag are great for STORING TOYS, AS SNACK BAGS , STORING CRAFTS, WASHING SMALL LAUNDRY items...they are ideal for essentially any form of ORGANIZING.MACHINE WASHABLE: These bags are easy to clean, just throw them in the wash, gentle cycle and hang dry.WASH PRODUCE DIRECTLY IN THE BAGS and then place them straight into the fridge. More savings, less food wasted and great for the environment - eliminating the need for traditional, plastic produce bags. Each bag has a TARE WEIGHT TAG so cashiers can easily deduct the bag weight when checking out.
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5 Reddit comments about Earthwise Reusable Mesh Produce Bags - TARE WEIGHT TAGS on every bag Premium MACHINE WASHABLE Grocery Set of 9-3 Different Sizes 12x17in, 12x14in, 12x8in:

u/hellopooop · 10 pointsr/ZeroWaste


So at my house we have an assortment of like grocery bags, they're all sizes and materials. Just whatever's been acquired over the years. I do prefer the ones with a more structured box shape for groceries and keep the foldable ones for my purse/backpack/car for unplanned shopping or non-grocery shopping.

For produce, we use either net or mesh bags. I prefer the bigger net type bags usually. Sometimes for more leafy-fragile items I prefer the mesh ones. But everything is machine washable, so stains aren't a worry!

For items such as beans, chocolate chips, basically medium sized, dry items (rice is too small), I like to use cotton bags. Then I don't have to worry about the Tare and they're generally easy to fill up from those dispenser things. For the BIN # of these ones, I just write it down in my phone usually, I've heard you can use pencil right on the cotton though!

For items that would either get stuck in the seams of those bags or are dirtier or almond butter, I use glass jars. My grocery store is nice and I just had to weigh my jars once, they wrote it with Sharpie and I've just kept rewriting that weight whenever it washes off. Then I bring a chalk marker (I've had some laying around from crafting), and write the BIN on the top. It's nice cause my chalk markers are white and the sharpie is black so at the register I just tell the cashier, the tare's in black and bin's in white!

I also have a funnel for the glass jars that have a smaller mouth because I've made a mess in the aisle one too many times.

If I'm not bringing more than 1-2 glass jars, I can keep all of these items in a small grocery bag. I simply fold the grocery bags and lay them flat against one side, then put in the glass jars, then in the cracks put all the produce and bulk bags.

My house is pretty small, and our kitchen is right at the front door, so I just leave all our bags (produce, shopping, and bulk) in a large bag on the counter next to the door. All our glass jars are kept in the cupboard right by the door, so before my trip while making a list, I'll take out the right containers and put them in! If I end up with too many glass jars for the bag, I just take out a bigger grocery bag as my bag holder.

u/Alligator_Pie · 3 pointsr/Wishlist

I use these.

u/firelark_ · 3 pointsr/ZeroWaste

Why don't you use reusable produce bags like these? You might pay a few extra pennies since they're very slightly heavier than plastic, but not by much.

u/carbivoresunite · 2 pointsr/ZeroWaste

Aww, poor thing!

Yeah, going zero-waste at normal grocery stores is a drag and so much harder than you would think. If you're open to advice, I'd say get some lightweight produce bags online (you can get solids or mesh, and you'll want solids if you're getting dusty things like oatmeal) and use those instead. No tare-ing, no breaking of glass, no waste, everyone's happy. All I do is fold the little print out with the weight and price along the string, and then rip it off when I get home. You pay a tiiiiny bit extra, since the tare scale usually reduces your price by the weight of their available bags, but it's less work for everyone.

You're also way braver than I am. I've yet to venture into asking for meat in my own container. I get nervous just thinking about it...

Anyway, I promise your next experience will be better! We all have moments like that-- it's part of doing something the rest of the world doesn't. You'll have better luck next time!

Edit: This is the kind of thing I'd get for dusty stuff

And this is what I use for everything else

u/binned_alaska · 2 pointsr/germany

>I am a master's student here in Germany, and would like to contribute in some way, if I can. Of course, money is a barrier for me(being a student and all), but what are some simple things that I can do as a student and also encourage my classmates to do ?

Basically all the things mentioned in the original post. Most of that is even going to save you money. Eat less meat, buy less pre-prepared and packaged food or coffee to go, generally just buy less stuff you don't really need....

Unless you are already keeping your house fairly cool consider turning the heating down just a tiny bit. Turning the heating down just one degree saves like 6% of energy a year, as far as I know. Take shorter showers. Take your own lunch to work/university in a reusable container, do the same with water.....

And my personal pet peeve: don't use the small clear plastic bags in the fruit and vegetable section of the supermarket. Unless you buy very small fruit like cherries they're just not necessary. You can buy three potatoes or four kiwis without any bag at all. And for the rare occasions when you really do need a bag you could even bring your own reusable ones like these:üse/dp/B01M24RXF7/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1541065932&sr=8-4&keywords=obsttüte