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Everyday Witch Tarot
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3 Reddit comments about Everyday Witch Tarot:

u/holy-schmidt · 6 pointsr/WitchesVsPatriarchy

Well if there was a day to support yourself & celebrate your craft, today would be it! I would vote yes to a new deck for sure.

u/MissColombia · 2 pointsr/tarot

I recently got a new deck that instantly became my absolute favorite. Yesterday I was legitimately laughing out loud at the cards I was pulling. She was being really sarcastic and dry. It was amazing.

Edit: for anyone who thinks they may be interested in the deck, the cards are really well designed and the guidebook is GORGEOUS and absolutely the most helpful one I own in terms of interpreting the cards.

u/frenchfryplath · 2 pointsr/tarot

Aw, I'm sorry! I don't know why certain people are judgmental towards or scared of tarot! It's not magic its literally just cards/a tool to channel your subconscious and just get deeper with yourself. There's absolutely nothing scary about them, and I wish everyone could see that! You can be religious and still use tarot cards. You never know with your friends, some of mine are still skeptical/judgy about them but you'd be surprised, in general people love to talk and learn about themselves. But anyway, just go with whatever deck makes you happy! :) If you have any other questions you can reach out to me, I'm not an expert but I've been studying tarot for a couple of years now.

the link above is the deck i was referring to, but it was just a random suggestion, the deck you have is more than sufficient!!!