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u/philip_of_acarnania · 4 pointsr/Residency

Hey dude, don’t feel bad! I think the physical exam is a lot more challenging than everyone lets on, especially when you are crunched for time, and knowing when it is actually helpful can be crazy challenging (e.g. is looking for an S4 gallop really going to change my management of this guy?).

I think the book you were trying to reference is McGee’s Evidence Based Physical Diagnosis. That book really helped me with knowing when a physical exam maneuver will help make a specific diagnosis or just waste my time. Pictures aren’t as great as Bates, but unlike Bates, McGee gives the evidence, sensitivities, and specificities whereas Bates more expects you to take their word for it.

As an intern, I for sure suck at the physical exam, but I just try and carve out time to practice things that might help or are important to document, and I’ve noticed I’m starting to get better, especially with those fricken’ dad-gummed pedal pulses (and of course the people you need to feel them on are BMI > 35). You’ll get better at it man, a lot of helpful advice on this thread, hope the link is helpful!